Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 02/13/2017



February 13, 2017


6:00pm Council Meeting – Mayor Adams, opened the meeting at 6:04pm

Prayer –CM Hutchinson said the open prayer

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance

Speaker: George Milligan – Scott Build Homes – Mr. Milligan from Johnson Co. spoke about the paperwork/Contract that Scot Built Homes signed and how the County honored all requests that Scot Built made with one exception.  Scot Built Homes wanted the county to guarantee to them that the County would not make them pay any new taxes or licenses fee for the next 10 yrs. and the County will cover it.  What they requested is illegal and the County refused. Scot Built homes went to another county and requested the same and that County would not relieve Scot Built of their duty to pay taxes being as it is illegal. Scot Built homes decided to stay with that County. So, Scot Built home will not be coming to Adrian.  But they still have interested parties in the property.

Old Business

Water Ordinance After much discussion the 10% late fee will be the only role over that a citizen will not have to pay until the next due date of the new water bill for now until we can get the paper bills to print the amount that is owed after the 10th of the month and after the 20th of the month. When that is completed the amount due that is owed on each bill will have to be paid in full at the appropriate times on the bill or you will be subject to cut off from the amount of .01 cent and above. In the future there will be no roll over amounts due as soon as all amounts are posted correctly on each bill that goes out to the citizens.

Business/residential amounts – After much discussion all businesses that have a business license within the City and All Churches within the City will pay new water rates in the amount of $30.00 for the first 2000 gal of water and $4.00 per every 1000 gal thereafter. CM ZSumner made the motion to accept increase water cost for all businesses with business license and all Churches as stated above affective April 1 water bill with letters going out to all, seconded by CM Smith and carried.

                                Business deposits for water – After much discussion all businesses that have a business license within the City and all Churches must pay a $200 refundable and $80 nonrefundable water deposit. CM Smith made a motion that we accept the increase of deposits for businesses seconded by CM Yawn carried

Attorney Trey Taylor 2nd Reading of the Water Ordinance – The reading has been read, but new laws on water consumption has to be added to the new Ordinance.

Mayor Agenda: New Business

 Approval of Minutes for January 9, 2016 Council Meeting

Approval of Minutes for January 12, 2016 Budget Meeting

Approval of Minutes for January 19, 2016 Budget Meeting– CM Hutchinson made motion to accept ALL Meeting Minutes seconded by CM ZSumner carried

Mary Breasette water bill – $39.96 approved for credit

Ordinance for City Meetings reconstruction

Ordinance for City Officials pay reconstruction    – Old ordinances that need to be updated to the new times of Council Meetings, and reconstruction of the pay for Council Members and Mayor.  After discussion CM Smith made motion to accept the changing of the ordinance with the new times and pay added and updated seconded CM Sumner carried

Schedule of Business Licenses fees after deadline fees – Tabled for next Council Meeting

Approval of Travel Expenses – Approved, CM Yawn made motion seconded by CM Smith carried

Lowe’s Community Partners Grants – Mayor will find out more about this Grant

Complaints on Leaves and Limbs / Ditches Swainsboro Housing – No limbs or leaves will not be picked up by no City employee, citizens will need to call and get burning permit  to take care of their own leaves.

Block Grant – Mayor spoke about things that we can use the Block Grant for and that we need to make agreement on what would be best for the City.  Council decided to use it for ditches, water cut off and fire hydrants.


CM ZSumner made a motion to amend the agenda to add City Cell phone to new business seconded by CM Hutchinson and carried.  After much discussion on cell phones for the Police and Street Department, it was decided to purchase Johnny a cell phone and give a $50 allowance to both Police Officers for the use of their personal cell phones to use for work and cancel the Southern link accounts. Allowance will be paid on or before the 15th of the month. CM Hutchinson made motion seconded CM Smith carried

Bank Reconciliation for November, 2016

General Acct –  CM Hutchinson made motion to accept All Reconciliation seconded CM ZSumner carried

Court Acct –




Recreation Acct –

Water Account –

Water Savings –

Department Heads

Police Department Chief – 6 Reports, 8 Citations and will be upgrading body armor

Safety Department Chief – Stated that all things are well with the safety no issues at this time.

Fire Department FC Yawn – January 4 first Responders, 1 loose fire. Totals from last year: 46 First Responders, 18 Motor vehicles, 7 wood fires, 7 Structure fires, 4 Hazardous Conditions, 2 vehicle fires, 1 missing person

Water and Street Department F150 had oil change maintenance and Rotaries turned, Shannon was to get the curbing out on the street, but he had an accident and was not able to get it started.

Recreation Department Nothing going on with Recreation.

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson, spoke about the Spring Fling

Larry Sumner

Jesse Yawn

Zelda Sumner

Wynola Smith

Mayor: Spoke about the Fire Dept Car, if there is any issues with the car being out and about give them Jesse’s phone # and he will speak to them about it.


CM Yawn made a motion to go out of Reg. Council Meeting and into Executive Meeting at 8:07pm seconded by CM Smith and carried

  CM ZSumner made a motion at 8:08 pm to go into Executive Meeting seconded by CM Smith and carried.

 Executive Session:

 CM Yawn made a motion to go out of Executive meeting at 8:20pm seconded by CM Sumner carried

 CM Hutchinson made a motion to go into Reg. council Meeting at 8:20pm seconded by CM Smith carried

 CM Hutchinson made a motion that when employees are going to training it is paid at an eight hour day with no travel time pay and if they use their personal vehicle mileage will be paid and their lunch will be paid for if it is not provided for the employee at the training.  CM Sumner seconds the motion and carried by all

 CM Hutchinson made a motion at 8:22pm we dismiss and seconded by CM Smith and carried by all.