Incorporated January 1, 1899

Agenda – 6/13/16



June 13, 2016


Pledge of Allegiance

Visitors: Jack Fleming –

Dwayne Sumner – Purchase old tin from on top of the old bleachers

Old Business

Approval of Minutes for April 4, 2016 Regular Council Meeting

Paying an employee out of water Account

Contract for IT specialist

Play Ground Equipment location

Website for City of Adrian

Warnings for Cleaning of property

Update on Census

Mayor Agenda: New Business

Approval of Minutes for May 9, 2016 Regular Council Meeting

Rework of the 2016 Budget

Carraway Computer (How to pay yearly or monthly)

Information on SPLOST Accounts

Johnson County Chamber of Commerce

OSHA/EPA Kit $298.50

Advertisement for City Attorney

GIRMA holding 6 Hour class on contracts for local government for all officials

Report of Local Government Finances changes for fiscal yr 2016 and later

Rules on limbs and debris for pickup on the side of the road

Discussion of Eligibility of members of municipal councils

Heart of Ga. Altamaha Regional Commission Short Term Work Program Wed. 29, 2016

Bank Reconciliation for March, 2016

General Acct –

Water Acct –

Court Acct –



Recreation Acct –

Water Savings –


  1. Alana Devaney resume’ review and meet for City Attorney

Evaluation of all employees

Department Heads

Police Department – Police car (Crown Vic.) when will Fire Dept. be able to use it

Safety Department

Fire Department

Water and Street Department

Recreation Department

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson                            Jesse Yawn                  Larry Sumner

Marilyn Mimbs                                   Wynola Smith