Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 03/13/2017


MARCH 13, 2017


6:00pm Council Meeting

Prayer – Jesse Yawn

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance

Speaker: Bill Powell, Ga. Rural Water – Mr. Powell submitted a Business Plan pertaining to the water rates for the City. He discussed our budget and our expenditures and what is missing within our plan. He also discussed how we have to justify our rates within the limits of the law and how we need to have a level of demand/cost.  He suggested that to increase our revenue to compensate our demand our rates need to increase with zero consumption at a base rate of $19.00 with increased rates per 1000 gallons of water.

For example; 1 gallon to 2000 gallons @ 4.00 per thousand, water bill max total $25.00

                     1001 gallons to 5000 gallons @ 4.25 per thousand, water bill max total $37.75

                     5001 gallons to 10000 gallons @ 4.50 per thousand, water bill max total $61.50

                  10001 gallons and so forth @ 4.75 per thousand

Rates for certain types of businesses are based upon ERU’s (equivalent residential unit) which will increase their base rate but not the amount per thousand, amounts per thousand will be based upon the amount used as per above.  Mr. Powell also implemented tap in fees/capital recovery fees, installation fees and miscellaneous services along with deposits, late fees and service charges which the city already charges the latter part. Mr. Powell also gave us an ordinance that we can amend per the city guidelines that are adopted for the water department. Council will be looking over the documents and upon more discussion at a later date will make a plan.

                Loriann, Occupation tax Certificates & Regulatory Fees & Alcohol License – Loriann brought forth occupation tax rules and regulations that needs to be met by state law. Also, a sample schedule for the Council to look at that would meet the law for having a fee schedule for the city


CM Hutchinson made a motion that we add Executive Session to the agenda to speak about Employees, seconded CM ZSumner carried.  It was suggested that the Executive Session be added to all agendas so if we needed to ever go into Executive it will be on the agenda. It was also stated that we could not do that because you have to list what you are going into Executive for on the agenda. You are only allowed to add Executive because something comes up in Reg. Council meeting that needs to be discussed in Executive base on the three reasons for Executive.

Old Business

            Approval of Minutes for February 13, 2017 Council Meeting – Motion CM Smith seconded CM Yawn carried

            Approval of New Water Rates Letter – CM Yawn made motion to postpone approval of New Water Rates till another date, seconded by CM Hutchinson carried

Water Ordinance – CM Yawn made motion to table the new water ordinance until we can have a workshop to discuss this more, seconded by CM Hutchinson carried

Lowe’s Community Partners Grants update – Mayor stated this is a grant to help community’s further education and seeing as we do not have a school it will not benefit us. But, she is still going to talk to a few people and see if there is anything that we might benefit from.

Amend the vote on compensable hours for employees that travel for training. CM Hutchinson made a motion to amend the vote on compensable hours for employees to state that for travel for training will be paid to each employee from the time they leave and return home minus the time it takes for them to come and go from work on a regularly day. Motion was second by CM Smith and carried by all.

Address the stipulations on payment of phone allowance for the Police department.  CM Sumner made a motion that the first paychecks of the new month pay police department phone use reimbursement in a separate check and seconded by CM Yawn and carried

Address insurance deductions on vacation pay.  Insurance that was taken out for vacation last year has been reimbursed back to the employees in the last paycheck before council meeting.

New Business:

            Address possible new bids for garbage pickup. CM Yawn spoke with Ryland garbage pickup and they would like to submit a bid for our garbage pickup. Also, he wanted to see if they would do just limb pickup with us, they would if they got the contract. Jesse would like to do a bid to run in the paper so everyone would have a chance to bid. Also, he would like to have to large bins to come twice a year for spring and fall clean up.  Mayor stated that everyone needed to submit their ideas to the office and we would get started on getting this set up.


Bank Reconciliation for February, 2017

General Acct –

Court Acct –                 CM Hutchinson made motion to accept all the bank reconciliation seconded by CM Smith carried




Recreation Acct –

Water Account –

Water Savings –

Department Heads

Police Department – Chief reported 9 citation 2 reports and multiple warnings

Safety Department – GMA safety grant is complete on the safety officer’s side and he presented the rest of the paperwork to the Mayor to complete. Some of the items that safety would like to purchase with the money are vest for the men to wear, men working signs with tripods, plastic barricades, two ballistic vest, 3 stream lights the total for the police/street side it $3013.11. The Mayor will do the liability side of the paperwork and come up with items that will meet the grant portion of $3000.00.

Fire Department – 9 first responder calls, 1 motor vehicle acct. everything going good with the department he stated that he will be submitting a list of things that he would like to get with the SPLOST fund in a few months and i still need to get the radio batteries that was approved last year I just need to get time to sit down with Loriann to do it, every time I go up there she is deep into something and I end up leaving.

Water and Street Department – The hole by the Baptist church is completed and smith street, the barricades have not been moved so that the cement can dry. Everything seems to be going good for the street department. There has been some vandalism done with the street signs, they are using baseball bats to knock done the signs.

Recreation Department – Nothing to report

Attorney Trey Taylor – Stated that letters has been sent to Hilliard regarding annexation of Adrian Mobile Homes.

At 8:05pm CM Hutchinson made motion to go out of reg. council meeting into Executive second by CM Smith carried

 At 8:06pm CM Hutchinson made motion to enter into Executive meeting second by CM Smith carried

 There are three topics that are legal to discuss within Executive Meeting.

  • To discuss the future acquisition of real estate (O.C.G.A. 50-14-3)(4)
  • To discuss or deliberate upon the appointment, employment, compensation, hiring, disciplinary action or dismissal or periodic evaluation or rating a public officer or employee; (O.C.G.A. 50-14-3)(6)
  • To consult and meet with legal counsel pertaining to pending or potential litigation, settlement, claims, administrative proceedings, or other judicial actions, brought or to brought by or against the City of an officer or employee or in which the officer or employee may be directly involved (O.C.G.A. 50-14-2).

 By these laws the Executive meeting that was approved to add to the agenda was illegal due to it did not adhere to these guidelines.

 For open meeting requirements: CM Hutchinson brought forth that citizens of Adrian were allegedly complaining to multiple council members that CM Yawn was seen driving the Crown Victorian car that was on loan to the Fire Department for personal business.  Therefore, it was requested of CM Yawn to park the car at the fire department from now on. CM Yawn stated that as the fire chief they are declining excepting the car due to they have some other prospects of doing some other stuff and that was one of the reasons they did not letter the car or put lights on it and they want it to be the fire departments and they could do what they want with it. So, the fire department would rather the city have it back so that they could do what they want to do with it?

 At 8:09 CM Smith made motion to go out of executive and go back to regular council meeting second by CM ZSumner and carried.

 At 8:08pm CM Smith made motion to return to regular council meeting second by CM Sumner and carried.

 Mayor stated that CM Yawn will be giving the old police car back to the city and they will decide what to do with it at a later date.

 CM Yawn stated that the police car that Sgt. Soto drives, the alternator went out and other things. They are to let us know the cost before it gets fixed. It was stated that the outstanding budget left in the maintenance portion of the police depart is $1640.

 Mayor stated that March 14, is the joint meeting for Emanuel County held at Swainsboro tech at 10:30am until 12:00pm and is requesting that anybody else who would like to go should attend.

 8:15pm CM Yawn made a motion to close council meeting for the night second by CM Hutchinson carried by all.

 Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson                          Larry Sumner                          Jesse Yawn

Zelda Sumner                                      Wynola Smith