Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 04/10/2017


APRIL 10, 2017


6:00pm Council Meeting – Mayor called meeting to order at 6:06pm

Prayer – CM Smith said the prayer

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance stood for the pledge

Speaker:         Johnny Webb – Speak about calling people before the water is turned off. – Did not show up

Kandis Coxwell – Speak about rusty water – 3 people in the community are having rusty water issues and wanted to know or when the City could get it fixed. Mayor stated that after we fix the Hwy 15 we will work on the rusty water issue. Council was in agreement to get this issue taken care of.

Donna Garnto – National Day of Prayer May 4 – Ms. Donna came to introduce herself to the Council and Mayor and let them know that she is the feet and hands of Ms. Hinson. They will be having the National Day of Prayer on May 4 down at the City Park and invited all to attend from 11am to 12pm. There will be singing and a speaker.

Old Business

Set a date for workshop for the water department. Look over paperwork for charges before workshop.

            Set a date for workshop for the Garbage bids.  – The workshop date for looking over the fees for the water dept. and all garbage bids that has come in is set for Monday, April 24, 2017 at 6:00pm

Update on Safety Grant from Mayor – Mayor stated that she is signing the paperwork, and she has found some playground equipment that is within the budget of the grant for liability side. 

Update on Spring Fling – CM Hutchinson stated that we have approximately 400 hundred people at the Spring Fling. After deductions for cost of having the spring fling we made a profit of $1351.73. We consider this as a win for the city. She also stated we would like to come up with a name for our festival that we will use every year. 

CM ZSumner spoke about Easter egg hunt and if the City was going to have one this year. It was decided seeing as it was short notice and nothing had been planned the City will forgo the Egg hunt this year and plan for you next year.

Update on McCoy property – Have not been able to contact the property owner, we will have to check into this more.  CM Yawn made a motion to look up the property owner on the corner lot on who owns the property. We should have that information from the tax sell. Clerk stated that there is a process but we have to have an ordinance that states what the City will do with abandon property that no one claims or pays the property taxes on. CM Yawn believes that we could do that based off the City Charter only.

New Business:

            Approval of Minutes for March 13, 2017 Council Meeting – CM Hutchinson made motion to accept Minutes for March 13, 2017 seconded by CM Smith carried

Approval of Minutes for March 16, 2017 Call Council Meeting – CM Hutchinson made motion to accept  Minutes for March 16, 2017 seconded by CM ZSumner  carried by CM Sumner, CM Smith declined by CM Yawn you did not attend the meeting. 

Regulator replacement for water tower – Altitude Value has gone bad on the tank and needs to be replaced. CM Yawn stated that the water dept. services the fire hydrant for the City and the City General Account has never paid the water dept. for those services. After much discussion it was requested to get some prices on how much the altitude value is going to cost so we can see what we need to do to fix this situation.  

Discussion on hiring help for Johnny – CM Yawn stated that he knows that during the budget meeting everyone decided that Johnny could get free help with the prisoners. Per the guidelines of the prison the prisoners have to be in the eyesight of the person in charge of them at all times. When you get two prisoners trying to yard work, grass work, in others words he is going to be sitting inside his truck watching two prisoners work so therefore no more work will be done. So I am suggesting that we go back and look at hiring a $9.00 an hour person to help him during the summer time and see where it goes. There is somebody who put forth an interest recently about the job. He knows how to operate a backhoe and he has done plumbing all his life he has the ability to help Johnny.  CM ZSumner stated that we would need someone who could pass the water test and do paperwork. CM Yawn stated those types of people applied for the job but we were not in a position to pay the wage to get them.

Bank Reconciliation for March, 2017

General Acct –  CM Smith made motion to accept Bank Rec. for March 2017 seconded by CM Sumner carried

Court Acct –




Recreation Acct –

Water Account –

Water Savings –

Department Heads

Police Department – Tabled

Safety Department – Tabled

Fire Department – Total of 8 calls

Water and Street Department – Spoke previously in meeting above

Recreation Department  – CM Hutchinson stated that Ricky Thomas spoke to her about us having a baseball season and if we were he would like to do the concession stand for us and give the City a percentage of the proceeds.  As far as ball we have no one to take over the leadership of the ball, so we will not have ball this year as of now. We will need to purchase coke products to keep our cooler for the rec. dept.

 CM ZSumer made motion to dismiss meeting seconded by CM Sumner carried at 7:35pm

 Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson                         Larry Sumner                          Jesse Yawn

Zelda Sumner                                      Wynola Smith