Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 04/13/2017


 APRIL 13, 2017


 6:05pm Mayor Called, Called Council Meeting to order

Prayer – CM Hutchinson said prayer

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance

New Business:  

            Discuss water rates and fees associated with water.



Mayor called off the New Water Rates on page one that were recommended by Bill Powell that is in line with the City Budget


Mayor moved on to page two that list Miscellaneous Services: After much discussion the Mayor and Council came up with charges that will benefit the City and deleted all charges that would not at this time.


New Water Rate guidelines have been initiated and Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled for May 4, 2017 at 12pm to 1pm and again at 6pm and 7pm with Bill Powell in attendance to speak with the people.  


An ad will be place in the Forrest Blade for two weeks so that everyone will know what is going on with the new water rates and the Town Hall meeting.


CM Hutchinson stated that the Fire Dept. will be getting some bids together for fixing the Fire Truck so that we can look it over at the next council meeting.


At 7:20 CM Smith made motion to call the meeting seconded by CM Sumner and carried by all.



Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson                            Larry Sumner                          Jesse Yawn


Zelda Sumner                                      Wynola Smith