Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 05/08/2017


MAY 8, 2017


6:00pm Council Meeting – Mayor called the meeting to order at 6:05pm

Prayer – CM Yawn

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance

Old Business:

Update on Road Permits: Mayor stated that permits have been submitted and it has not come back yet so that is a good sign.

Update on Safety Grant paperwork from Mayor: Mayor stated the paperwork has been signed but she needs to get a copy of her last class that she took from GMA so that it can be submitted. She will be giving the paperwork to Chief Chavis to look over to make sure it is properly done.

New Business: 

            Open Garbage Bids and discuss: Mayor will be opening the sealed bids that have been submitted to the city. Mayor stated that Ryland’s bid was $2951.96. Bid from Evan Disposal is $3409.23 total bid.  The Council decided to take more time to discuss both bids and determine which bid will be more beneficial to the city. They (Council) spoke to Evans and Ryland and stated that they will call with a decision at a later date.

A business owner of Adrian, Nick Alfonzo spoke and asked question to both Ryland and Evans on trash containers and leakage.

Vote on New Water Rates and Ordinance: Mayor read out loud the New Water Ordinance with the new rate amounts and new fees that have been added. Mayor asked if there were any questions and Mr. Nick Alfonzo spoke up and asked a few question for clarification. After discussion on how the fees will be applied and start date of the new rates beginning on July 1st water bill,  CM Yawn made a motion to accept the new water ordinance and fees as is and come back at a later time if ness  and make adjustments seconded by CM Sumner and carried by all. Letters will be mailed out with the June water bills giving everyone rates for the new water.

Approval of Minutes for April 10, 2017 Council Meeting:  CM Hutchinson made motion to accept the minutes of April 10 second by CM Smith carried by all

            Approval of Minutes for April 13, 2017 Council Meeting: CM Hutchinson made motion to accept the minutes of April 13 second by CM ZSumner carried by all

Discussion on Mosquito Fogger purchase: Mayor stated that we know that the machine isn’t working but the cost of a new machine is not in the budget and we will have to forego spraying this year. Some of the council members don’t think that it really works that well.  CM ZSumner made motion that we do not purchase a new mosquito fogger second by CM Sumner carried by all.

Local Government Practicum Project Proposals: Council decided that we do not need to have a student at this time.

GMA Regional Workshops – Council decided that we do not have the money to send council to workshops at this time.

2017 Final Gold dome Update: Mayor stated that this information is to let us know what types of legislative bills that have passed the House and how it affects the City, but it is more for Loriann to know then them.

Renting out the Ballfield for tournaments:  Mayor stated that we have someone wanting to rent out the ballfield; CM Smith asked would we be liable for any injuries? Att. Taylor stated that we could draw up a contact for them to sign holding us not responsible for any injuries. After much discussion Council decided not to rent the Ballfield.  

Review Budget and Revise: After much discussion on how to revise the budget for all accounts, money was adjusted per department to balance out the budget CM Hutchinson made motion for movement of monies from the different departments to balance out the budget with CM Smith seconded the motion carried by all.  Another discussion was brought up during the budget discussion which was how to pay for the 2010 police car repair and labor. It was decided by a motion made by CM ZSumner to have CM Jesse Yawn to work on the city vehicles and other equipment if no one else is cheaper. CM Hutchinson seconded the motion and carried by CM Smith and CM Sumner sustained by CM Yawn. After much discussion on the Emanuel Co. SPLOST accounts CM Smith made motion to move $17289.90 from the Emanuel Co. SPLOST Water Department to Emanuel Co. SPLOST Police Department to offset overage on the police department. CM Hutchinson seconded the motion and carried by all.

Bank Reconciliation for April, 2017

General Acct – CM Hutchinson made motion to accept ALL Bank Reconciliation seconded by CM Smith and carried by all.

Court Acct –




Recreation Acct –

Water Acct –

Department Heads

Police Department – Chief Chavis – 21 citation / warnings for last two months and 4 new reports

Safety Department – Chief Chavis – Nothing to report

Fire Department – Danton Morris –   The Fire Truck #2 needs a new AC compressor – Quote of $525.95 from J&J equipment for parts and labor.  CM Yawn stated that he might be able to get that a little cheaper and labor would be cheaper.  Fire Works – Will be doing a boot drive to raise money for fireworks. CM ZSumner made motion to give Fire Dept. $1000.00 for Fire Works this year seconded by CM Hutchinson and carried by all

Water and street Department – CM Yawn – Altitude valve on the little tank is fixed. Both tank are up and working. Water leaks have been fixed on Hwy 15 with the help of Johnny Mills and Shannon Watkins. We will be working on the water tap on Bobby’s place. We will need some supplies so we will get that taking care of.  We spent a little less than $10,000.00 for all the repairs that been done in the last month.

Recreation Department – Mayor – At this time we have no one to do the Rec. Ball.  If someone comes forward then we will have Ball.

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson                            Larry Sumner                          Jesse Yawn

Zelda Sumner                                      Wynola Smith

At 7:47pm CM Smith offered motion to dismiss from Reg. council Meeting and take a five min. break. CM ZSumner seconds the motion and carried by all.

 7:52pm At CM ZSumner made a motion that we enter into Executive Session. CM Hutchinson seconds the motion and carried by all.

 Executive Session – Personnel




At 8:45pm CM Yawn made a motion to go out of executive session and seconded by CM Smith and carried by all



















At 8:47pm CM Yawn made a motion to enter into Reg. Council Meeting seconded by CM Sumner and carried by all



CM ZSumner made a motion to run an ad for part time help for the City Clerk to be run for 2 weeks with deadline on May 31st. CM Hutchinson second the motion and carried by all.



CM ZSumner made a motion to have the City Hall open on Wednesday starting May 10th. CM Smith seconds the motion and carried by all.



CM Sumner made a motion to close meeting at 8:50 and CM Sumner second the motion and carried by all