Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 07/10/2017


July 10, 2017


6:00pm Council Meeting: Mayor called the meeting to order at 6:00pm

Prayer: CM Yawn said the prayer

Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance     

CM Hutchinson was not in attendance at the time of the meeting.

SPEAKERS: Everlene McKever- discussion on water for churches: No show

Martha Guthrie- Problem with neighbors: No show

Irene Godfrey- Residential water bills: No show

Robert Fountain- Adrian United Methodist Church and Trash pickup issue: Spoke to each council member on his own prior to council meeting due to him not being able to come to council meeting tonight.

Gene/Ginger Green – Problem with sand in the water:  Mr. Green wanted to know when we will be able to flush the fire hydrants because they have sand in the water. CM ZSumner asked CM Yawn if we have a schedule on flushing the fire hydrants. CM Yawn stated that we do not because we have trouble turning them off. It was stated that the fire hydrant near the Greens had been flushed today. The Greens stated they did not see any water, so CM ZSumner stated that we will flush the hydrant tomorrow.

Old Business:

Discuss information from meeting with Guy Singletary about SPLOST. Mayor stated that she has tried to call Mr. Singletary but he has been out of the office and she will call him when he is back in the office on Thursday.

Update on future use of land for the City of Adrian. Mayor stated if everyone was in agreement we will have in ten years all new water lines put in for the City. If anyone has any other ideas let her know so that she can mark them on the map. CM ZSumner stated that we are going to have to do something with the water lines because they are killing us busting one at a time.

New Business: 

            Approval of Minutes for June 12, 2017 Council Meeting: CM Smith offer a motion to accept the June 12, 2017 mintues of the council, seconded my CM ZSumner carried by CM Sumner, CM Yawn.

CM ZSummer – Chipper/limbs and Dogs at large: CM ZSumner stated that she had some concerns and questions. She understands that we cannot do a whole lot about the leaves because we have nowhere to take them. But could we not put the chipper up in a general location somewhere here and pick up the limbs that need to be picked up and chip them up and whoever wants to get the mulch come get it? CM Yawn stated that the city doesn’t own any property that we could do that inside the city limits. He also stated that we could put the limbs on the land beside the land field and have people come get the free mulch on certain days. But then again it goes back to personnel time; Johnny is mowing about every day now and still cannot keep up with the grass on the main roads. CM ZSumner stated that her concern is the town looks dirty. CM Yawn stated his suggestion to that is to go ahead and get that big dumpster. CM ZSumner stated that the limbs are a problem, the grass is not cut around the BP station on the ride of way it looks just awful and we should take pride in our town that is why I brought up the limbs. CM Sumner will call Evans and what we could do about a big dumpster and the city workers can put the limbs in the dumpster. Our contract for Evans is for two big dumpster, one in the spring, one in the fall. We will be using one of our contacted dumpster now and use the other one later in a few months.

CM ZSumner also brought up the problem with the dogs/cats running around loose and tearing up things in people’s yards and just being a problem. She also stated that Emanuel County pound has been shut down for the time being. They had a problem and the state came in and they are in the process of cleaning up everything that is the problem. They have euthanize and treating dogs for distemper. Laurens County will not take our animals and Johnson County doesn’t have anywhere to put the dogs. Chief Chavis stated that he has brought Bryan from Soperton Animal Control to tell us a little bit about how they pick up animals. We are considering maybe a contract with Soperton to help out with the dog situation. Bryan will speak with his council and see what they could do to help us. CM ZSumner stated that we would need an amount of what it would cost us per dog or per month for holding animals. CM ZSumner asked Chief Chavis “We are writing citations for animals that we know the owners of?” Chief stated we have written one.  Mayor asked: How do you think that you might be able to do both cities, if you are on duty with Soperton and we call about an animal how you would separate the two? Are you just animal control or police also? Bryan stated he is just animal control only and it would depend on what the council would want to do.  CM Smith asked question about what if you are full and we have dogs that need to be picked up what would happen. Bryan stated that they have people foster animals. Other discussion about cost was brought up. CM ZSumner believes that if we start picking up dogs and doing something with them then people see we are serious. If they know that their dog is going to be taken away or the owner will be getting a citation for their dog running loose, I believe that people will take notice. Chris will be able to write more citations when we are able to pick up the dogs and put them somewhere. We will never be able to solve this until we do something. I know that people are tired of it and I am tired of it. Chief stated that if the council would write up some questions for the Soperton Council he will present it to them. Mayor asked “When the animal ordinance will be finished?” Clerk stated that he just had a baby so we have not discussed that yet. Then a discussion broke out about the ordinance was already settled. Clerk, I will look into it.

Bank Reconciliation for June, 2017

            General Acct – The General Acct. is low and the Council made a motion to transfer $10 thousand from Savings to General to cover the bills. Motion was seconded by CM Sumner and carried by two other council members.

Court Acct –

ECSPLOST Fund – The FD radios have been bought out and the contract is over. No more funds will be paid for the radios they belong to FD.  CM Smith stated that we need to find out has been paid out so we know what needs to be completed.



Recreation Acct – Council believes that about $1000.00 or $1500.00 was budgeted for Rec. Dept. Clerk will look this up. Mayor stated that recreation is more than just ball.

Water Acct –   Clerk gave a break down on how the water bill is calculated.

CM ZSumner made motion to approved Bank Rec. seconded by CM Smith carried by CM Sumner & CM Yawn

Department Heads

Police Department – Chief Chavis – Chief stated since last council meeting 31 citations were issued and 2 new reports and 9 warnings were given out. Animal control issue that needs to be addressed while thinking about entering in an agreement with another city is so many variables that you need to think about. One thing is food and water for the animals, cleaning and maintaining the animals. On Bryan, wear and tear on his vehicle, or will they supply us there truck and equipment. Which would be more beneficial we by the food and other items or a one day salary per week? Just wanted you to think about that.

Safety Department – Chief Chavis – Safety grant was approved on the safety and liability, but none of the playground equipment was approved.

Fire Department – Danton Morris – Danton was not in attendance. Jesse Yawn gave report. 6 First Responders 2 vehicle Fires, the Fireworks went off well and it seemed like everyone enjoyed them and the Hot Dogs ended up being given to the adults also. CM ZSumner made comment that maybe the city should have a bake sale or something to raise money to feed everyone Hot Dogs.

Water and street Department – CM Yawn – We still have the spot on Mill St. that needs to be concrete repaired, and streets with pot holes that needs to be repaired with cold patch. CM ZSumner asked about Church St. to finish that street in the near future. CM Yawn stated that we priced that last year but didn’t have enough money but we want to get it fixed. Our LMIG is held every year for three years to get enough money to get Norris Street paved. CM Smith stated that once we finished Norris and A Street we will be getting those street next. CM Yawn stated that we might be able to get some crush and run to get that taken care of in the future.  CM Yawn brought up another topic about water and the churches. Adrian Methodist church had a very high water bill that is not usual for them, over 8 thousand gallons; we are looking into this to see what might have happened. Also, I know that we have an ordinance that states that if you have water you have to have garbage but I am of the opinion to allow the churches that only meet once, twice or three times a month, as far as I am concerned exempt the churches for not having to have garbage. As long as they are legally disposing of the garbage it should be fine. So I would like to make a motion that churches that don’t request garbage be exempt from having to buy garbage, and that is my motion. CM Smith stated that we have citizens that feel the same way. CM Yawn stated that they are residential and they live there and it is not like they are in there once or twice a month, or for an hour or two a month. I just think the church needs to be exempt.  CM Smith stated I still think it is the same thing even if that stay there 30 days or they stay there two hours we need to make sure that before we start  should have everyone the same, business, churches, residents everyone should be the same. CM ZSumner stated that she thinks it is a shame that we have to charge churches that is struggling to pay builds. I do understand what CM Smith is saying… CM Yawn stated that he would like to add to the motion that the churches should not have to pay the connection fee. Now if we have a new church come in then we will charge them for it. The motion that all the churches have to pay $140.00 I would like to see it except for the churches and the churches only. If a new church comes in then they would have to pay, but for the churches that have been established for years they need to be exempt. Mayor stated that we have a motion from CM Yawn that that all existing churches within the city limits do not have to pay the connection fee and all existing churches within the city limits will have the option of having the garbage or not. Is there a second? CM Smith questioned, did we not mention the same thing with Mr. Powell was here? He stated that we need to make sure we treated everyone the same. Because you start getting into this is how we treat this one and this is how we treat that one.  Someone is going to forget down the road and then we are going to be in a mess. I understand what CM Yawn is saying and I have said my peace about it but we need to make sure that whatever we decide we can do the same thing for everyone, that is the only problem I got with it. CM Yawn stated that he believes that we can for the non-profit churches. CM ZSumner stated that nobody is being charged for the connection fee but the churches, because we haven’t been charging them for water. They paid their fee way back and that would be like saying ok we don’t have proof that you ever paid your connection fee so we are going to make you pay it again. Well you know you paid it when you had your water turned on so I don’t see charging them. CM Smith stated that I didn’t want to have the churches pay back then, but we all decided that we were going to treat the churches as a business just like the rest and everyone will be the same, but we keep flip flopping so we need to come to a decision and let that be it.  If we are going to let the church be exempt then that is what we need to do and stick to it. CM ZSumner stated that they are going to pay the water bill, just not the $155.00 deposit. Just read the meter and charge the water. Mayor stated that the pastorium will have garbage. The church only will be exempt if they want to from garbage. Mayor stated that some of the churches have already paid so are we refunding the money? CM ZSumner stated that she don’t think she would refund it just give them a credit. Mayor stated that we need to send them a letter to let them know what we are doing.  All monies paid for the deposit will be credited to the account. Mayor stated that all existing churches within the city limits do not have to pay the connection fee and all existing churches within the city limits will have the option of having the garbage or not. All monies paid for deposits will be credited to each account. All new churches will pay all deposits and have option of no trash also. CM Smith second the motion carried CM ZSumner, CM Sumner

Recreation Department – Mayor – We have 9 teams all together.

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson                          Larry Sumner                          Jesse Yawn

Zelda Sumner                                      Wynola Smith

 At 7:10 pm CM Yawn made a motion to go out for 10 min break second by CM Smith and carried by CM ZSumner and CM Sumner

 AT 7:20 CM Yawn made motion to enter into Reg. Council Meeting seconded by CM Smith and carried by CM ZSumner and CM Sumner

 At 7:20 pm CM Yawn made motion to Exit out of Reg. Council and enter into Executive Session second by CM ZSumner carried by CM Smith and CM Sumner.

 Executive Session Employees

 At 8:05pm CM ZSumner made a motion that we go out of Executive Session seconded by CM Smith and carried by all. 

 At 8:05pm CM ZSumner made motion that we go into Reg. council meeting seconded by CM Smith and carried by all.


Mayor stated that everyone has agreed to put Jose on salary for $550.00 per week no overtime/comp time.

Police Department is exempt for overtime, Chief will work four days a week and fifth day will be comp time at his discretion until all comp is used up and all comp will be over.

 CM Smith made a motion that Jose will start the new week on salary at $550.00 per week and will be exempt from overtime and comp time seconded by CM Hutchinson and carried by all.

 Chief Chavis spoke about something that was discussed in council meeting about water/garbage. If the council allows the churches only to have an option to opt out of paying for garbage in my opinion the city could be opening up for a private citizen to file a civil litigation against the city because you allowed a church entity to do something that an average business and a personal resident that does not have the ability to do.  When Bill Powell was up hear he made a comment that you cannot charge a church and charge a citizen. It is the same thing you are just dealing with to different topics. Either way you are allowing the church to opt out of paying. CM ZSumner asked that wouldn’t rules vary when it comes from non-profit than regular people. Chief stated that you are charging for the same thing water/garbage. CM Yawn suggested that we have the attorney research this. CM Sumner stated that we need to change the ordinance because it states that if you have a water account then you have to have garbage. Seeing as a motion was made and voted on then we need to amend the motion and vote.

 CM Smith made a motion that we amend the decision that we made about the garbage until we talk to our attorney seconded by CM Hutchinson motion and carried by 3 other council members.

 At 8:15 CM Yawn made a motion that we dismiss seconded by CM Smith and carried by all.