Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 08/14/2017


AUGUST 14, 2017


6:00pm Council Meeting

Prayer – Mayor called the meeting to order at 6:01pm and asked CM Hutchinson to say prayer

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance

SPEAKERS: Willis Wambles – Banquet for the 52nd year of Wrightsville Fire Department and three districts.

                    Michelle Love – Neighborhood Watch for the City of Adrian on 8-17-2017 at 6 pm

                    Phillip Love – Spoke about the crime in the surrounding areas and within the City. It is getting bad and will be getting worse if we don’t come together and do something about it. He and his wife, Michelle, have some great ideas on how to make this happen. They have a website that will be up and running for everyone who would like to be involved.

Old Business:

Discussed information from meeting with Guy Singletary about SPLOST and how it is dispersed

Discuss/Vote on Deposit/Garbage for churches. Credit will be giving to all churches that have paid deposit and application fees for water. All new churches will have to pay deposit and application fees for new water/garbage.  All existing churches will pay for water/garbage per ordinance.

New Business:

            Trey Taylor Attorney – Final reading and explanation of the Animal Ordinance. CM Hutchinson made a motion to accept the ordinance as written seconded by CM Yawn and carried by all council members.

            Elections – After much discussion CM ZSumner made a motion that we do not have the election and we leave it like it is and Trey process immediately to correct our charter.  CM Sumner seconds the motion and carried by CM Yawn. CM Hutchinson and CM Smith sustained from voting. Clerk will summit a retraction for election in the Forrest Blade.

Work Day for the City – Discussion about how we can all work together to get the City cleaned up.

            CM Smith – Discussion on how we can utilize the chipper.

Approval of Minutes for July 10, 2017 Council Meeting:  CM Hutchinson made motion to approve the minutes seconded by CM ZSumner and carried by all.

Letter for Limbs – – Letter will be written and giving to the citizens about the limbs, that no limbs will be picked up after a certain day and they are able to call the forestry division and get a burn permit.


Bank Reconciliation for July, 2017

            General Acct –

Court Acct –      M Hutchinson made motion to accept Bank Reconciliations for all accounts and seconded by CM Smith                                                      carried by all




Recreation Acct –

Water Acct –

Department Heads

Police Department – Chief Chavis reported 3 citations, 2 arrests, 2 reports and several warnings and 1 investigation.  Chris will be working with the Neighbor Hood watch.

Safety Department – Chief Chavis – Good

Fire Department – CM Yawns – 4 First responder calls and 1 structure fire

Water and street Department – CM Yawn stated that all the churches are on meters now. We’ve had some problems with some meters that were not working and they have been replaced. We are working on some of the Fire Hydrants by renting a tool to work on them. Johnny flushes the Fire Hydrant about once a month.

            CM Yawn had other information regarding some property that the owners would like to donate to the city. After much discussion the Mayor will look into what can be done and the cost it would take.

Recreation Department – Mayor – nothing to report, we need to have rules for next year bout the trash being left behind after the games.

            Mayor brought us discussion about Patricia Becks meter. Meter has been changed and it is working correctly.

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson – Spoke about giving a donation to Mr. Wambles for the Fire Dept. CM Hutchinson made a motion to give 100.00 donation to Fire Dept. seconded by        CM Sumner and carried by CM ZSumner and CM Smith. CM Yawns sustained.

Jesse Yawn

Zelda Sumner

Wynola Smith

Larry Sumner – Made a motion to allow Chief Chavis do an investigation on the Minutes and sessions of the council meetings that are missing from years past with the help of Gina, CM Smith second the motion and carried by all. 

CM Hutchinson made motion @ 7:59 to go out of meeting for break, CM Sumner second the motion and carried by all.

 CM Yawn made a motion at 8:08 to go back into regular session, seconded by CM Smith and carried by all.