Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 09/06/2016

City of Adrian Called Council Meeting

September 6, 2016



Kim Adams

Marilyn Mimbs

Jesse Yawn

Wynola Smith

Larry Sumner



The Mayor called the meeting to order at 6.05 pm and asked CM Mimbs to say the prayer. Everyone stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Mayor stated, “The first order of business will be to discuss the LMIG money and Mrs. Loriann is going to explain that to us. The Clerk stated, “I know it seems like we are beating a dead horse here but I was asked to see if there was any of the money that had been spent. All the money that was to be used by LMIG was $8900.00. I have looked back to see if the extra 10ft x 234ft on A street had ever been completed. I have found no record of that ever being done, but the actual paving of that street was done in 2014. Now, the sidewalks on Nora Blvd. have not been done either. Nowhere can I find in the QuickBooks program where that money has been dispersed, nor designated as LMIG at all. Therefore, that money is in the General Account and that money has to be used for LMIG so we can’t go lower than $8900.00. The Mayor stated, “We need to do one of those projects or come up with something.” CM Yawn asked does this LMIG have to be used for what it is written on the plan or is this just a proposal that we do. CM Mimbs stated, “It is supposed to be used as it is proposed on the plan.” Mayor stated “After speaking with Guy Singletary, he stated for us not to be so specific in our plan of action. For example: If we are going to fix a street don’t say which streets just use streets.” Clerk stated, “We have to complete these projects or we will not be eligible for monies in 2017, and it is time that we submit our application for 2017.” CM Yawn stated, “The reason I was asking was because up there in front of the Health Dept. and the Restaurant they do not want to have the sidewalk redone. So we need to know if we could transfer the monies to something else.” CM Sumner asked, “How much is that “A” street going to be?” Clerk stated, “$4025” CM Sumner asked, “If it was going to cover that all down in there.” Mayor stated, “It is just the 10ft that will be done.” Clerk stated, “That previous years the first part of that street was done but now they want it to go further because the lady is moving back up in that area.” CM Smith asked, “Now what is Shannon is doing with the ditch, is that apart of this money? CM Yawn stated, “Not according to this plan, it says pave 10ft x 234ft x 2in deep. The Clerk asked, “What if I call them and explain to them that the owners declined to have the sidewalk repaired would they allow us to change it. CM Smith asked, “If we were able to speak with the same person or is it a different office. Clerk stated, “It is the same guy.” CM Smith stated, “The reason I asked is because before, and the other Council Members know this, that we had to be very specific as to what we were going to do with the money and now they are saying you don’t need to be specific you can be general and I just want to know if it is coming from the same office. Mayor stated, “Guy Singletary, the City of Swainsboro Administrator, told me that.” Clerk stated, “I am speaking with the LMIG people.” CM Yawn stated, “Guy Singletary is over the county.” Mayor stated, “Well they told us that if we put specifics then that is exactly what we have to do, but if we put just street repair then it could be anything for street.” CM Sumner stated, “That is what I would do, just turn that into street repair.” CM Yawn stated, “Where we talked about what he done we can’t pave up there until we fix the drainage because that is where it is washing out; that is the reason we had to go back and get the erosion stopped prior to doing this thing. If they let us change that paving and put Millan down the road as far as the money would take us instead of asphalt that would be better. So if we could change this from pavement to Millan, you can call and ask him to use this where the ditch is eroded out. CM Mimbs said, “That we do need to finish this first. The Clerk asked, “So we want to do away with the project of the Health dep. and the farmhouse café and use it for “A” street? Mayor asked me (the clerk) to find out if we can use what is left over for filling in holes.  The Clerk stated, “While reading and looking I saw where they had money left over from previous projects and they wrote a letter stated that fact and explained where they spent the rest of the money.” CM Yawn stated, “Since Frank and them cleaned up around the Health Dept. sidewalk it doesn’t look bad and the Restaurant don’t want us to do anything. CM Yawn said, “That he needs to get with Frank tomorrow because he doesn’t know if Mr. Moore breaks that concrete up because it doesn’t really say. The Mayor stated, “That should not be hard to do, it is like stepping stones that should be pretty easy to come up with.” CM Yawn said, “That is says breakup all sidewalks and pour new concrete. We need to make sure that this bid is still good because it has been so long ago.


Prisoner Cleaning/ditches/stepping stone

The Mayor stated, “Next item on agenda is Attorney Contract,”  There are a couple of agreements for us to look over, Loriann drafted one and I also drafted one and then we had the one that the Lawyer sent over and Loriann pulled one that she received from a lawyer. We need you to look them over so that we can come to an agreement on what we need to send to the lawyer. CM Yawn said, “That he liked the one that the Lawyer sent, and he didn’t see the need to go into extensive explanation.” CM Smith and CM Yawn both stated, “That his was simple and to the point and included everything that we would need.” The Mayor asked if anyone had anything that needed to be added. If everyone is satisfied on what they have read, do I hear a motion? CM Yawn made a motion that we accept the Taylor Law firm agreement.  The Mayor stated, “That Jesse made a motion to except Taylor Law firm do I hear a second?” CM Smith said, “There is just one thing that I am concerned about and I don’t know how we will include it. In the event that we do want to add something to it or amend it somehow we need to include that also in the agreement up front so that way it can’t be said that we didn’t include that in the contract. So let us include that, and that is the only thing that I was concerned about. CM Yawn stated, “We do have a 30 day” where we can dismiss the contract and change it. To me that is where it will come in. CM Smith stated, “Both of us have to agree on this the Lawyer and us. CM Yawn stated, “That anytime during the year you have the 30 days the contract with him is breakable within 30 days. If you need to change something you would just have to say we need to redo your contact and give a 30 day notice.   Mayor stated “If you look over on my contract on the back page it says “The City and the Firm mutually agree to amend this Agreement by good faith negotiations we could just add a short line like that. CM Smith stated “That is a good statement and if we add that, that should be just fine it covers the city” Mayor asked, “If anyone would like to add or subtract from it. He can add that to his 30 day notice. Once you vote how you want it then Loriann will send it to him and then he will get it written up and then send it back and you will vote on it next week and hire the Attorney. We have a motion with the changes to we have a second, CM Smith seconded the motion with AIF unanimously

CM Sumner made a motion that we go out of Regular session at 6:29 CM Smith seconded the motion with AIF unanimously

CM Yawn made a motion that we go into Executive Meeting at 6:30pm CM Smith seconded the motion with AIF unanimously


CM Yawn made a motion to go out of executive session at 7:12pm CM Sumner seconded the motion and AIF unanimously

CM Yawn made a motion to go into Regular Session at 7:13pm CM Sumner seconded the motion and AIF unanimously







CM Mimbs made motion the close council meeting at 7:34pm CM Smith second the motion with AIF unanimously

















































Mayor wanted to give general knowledge to the council that Lane Brothers does not have a chipper for rent they have sold it. I do have a couple of names that I am trying to get in touch with. Bryan Stumps may have one so we might be able to get them to come like once a month and just grind up everything for a fee, otherwise were going to be putting that truck to use again.  Jesse has a chipper that he has found. CM Yawn stated that a friend of his has one that he is trying to sell and he called to get a picture of it but she sent a picture of a new one. Been used about 10/12 hours her husband died and the boys don’t want to do it no more. They paid 3600/3800 hundred for it, the belt is bad because it has been sitting for a while which should cost about $20 dollars. You hook it to the PTO on the back of the tractor. We should be able to follow the truck around after we fix some kind of closure on it so that we could just blow the mulch in the back of the truck. Or what I have had Frank to start doing is we are taking the limbs in a neutral drop point and set it up out there and cut up what is firewood and shredded the rest thru the shredder and blow it out and it is considered mulch, at that time we can put it in any drain or any wash that we have around town where the water is eroding the ditches or anyplace that keeps the dirt from eroding. Mayor stated that we could put it out in the landfill.  CM Sumner asked, where did we get that information from?  Mayor said from out EPD guy. He is also the one looking into us using the other 10 ac. CM Yawn the thing about mulch is just like the ditches we are having cleaned out there and redone, we can put that all the way down in there also, the ditches that are down through the middle of town. People want to talk about selling mulch we can’t sell it but we can give it away. There are people who would haul it off for us. Mayor stated that “We have a private citizen in town that has allowed us to use his lot. CM Yawn said that Shannon Watkins technically kind of leased me for a $1.00, land over yonder where he has in front of Troy Parrish’s place. Question was raised if that was going to be a liability for the City. Mayor said that we are not going to mulch over there, but I don’t think we have anything over there right now. CM Mimbs said yes we do have some.  CM Yawn  said what we are trying to do is to find out if we take the extra acreage that we bought as a city dump and actually do it out there on the extra acreage not the old landfill. Mayor stated that Mr. Murphy is checking to see if we can use the 10 ac for the limbs and mulch them up in a certain amount of time if it would be legal otherwise it will stick us back into a landfill. CM Sumner if somebody wants to get a permit and burn in there yard fine, but you can’t carry limbs from your property to someone else’s. We ran into that before because we were trying to do everything that we could and everyway went it was illegal. You cannot even transfer like bring your limbs over to my house, you can’t do that. CM Yawn said that this is what he is trying to work on right now, the State Law says that during tornadoes, hurricanes and such and such I can pile and burn limbs so that is what I am trying to work with to see if we can do it under that, but I may not be able to. If we can we will, if not all I have to do is pay him, Shannon to haul them off and dispose of them. CM Sumner they do not need to be on his property.  Mayor how many loads do they have over there?  CM Yawn six Mayor how did they get that many loads? CM Yawn said, “That’s because they did not have to drive to Swainsboro to take them off and the shorter trips they were able to get more.” Mayor I understand that it takes so long for the drive, I just thought they didn’t get the truck until Wednesday back. Chief asked if anyone has called Soperton. Mayor said, “Maybe they might rent it to us or lone it to us. CM Yawn right now we need to get those limbs off that property.  Mayor told Jesse that if he would find out what he might need to the chipper then she would look it up and see how much it will cost to buy the parts for it. CM Yawn stated that it should cut up to an 8in piece of wood.  CM Smith asked about the Dump Truck and how it was doing.  CM Yawn stated, “That the gas tank should be in, he ordered it from a guy that I do all my business with in Soperton, it was $50.00 cheaper than the Nasa place in Soperton. Mayor stated she double checked the prices and that was a good deal.  CM Yawn we have an account with NAPA there but I didn’t get it there because the other guy gave me $50 more dollars off. CM Smith asked Loriann if that was the same one she had looked at that Day. Clerk said yes CM Yawn said that some of the gas tanks are not for bio fuel which means the liner in them will come apart if the fuel has any additives in it and that is what is happening with that cheap fuel tank. The one for that truck is $1162 from Ford.  CM Smith Did you order it?  Mayor said I think he did that last week. CM Sumner here is the thing; anything that needs to be order like that needs to be brought before the council.  CM Yawn the only reason I went on to order it because we did vote to fix the truck and he said that he could not guaranty his work unless we fixed the gas tank. He didn’t replace that and I knew that we had to have it so I ordered it. CM Smith so he did his work first and then wouldn’t guaranty it unless we have the gas tank, which is kind of backwards isn’t it.