Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 09/13/2017



SEPTEMBER 13, 2017


6:00pm Council Meeting; Mayor called time at 6:05pm

Prayer: CM Smith led us in prayer

Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance

SPEAKERS: Gary Green – Raffle/Fireworks: Mr. Green did not show up, so CM Yawn stated that the Fire Dept. would like to have a raffle to raise money for Fireworks.

Old Business:

            Up Date on the possible donated property: Mayor stated that she has spoken with the Heart of Ga, and it is possible that we might get some historical help. But then again we might have to tear it down and sell the brick.

New Business:

Approval of Minutes for August 14, 2017 Council Meeting: CM Hutchinson made motion seconded by CM Smith and carried by all

Tax Digest 5 year history; Clerk presented 2 tax digest’s one with no increase the 2nd with increase to recoup lost over 2 years of taxes. CM Yawn stated that if we don’t go up to recoup losses it is a decrease in the budget. After much discussion on what to do we will have a meeting on September 28, 2017 at 6:00pm at the City Hall Annex on Nora Blvd. to discuss the property taxes. After looking at the digest Mayor questioned some of the totals.  Clerk will look into the totals and give update before scheduled meeting. CM Yawn made motion to run the increase in the paper seconded by CM Smith and carried by all.

Speak about the chain of command for purchasing: Every decision above $500.00 will be at the discretion of the Council.  Everything will be on purchase orders that are over $500.00 that the Mayor cannot approve. All jobs that require equipment will be summited bids for the lowest cost for project. Mayor spoke about fixing some of the things wrong with the police car that the council needs to consider. CM ZSumner stated that we can get bids for parts to fix the car and the Mayor stated that CM Yawn can fix it. There was much discussion over the Budget and how it might be fixed and how we might be able to change some monies around. Clerk is to get the numbers together and present at next council meeting.

Council spoke about Property Taxes and how it works when we get more money from a tax sale. Clerk explained how the process works on how Adrian City handles the excess of funds.  

Update on Christmas Parade/Trunk or Treat: Details will be posted around town, everyone is invited to be a part of the Trunk or Treat on Nora Blvd from 6pm-8pm on October 31st We are to make sure that it is ok to use the property. Chief stated that we need to rope off a section around the buildings so that no one will be going into them.  Christmas Parade – 4pm on Dec. 2nd. All vendors set up before 4pm.

Non ER 911 Calls- It is a possibility that the city will be charged for all Non-EMR calls for the city. When and if they charge we will let you know.

CM Hutchinson – Update on Dog Ordinance- The ordinance is in place but, we still have nowhere to put the animals at this time.  CM Yawn stated that we need to ask around who is feeding/watering the animals then it becomes that persons dog.

Bank Reconciliation for July, 2017

            General Acct – CM Hutchinson made motion to accept All Reconciliations seconded by CM Smith and carried by CM ZSumner and CM Yawn. CM Sumner did not vote he was not in the meeting at that time. 

Court Acct –




Recreation Acct –

Water Acct –

Budget – A discussion was brought up about the SPLOST and how we can spend the rest of the money in Emanuel County SPLOST. Need a break down on what we have left in all the accounts with SPLOST. Mayor stated that we need to think about purchasing a generator for the water dept.

Mayor stated the Loriann needs to make sure that she clocks out for lunch every day.

Mayor stated that we need to move the LMIG money over into a savings account so that it is out of the General Acct. CM ZSumner made a motion to open a savings account for the LMIG monies seconded by CM Yawn and carried by CM Hutchinson. CM Sumner was not in the meeting at the time.

Department Heads

Police Department – Chief Chavis –Chief gave record of 19 citations, 3 Reports, and 1 investigation. Chief also brought to the attention of the Mayor and Council that he had a conversation with CM Sumner and CM Yawn. One of the Tag reader camera’s on the patrol car is not working properly and have made multiple contacts with the company. The only resolution that we can come up with would be to either repair the existing unit for $140.00 or to get the updated unit for $480.00 and that includes the new software. There would be about a 6 month warranty on the repair. Don’t know of the warranty for the new one. CM Yawn stated that when we got the tag reader it was only one year warranty. Mayor stated that it can be taken out of the SPLOST police maintenance for next year. CM Yawn stated that according to the budget now; police is over $300 in the negative for police main & repair so until we get all this straighten out, there is no money in the dept.  Chief Chavis also spoke on the resignation of Officer Sgt. Soto on October 4, 2017.

Safety Department – Chief Chavis – Chief spoke about the Hurricane and everything that was done to make the city safe.

Fire Department – Jesse Yawn – 8 First Responder calls, 1 MVA, and 1 Hazmat call. CM Yawn also spoke about the hurricane and the things that they took care of.

Water and street Department – CM Yawn – Water line on Kelly Street has been repaired. One of the main lines in the power box erupted and had to be repaired.  There needs to be oil put into the valve so that it will not freeze in the winter. I would like to get Johnny from Swainsboro to help our Johnny get that done. Maintenance needs to done every year on this before it freezes.  CM Yawn spoke about the tree limb removal for the City. We could get some money because it is a National Disaster for our area. We will have to spend the money and send in the bill and hopefully they will reimburse the city. We will have to keep it split up between Emanuel and Johnson County and I am going to make the Mayor do most of it. We are going to designate a place for the limbs to be and we will use Johnny and a helper. We need to see about Shannon Watkins to use his dump truck at of cost of $55.00 per hour and he will do away with all the limbs. We need a minimum wage person to drive the truck for 2 – 3 days to assist to limb pick up. CM Yawn asks that the council would approve up to $1500.00 to spend to get the tree limbs picked up. The city will pick up the limbs with the dump truck and pile them in a location then Shannon will disperse with the limbs. The pickup day will be advertised on the marquee.  CM Hutchinson made motion to allow the $1500.00 for the pickup of the limbs. Shannon Watkins will disperse the limbs and we will hire a helper for Johnny for 2-3 days seconded by CM Yawn and carried by all.

Recreation Department – Mayor – Nothing to report

 Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson – Nothing to report

Larry Sumner – CM Sumner asked about an email that he received from Clerk about a class that got cancelled that she was going to attend. He asked if it is mandatory or not mandatory. Clerk stated mandatory. CM Sumner stated not mandatory. CM ZSumner stated that it is only mandatory if you’re going to get certified. Clerk stated that you have to have your first 15 hours that’s mandatory. CM Sumner stated that the clerk has already been to classes for clerk stuff. Clerk stated that was through GMA. CM Sumner stated that this class is for you to get your 100 hours to be certified. Clerk stated I don’t have to get the 100 hours but I do have to get the 15 hours.  I have never been to a state mandated class; I have only been to classes that GMA has offered. I didn’t know that this class existed until I attended the Tax Class I went to.  After much discussion, CM ZSumner stated that after this class there will be no more classes for the rest of the year for no one unless it is mandated classes. After much discussion CM Yawn stated that Asst. Clerk Gina needs to go to the Court Clerk class with the Clerk. CM ZSumner stated that she was going to look into confirming that Court Clerk class is mandatory. This will be put on hold until further notice. CM ZSumner asked about a class that Chief Chavis has already signed up for, it is supervision 3 class. It was question if it was mandatory. Chief stated no but it is highly recommended. The class is free but the only thing is his time. Mayor stated that we can’t use his comp time he is on salary. We have to pay him cash for comp time; we can’t pay him back in hours used.   A discussion was brought up about comp time so everyone was looking at some paperwork with all of Chief Chavis hours that he has accumulated since 2014. Mayor stated that we are going to have to start paying him the comp time hours. Chief stated that he is willing not to worry about the comp time issue until after the first of the year. Mayor stated that we can put it in the budget for next year and start paying him his comp time.

 Jesse Yawn – Nothing to report

Zelda Sumner – Would like to know why we don’t see about Johnny getting certified so that we do not have to pay the person in Soperton so that we can help pay his salary.  CM Yawn stated that he doesn’t qualify to be certified. Mayor stated that aren’t we trying to get him grandfathered in. CM Yawn stated that we are working on it. CM ZSumner stated the first of the year when he took that position with no raise as long as we didn’t require him to get certified to do that, but now we have given him a raise and I think that he should be required to get his GED and get certified. CM Yawn stated when we give him that job that was a year later that he said can I not get my raise now. I believe that he has earned his raise.  CM ZSumner stated that you are given him a raise for a job that he is not certified to do. CM Yawn stated that he is still getting paid a lot less than anybody that we can afford. CM Yawn stated that our goal was to have Johnny working for less pay and hire another helper that would get the certification and work alongside of Johnny. CM ZSumner stated that we cannot keep giving raises and continue to pay someone else to do part of his job.

 Wynola Smith – I will speak in Executive

             Mayor moved on to a different topic, Emmanuel County SPLOST. A breakdown was given to each council member to look over and decide how much money will be allocated to each dept. within the SPLOST budget. CM ZSumner stated to divide it by four and put that down. That comes up to $41,250.00 per dept. CM Yawn stated just put some money on it and let’s go, we can change it later.

 CM Hutchinson made a motion to go out of Reg. council meeting for a 5 min break seconded by CM Yawn and carried by all. 

 CM Hutchinson made a motion to go into Regular Council meeting at 8:47pm and go out of Regular council into Executive at 8:47pm seconded by CM Sumner and carried by all.

Executive Session – Employees

Officer Soto submitted his resignation.

Discussed 90 day evaluation of office worker

 CM ZSumner made a motion to go out of Executive Session and into Regular Session seconded by CM Smith and carried by all.

 CM ZSumner made a motion to except Officer Jose Soto’s resignation with is last day being October 4, 2017 and he is to park the police car motion seconded by CM Sumner and carried by CM Yawn and CM Smith. CM Hutchinson abstained from vote.

 Mayor is to speak with Officer about parking the police car and not leaving the city limits unless he is on a call.

 Mayor is to get keys to City Hall from Chief Chavis.

 CM Yawn made a motion at 9:05on that we close Council Meeting seconded by CM Smith and carried by all