Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 09/27/2017


SEPTEMBER 27, 2017



6:00pm Council Meeting; Mayor called time at 6:00pm

Prayer: CM Yawn led the prayer

Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance

CM Sumner was not in attendance to this meeting.

 New Business: TAX DIGEST

Mayor stated the purpose of this meeting during our regular council is that we had thought there was a deficit in our tax digests of about $9000.00 and contemplating raising the property taxes. Loriann has gone back through and double checked everything and there is only $805.00 difference so we are going to leave it up to the board but my opinion is to leave it as is. CM Hutchinson stated that she believes it should be left alone also. CM Yawn stated that his only thing is with the outstanding loans with the land field and water loans are we going to be able to cover it. CM ZSumner and CM Hutchinson stated that we have been covering it. CM Yawn stated that we have not even begun to pay the well loan and I know that the water department will pay that loan, but we have been using some of the cities money to take care of some things with water. CM Hutchinson stated that we have a tax sale coming up and we need to take that into consideration. Mayor stated that she should have the numbers together to look at next year’s budget and we should know more then if we postpone making a decision now. CM Smith asked when this go into effect will. Clerk stated for our 2017 taxes.

CM Hutchinson asked a question about how to claim excess taxes from the county when they have a tax sale. Clerk stated that we have to request the excess money from the county and if there is excess money then we can receive it if the family doesn’t request it first.

CM Smith stated that I understand about getting that money from a tax sale but it is not a guarantee that we are even going to get that money.

CM Yawn stated that it is still not a whole lot of money coming into the budget when you are trying to improve things for the city.

CM ZSumner stated that she personally thinks that we have already hit the citizens hard with the raising of the water bills and I do not think that now is not a good time to raise the taxes. We are already struggling to pay county taxes and the new water rates specially the ones that are on a fixed income. With no more than we are showing a deficit I can’t with a clear conscious vote to raise taxes. CM Hutchinson stated that I don’t think that someone who doesn’t own a home but rents don’t really have much to say about taxes being raised.

CM Yawn stated that the owner of the rental has been put on my rent. Mayor stated you can’t say that because he was voted in to do what was best for the City.

CM Yawn stated that when we do the Budget this year, we are going to have to do some true cuts. If we lose police officers or benefits for the city we spoke about that in the last meeting. We are changing things around with the police dept., less money and more work.

CM ZSumner stated that it’s more than likely going to come a time when we are going to have to raise the taxes, but now is not the time. CM Yawn stated that if you look over the years the city has steadily went down. We have lost revenue from Adrian Homes not being here anymore.

CM Smith asked the clerk what would be the difference for going up on taxes. Clerk stated if you take a property value of $23,860.00 and multiply by 10.155% which is what is recommended on the PT32. This person’s 2016 taxes were $240.89 dollars, with the new proposal it will only increase $1.41 and that will be only if the value of their property has not increase by the county.

Clerk explained how the tax process worked and how it affects the property taxes based upon the value of the property. 

CM Yawn stated to remember the things that we are not able to do now like mowing the grass up and down the streets and limb pickup and things like that.

CM ZSumner stated that the limb pickup has everything to do with we have nowhere to put them. CM Yawn stated we have somewhere we can put them but it is too expensive that the city can’t afford it.

 Mayor requested if someone would like to make a motion on to raise or not raise the property taxes.

 CM ZSumner made a motion not to raise the property taxes; CM Hutchinson seconds the motion and CM Smith carried the motion. CM Yawn did not vote.

At 6:20pm Mayor called the meeting to an end.

CM ZSumner made a motion to end the meeting CM Hutchinson seconds the motion carried by all.