Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 10/11/2016

City of Adrian Council Meeting

October 11, 2016


 The Mayor called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm and asked CM Yawn to say the prayer. Everyone stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance.

First on the Agenda, LMIG and Loriann will talk about it.  Clerk stated, “LMIG is the project on the sidewalks on Nora Blvd from the Health Department to community center and then from the community center to the end of Safe Harbor church. I have submitted the update on the change of work that is to be done on the sidewalk from the Health Department to the community center due to the Farm House Café didn’t want the sidewalks done at this time so we move the project over to “A” street on the ditch beside the road that was being washed out by rainwater. I have giving you a list of how much money that has been spent on LMIG and what is left over. The Safe Harbor project cost was more than anticipated because of an error on the previous administration when tallying the cost, the cost of material was not added to the quote that was submitted to LMIG so we spent extra money on that project of $1521.00 which leaves us with $1341.50 that we can use towards the Milan project on “A” street.

Mayor: Next we have the safety grant; we were awarded $3000.00 for the purchase of items for safety in the Fire Department and Police Department. We will have to purchase the items first and then submit the receipt of the items to the Grant Department and then they will intern send us a check for the amount of money spent up to $3000.00. Council made a decision to let the fire department use the $3000.00 on fire suits and the rest of the money will come out of Johnson County SPLOST which a certain amount has already been allocated for the fire department.

Mayor: Next we have the ITD (immediate threat and danger grant) we have been awarded the grant, but at one point in time some paperwork was to be completed before the work actually began on the well, unfortunately, this did not happen. So DCA has given us two options:

  • DCA can issue us a “Finding Letter” for violating the Environmental regulation. With the finding, the City accepts the risk that should HUD audit the project the City would have to repay the grant.
  • The city can elect not to except the grant and pursue funding from another source.

After much discussion and council with our attorney CM Sumner made a motion that we accept the grant money with CM Smith, CM Hutchinson seconded the motion and CM Mimbs and CM Yawn abstained from vote.

Mayor stated “we have the approval of minutes of September 12, 2016.” CM Hutchinson made a motion that we accept the minutes as written with CM Yawn seconded the motion with AIF motion carried.

Mayor stated “we need to vote on trick or treating and Christmas.” After much discussion, CM Hutchinson made a motion that we have trick or treating from 6pm to 8:30pm on October 31, Halloween night with CM Smith seconded the motion with AIF motion carried.  CM Hutchinson made a request that the fire department needs donations for candy and to put that up on the sign outside of city hall and website.

Christmas tree lighting and hanging of the lights on the poles, CM Hutchinson made a motion that we have Christmas tree lighting on December 3rd at 5:00pm with CM Smith seconded the motion and AIF motion carried.  CM Hutchinson stated “If it is possible Jesse and Johnny if we could hang all the lights before Thanksgiving and then turn the lights on Thanksgiving night, then we will just have Santa coming on the 3rd.

Mayor stated “I spoke with Trey Lindsey of Ga. Power and he is to send me information on the Kiosk and what we need to do to possibility get it. CM Smith stated “How much trouble it will be for Loriann to do to take care of this with everything else that she has going on.” Mayor stated “that as soon as she gets the information we will know what we are required to do.” This will be put on hold until next month.

Mayor stated “Jesse give us information on the chipper.” CM Yawn stated “I have looked at the chipper and it is a good deal for $2600.00 and we would have to spend about another $30-$40 dollars for new belts and then it would be ready to go.” CM Smith stated “So this is what we are prepared to do to purchase that one or rent one what are we going to do.” Mayor stated “Loriann has some information on that.” Clerk stated “I called Soperton and asked them about their chipper and they won’t let people borrow it anymore because they when they did damage was done to it, but they are willing to come and chip it for us but at this time they are boxed in with lots of limbs of their own and trying to get it taken care of, as soon as they get all of their completed that they would give us a call and see if they were still needed to cut up ours. They did not give me a window because the supervisor is out of town on vacation. I was told not sure of the cost but possible just the cost of fuel they would see what the supervisor says and that won’t be until next week when he gets back from vacation.” CM Sumner stated “If we didn’t get Soperton to help then we could just rent one for now until we could afford something.” CM Yawn stated “Since we are on the subject of limbs we need to decide what we are going to do about leaves this year but we have nowhere to put them.” Mayor stated “If people put out the leaves they will have to be bagged up, we will not pick them up if they are not bagged. People can burn them as long as they have a permit to burn, but it will be soon be too wet to burn leaves. We need to make a decision on what you want to do, allow people to take care of them on their own or pick them up?” After much discussion the council decided at this time it will be up to the citizens to take care of their leaves.

Mayor stated “Next up is the Tax digest and that is Loriann.”  Clerk stated “You should have two, one says with and one says without. Looking over the digest with a Net M&O Millage our mill will be 10.096 based upon the PT32.1 with the role back which increases the mill rate but doesn’t increase our money we are actually at a loss of -$3,265.00, with this tax digest we will only have to run it in the paper in both counties and then we are done.  Now, with the increase I only increased the mill just enough to raise the loss to a zero amount, but we are still at a loss as far as money that is received from property taxes. Now, if you choose the increase we will have to have 3 open meeting to the public to discuss the increase. So just let me know what you decide to do.” After discussion council decided to put this on hold for right now and address it later in the meeting.

Mayor stated “next we need to talk about SPLOST” Clerk “stated everyone get out the SPLOST report, one should be long page and a short page.” Clerk broke down all the money that has been collected as of Oct. 11, 2016 which is $116,202.74 we have not collected $110,447.26 and we have still have the rest of this year and next to complete the 2011 SPLOST. Clerk gave a breakdown of all the monies that was spent in SPLOST over the last 4 years and showed where we were over budget and under budget in the different categories. After much discussion about SPLOST council decided for the Attorney and the Mayor to get together and take care of this and submits to Guy Singletary.

Attorney Trey Taylor: Spoke on property acquisitions that he is working on for the city. He also spoke on the cemetery ordinances that he is working on and has gather much information and is developing the language to validate the ordinance. Trey stated “The city charter needs to be amended and I have printed the statues that tell us what we need to do and how to do it. It is a process but it is a process that needs to be done. We have bankruptcies proceeds that we are a creditor to the debtor which is a lot of paperwork and I will file a proof of claim so that we will be able to get the money that is owed the city.”

Bank Reconciliation for September: CM Hutchinson made a motion that we accept all reconciliations for General, Court, ECSPLOST, JCSPLOST, TSPLOST, Recreation, Water and Water Savings with CM Sumner seconded the motion carry by all.

Department Heads:

Fire Chief CH Yawn stated that “We had 8 first responder calls and one power line down we did have some other things that went on but I did not include those. We stay up and cut trees out of the road during the hurricane.  I have passed around a list of equipment that we need for the fire department which is batteries for our radios, flashlights and suit lights which will cost an approximate total of $740.36. We have some other equipment that needs to be repaired and I will be sending them off for repair. These items will be purchased with SPLOST.  I also have some air packs that need to be refurbished and that will be around the first of the year. The Nazarene camp grounds wanted to express their appreciation of all the donations that were giving during the hurricane, it helped many people.

Police Department: Chief Chavis stated “The department issued 20 new citations, five new reports and multiple warnings in September also, did more patrols during the hurricane with Office Soto staying throughout the night while the stores were open for travelers and giving out directions.

Safety Department: Nothing to report.

Water & Street Department: Spoke with Mark from Soperton about the fire hydrant and he said that it will be about two weeks before he can get by here to give me a list of what we need to get it fixed. Mayor stated “He is the one who is willing to come in on Saturday to work with you so you will have all day to get that done.” CM Smith asked if we had received the letter stated that the well was good and up and running well. Mayor and Clerk talked about a letter the city had received that the mayor had signed off on and it was sent back to Joe Sills, the EPD water man from Augusta that was over the well project.  Mayor stated “In two we should have everything that we need ready to fill in the hole on Smith Street and the hole on collage street and also fixed the fire hydrant.

Recreation Department: Mayor stated “Nothing is going on.

Mayor asked if any of the Council Member had anything that they needed to discuss. CM Hutchinson stated “I just got a question. Loriann give us an update on the Verizon tower.” Mayor spoke up and stated that they could not put a tower in but looking into putting extended receivers that bring the signal in and put them on the side of the buildings. Clerk stated “I offered for them to put it on the city water towers but that stated that they would have to look into that.”  Mayor stated “I have something for y’all. There is a political luncheon on the 2nd of November from 12pm -1pm at the Emanuel County Medical Center in the private dining room everyone is invited to attend. It is a chance to speak with our representative for this area so if anyone would like to go please confirm your attendance. We also have the GMA district fall meeting being held at Twin City on the Thursday the 13th at 6pm.

Mayor it is 8:30 and CM Hutchinson made a motion for us to dismiss from the regular council meeting and take a 10 minute break with CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried by all.

Mayor stated it is 8:40pm and CM Sumner made a motion to go into executive session with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried by all.

Executive Meeting

Personnel Issues

CM Yawn made a motion that we close executive meeting at 10:00pm with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried by all

CM Sumner made a motion to return to regular council meeting at 10:14pm with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried by all.

Mayor stated that we are voting on changing the payroll from Friday payday to Thursday payday starting this week.  CM Smith offered a motion that payroll hours stop on Wednesday and paid on Thursday for all employees to pick up checks at 4:30pm. CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried by all.

Tax Digest: After much discussion CM Sumner made a motion to not raise the taxes this year and to leave the percentage according to the digest at 10.096 which is equivalent to last year with the roll back and CM Smith seconded the motion and carried by CM Hutchinson, CM Mimbs and sustained by CM Yawn.

CM Hutchinson made a motion to adjourn council meeting at 10:17pm with CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried by all.