Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 1/09/2017


 JANUARY 9, 2017


5:30pm Judge Don Wilkes swearing in New City Council Members

6:00pm Council Meeting: Mayor Adams called the meeting to order at 6:00pm

Prayer – CM Smith

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance

Speaker: Trayvon Leslie; Georgia Power in regards to Roadway Lighting: Gave information and cost on making all City Street lights into LED lights which objectivity will be to decrease expenditure for the City of Adrian.  Motion made by CM Hutchinson second by CM Smith carried by all.

Brooks Construction: By Larry Sumner; CM Sumner brought information for the Council to take a look on supplies that the City could possible utilize in the future for parts, sales, service, supplies and rentals.

Old Business

LMIG 2017- Information given for the project of pavement of Norris Street for the year 2019 by rolling over LMIG for 3 yrs at the time the Council is in agreement unless something major comes up and we have to revise the project. Money that is left over in this last LMIG will have to be spent which is $1342.02.  CM Yawn spoke about the project for Smith St. and Center St. that needs to be completed. We have a bid labor bid from Mr. Moore for $1850.00 and we supply the concrete. There is a possible cost for busting up the crib on Center St.  Motion made by CM Smith second CM Hutchinson carried

Water Ordinance – Att. Trey Taylor brought forward the first reading of the New Water Ordinance to the audience and Council.

Spring Fling – April 1st @ 10am to 5pm; In case of rain Date will be April 8th same time. CM Hutchinson suggested those 13yrs and above 5.00 entry fee and 12yrs and below for free. If anyone is wanted to leave and come back at a later time they will need to have their hand stamped before they leave. All Vendors will pay a $20.00 entry fee to set up with/without electricity. Exception to this will be all non-profit exhibits and performers. Donations will be accepted for Cake Sale for the City and Fireworks for the 4th of July and Silent Auction. Yard sales will be accepted with the $20.00 fee also just like a vendor.  Car show will be on the James Street side. Everyone will need to submit an application to be a part of the Spring Fling.

Mayor Agenda: New Business

Approval of Minutes for December 12, 2016 Council Meeting Motion made by CM Hutchinson second CM Smith carried

Georgia Power LED Lighting Same topic as above with GA Power

Dogs running loose: It has been brought to the attention of the City Council that dogs are running within the City and most of the dogs have owners and people know who the owners are so Council has decided to inforce the leash law, with warnings first and then citations will concur thereafter. There will be an ad in the Forrest Blade about enforcement of the Leash Law for the City of Adrian.

Unemployment Insurance: There is a possibility that we could not pay the insurance throughout the year and pay only when we owe for someone that has filed a claim. There is quite a few questions that need to be answered so we will check out the possible rules for this and get back with the council in the near future.

Election of Mayor Pro-Tem: Motion made by CM Sumner for CM Smith to be Mayor Pro Tem second by CM Hutchinson carried

 Bank Reconciliation for November, 2016

General Acct –                  Motion made by CM Hutchinson second CM Smith carried

Court Acct –




Recreation Acct –

Water Account –

Water Savings –

Department Heads

Police Department: Chief report; 1 citation, several warnings and 3 reports taken for Dec. For the year, 62 reports and 145 citations

Safety Department FC Yawn will submit Billing for the Safety Equipment that is to be purchased with Safety Grant.  New Safety grant will be available for submission in March.

Fire Department: FC Yawn; 3 calls and the Year End report will be given at a later time.

Water and Street Department: CM Yawn talked about the wire to the pump station going above ground that was installed by Pineland Telephone Co. If something happens to it the well will not work, therefore we need to see about having that repaired/fixed or Radio wave to send signal. I spoke with JK Durden Co. about the situation and he gave me a rough estimate which is $3800.00 to update. This was table for a future date when the time arises.

Recreation Department: Rec. Dept. gave the Fire Dept. $150.00 for the fireworks for the New Year. We plan on giving help for the Spring Fling.

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson    Spring Fling above

Larry Sumner

Jesse Yawn

Zelda Sumner

Wynola Smith spoke about street address that are not correct and asked what we could do. Mayor stated that she will speak with Emanuel County and see what they say and get back with everyone at the next meeting or her earliest convince 

CM Smith made a motion to add Executive Session to the Agenda second by CM Sumner and carried

           Intergovernmental Agreement with Emanuel County:  All Council members looked it over and agreed to the contents of the agreement and will be signed by Mayor Adams and delivered to Emanuel County Commissioners office.

            Municipal Court Judge Keith Pollette spoke and wanted to let the Council know that he is open for any questions that they may have about Court.

 CM Yawn made motion to go out of Reg. Council second by CM Sumner carried at 7:40pm

 At 7:44pm CM Hutchinson made motion to go into executive session seconded by CM Sumner and carried.




 Personnel Issues – Discussion of hours for the City Clerk and her job duties to the Mayor.



8:15pm CM Yawn made a motion to go out of executive session seconded by CM Smith and carried


 8:16pm CM Yawn made a motion to go into Reg. Council Meeting seconded by CM Smith and carried

 Mayor Adams chose not to elect new department for each department, except for electing New CM Zelda Sumner to partner with CM Smith to monitor Administration

 The idea was brought up for the possibility of the Mayor and the Council to have tablets to send information to instead of printing everything out. The information can be sent to the tablet and they can look over the information and prepare their own folders in the tablet for each topic of discussion, however they would like to set up their tablet.

 It was discussed to get a cost comparison to this effect.  Paper vs. Tablet

 At 8:20 CM Yawn made motion to close Council Meeting seconded by CM Smith carried