Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 1/11/2016


JANUARY 11, 2016


Mayor Pro Tem Marilyn Mimbs

Jack Fleming

Suzanne Hutchinson

Wynola Smith

Larry Sumner



Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pro Tem Marilyn Mimbs at 6:30 PM.


Invocation was given by Suzanne Hutchinson.


The council and visitors repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: 1st thing on the agenda tonight is the approval of the October 5, 2015 Executive Session Meeting. (Inaudible speaking)  CM Smith: executive session? CM Fleming: yea, the executive session, CM Smith: I don’t have it. CM Fleming: Huh? CM Hutchinson: It’s this one right here. CM Smith: (Inaudible) but she is referring to the executive paper work. CM Fleming: This one’s the executive session, the other one is just reg. minutes. CM Smith: yea, (Inaudible speaking).  CM Fleming: Makes motion to except the October 5, Executive session minutes. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Do I hear a second? CM Sumner: second? CM Smith: October 5.  CM Fleming: October the 5th. CM Smith: Executive session.  Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: October 5, executive session Jack has made a motion, do I hear second? CM Smith: this is just the one where you needed to add the executive session minute right? CM Hutchinson: uh huh, see they were like this and now she made them like this. I’ll make uh, I’ll second it. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: All in Favor raise hand, (All council members raised their hands) All opposed same sign. Nothing happen, (Inaudible speaking) then I, Loriann, said AIF 4.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: The approval of the November 9th Reg. Council meeting.  CM Hutchinson: I believe on that one I asked you to take out the word permission and you did that so I’m good with that item, don’t know if anybody has any um, any other additions. CM Smith: you are ok with what it says now, right? CM Hutchinson: I’m ok with what it says now; she took out the word permission.  CM Sumner: (Inaudible) Turnip seed, I have a problem with (Inaudible) CM Smith: Talking about the well? CM Sumner: Yeah CM Smith: What about it? CM Sumner: It says Turnip seed and I don’t know about Turnip seed. CM Hutchinson: Yes, CM Smith: Who was the one that advised us that we need to dig a well? Turnip seed, who was it? CM Sumner: Claxton CM Smith: need to correct it if it wasn’t from Turnip seed, it needs to be corrected. State that it was Claxton, according to Claxton. CM Sumner: Claxton was the one that advised us to dig a well. CM Fleming: Right, so line of Mr. Green of Turnip seed engineers replaces that with Claxton. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: ok if you’ll talk loud enough so that Ms. Jo and Ms. Loriann can hear. CM Smith: Ok Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: They do not know what needs to be done if you do not speak loud. (Inaudible, door squeaking) CM Smith: On the second page what I don’t understand where of the Mayor’s agenda says well, that Green and Turnip seed engineers weren’t the one that, CM Fleming: notified us of the collapsed. CM Smith: yea, it was Claxton, what’s his first name? CM Hutchinson: Wasn’t it Doc Claxton? Larry: Doc Claxton. CM Smith: So he. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: he come and looked at it and he could not do it if I remember correctly so then the engineer from Turnip seed come and took a look at it one night bout if I remember about 8pm. CM Smith: So who was it that advised us that we needed to replace the well? Was it Doc Claxton or the Green man from Turnip seed? CM Sumner: Well the way I understood it Doc Claxton come and looked at the well and he was the one with the camera and looked down in it. CM Fleming: Right CM Sumner: And he said that we could get another pipe and put in there. CM Fleming: To expand CM Sumner: To expand, that’s the one he brought up Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Then if I remember correctly whenever Turnip seed got here and looked at it they took the light and it had already caved in after Claxton looked at it.  Larry: I would have to hear the recording. Clerk Jo: Can I Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: yes you may. Clerk Jo: Doc Claxton came out and looked at the well and made the proposal to put the pipe down in there to cover up and fix the crack in it. And he went and got the pipe and everything he came back to do it, the well had fell in. And he said that there was nothing that he could do that we would have to get somebody else. And that’s when Mr. Green from turnip seed was called in, because Mr. Claxton said he could not do anything. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Claxton thought that he could put in a smaller pipe. CM Fleming: Yeah. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: down in the bigger one, but then when he got back he you know it was too far, he couldn’t do anything. CM Smith: I understand what you guys are saying, but which one out of the two was the one that actually said that we need to dig another well? Who did that? Who said it? Because that’s this entire statement saying right here the one that said we not necessarily (static) we just need to make sure that we got the right name here. Clerk Jo: I think that Mr. Green from turnip seed was the first one to say that we need to dig that we were going have to dig another well. Mr. Claxton just came and said I can’t do anything it’s beyond anything that I can do. CM Sumner: But, Green never really, really never talked with City Council. CM Sumner: The first, the first so called throw out, out in the air being that we got was 30, 40 thousand dollars probably by Claxton that’s the first we heard about some bid that was just he thought it would be somewhere around that much to do so, you know if he was planning on fixing a pipe why did he give a roundabout price that he was going to get cost to fix that well? You know put another well in I remember he give a price of some 30 or 40 thousand dollars if I aint bad mistaken. Mayo Pro Tem Mimbs: I think though if I remember at that time he thought that he could fix it by putting that what 4in pipe down in the 6in pipe CM Sumner: yeah, but that wasn’t going to Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: But when he came back that was that could not be done. CM Sumner: Yeah, and that is when he said it probably going to be 30 or 40 thousand dollars for him to fix it, but that was Claxton. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: And it was caving in on each side and then I think Chris finally had to rope off that there because the truck was sinking it in. CM Sumner: Do we have the audio of that meeting? Clerk Jo: Uh, probably not we have been having trouble with the tape recorders and everything. CM Smith: Without a recording we have no way of knowing for sure. CM Sumner: Got no way of knowing for sure, well (Inaudible) CM Smith: We have no way to prove it. Mayo Pro Tem Mimbs: And I do know that Steve called the Council and told them that they would be down here that afternoon I believe it was at 8pm, to my knowledge I don’t know of anybody that anybody showed up or not I didn’t come. CM Fleming: The only meeting that I was aware of is the one that was going to be at 3:30 that everybody conducted at 3pm. CM Smith: That the one you came to? CM Fleming: That’s the one I came, Yeah, to sit with turnip seed and listen to what they had to say but, they it had been said before I got here. CM Smith: hmmm, (silent) CM Smith: Well let’s move on, no way to resolve that.  CM Fleming: Well, you know that it was Doc. Claxton that told us that we’ve have to do it. Right? CM Hutchinson: un hum CM Smith: Then it needs to be put there then. CM Fleming: Right, We need to make a change to take out Mr. Green of turnip seed engineers and put in Doc Claxton. CM Smith: Because he was the first one in line. CM Fleming: He was the first one to discuss anything with. CM Smith: And that’s all that sentence says right there. CM Fleming: Right, and that’s all we needed it to say, um Clerk Jo: so you just want change to according to Doc. Claxton it will be necessary to dig another well. CM Hutchinson: Un hum. CM Fleming: Period Clerk Jo: Ok CM Fleming: And anything after that, The Mayor did talk to Mr. Green so whatever they talked about was qualifying for the 50 thousand and several other avenues to fund the projects that were discussed in their meeting. So I think the rest of that paragraph is set the way it is. CM Smith: As long as you make that correction. CM Fleming: As long as that correction and Doc. Claxton. CM Hutchinson: So I go ahead and make a motion to approve it with the corrections at the next meeting. Table that until the February meeting. I make a motion we table the November the 9th meeting minutes to the February meeting with the corrections from under the well. CM Sumner: I Second. AIF unanimous.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs Next is the approval of the December 3rd the 3rd Called Council Meeting. CM Fleming: I wasn’t here for that one.  CM Smith: Larry when you was talking about the well drill about Greg Grosch, CM Sumner: Yeah. CM Smith: That amount there I thought it was less than that. CM Sumner: It’s post to be 64. CM Smith: I thought that was more? So the correct amount should be 64 thousand? Ok got it. CM Sumner: Let me see, I might have it right here. Mayo Pro Tem Mimbs: 67,605 it just says pump and well total, I haven’t had a chance to look through this does this included the pipe Larry: Nope and the closing the. CM Fleming: Nor electrical. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: The what? CM Fleming: Nor electrical.  CM Smith: That would be different then Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Nor Electrical that would have to be added to this price. I think that if we are going to compare apples to apples we need a, we need a bill stating the same things. CM Smith: We need an estimate that includes the electrical and plumbing. Right? Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Everything that’s got to be done to be, because I have doing a lot of reading on EPA what they require on a well that services people different from a well that you are going to water your land with, because your servicing people so there is a lot of requirements and it’s in our state book when you went to class there is a whole section on the water. CM Sumner: I’ll have to; I haven’t got it with me it’s at the house. CM Smith: Just ask Greg to give us an estimate. Well, that all he’s going to do. CM Sumner: Yeah, that’s all he’s going.  CM Smith: Someone going to do other. CM Sumner: Yeah, we are going to find out where it’s going to be at so I will be in the next week or two. I’ll get us a price on the rest of it. CM Fleming: Right. CM Sumner: Pipe and Electrical. CM Fleming: Your side of it (Inaudible) CM Sumner: Yeah we are going go ahead with that. CM Hutchinson: Yeah, we are going to need to table this again until we can find the exact estimate. I make a motion that we table the December 3, 2015 minutes until we can get an exact proposal from Dr. not Dr. but Mr. Groesch.

Maybe by the February meeting we can include those also.   CM Sumner: It will be before that. CM Smith: Estimate from Groesch and um CM Sumner: Laying Pipe and Electrical. CM Smith: Plumbing and Electrical. Clerk Loriann: Can you repeat that for me please? CM Sumner: Do what? Clerk Loriann: What are you going to get? Electrical, Pipe and what else? CM Sumner: I’ll have a grand total. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Closing the well, filling up the well. CM Hutchinson: He is going to give us an exact cost. CM Fleming: Greg said that he will just close that, yeah, he’s just going to close it.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Ok, take a look at the December 7th, called meeting. Clerk Jo: No, we didn’t get a 2nd on that and a vote. CM Fleming: Oh, it’s tabled. Ok, I’ll second the table. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Unanimous.   December the 7th called council meeting. CM Hutchinson: On the back where it says um, maintain a separate account it will be necessary to transfer some of the monies ok, it was decided by chief Chavis, let’s change that to it was recommended by Chief Chavis and approved by the Council that 35% of the court balance. You see what I’m saying? We will change the wording on that a little bit. CM Smith: It was recommended. CM Hutchinson: It was recommended by Chief Chavis and approved by the Council that 35% of the Court fund balance at the end of the quarter could be transferred. That’s just my, you know just change the wording a little bit on that. Does anybody else have a problem with that? CM Fleming & CM Smith: That’s good. CM Smith: Cause we did recommend that. CM Hutchinson: So we need to table that one right? CM Smith: Yeah CM Hutchinson: Ok, I make a motion that we table the December 7th Called Council Meeting minutes until the February meeting for corrections. CM Fleming: I’ll second that. Mayo Pro Tem Mimbs: Unanimous.

Mayo Pro Tem Mimbs: Approval of the minutes for the December the 14th Reg. council meeting and the Executive session.  (Music)  CM Smith: The only thing that I see on that one is back on the when it was my time to speak and I was talking about my sister cleaning the City Hall and Community center that we had voted on a few months ago. She has never cleaned the Community Center it said she has only cleaned the Community Center a few times she’s never cleaned it. So we need to correct that. Mayo Pro Tem Mimbs: Has there been any activity in there? CM Smith: No, I’m just saying to correct it cause she hasn’t cleaned it. I don’t care, It doesn’t matter that she hasn’t been over there because there hasn’t been any activity. I just wanted to make sure that it’s reflected here that she hasn’t cleaned it. I think that we need to put the right Title for Judge Thomas Bobbitt he is going to be our Judge Pro Temp, not as a reserve Judge, he will be Judge Pro Temp. We need to correct that. CM Fleming & CM Hutchinson: Where’s that at?  CM Smith: It’s on what about the 3rd page yes, it’s the 3rd page in the front where it’s talking about Keith Pollette and Thomas Bobbitt it’s got how Thomas Bobbitt is the reserve Judge, and we hired him as the Judge Pro Temp. CM Fleming: Right. CM Smith: We need to change that, that’s the only two things that I have. Mayo Pro Tem Mimbs: And this is means only that he gets paid if he serves?  CM Smith: yes, yes I just want to have his title right. The description of what there is what he actually will do, I just need to have his title right and he gets paid if he serves. CM Hutchinson: So we need to table those? CM Smith: Yeah, we’re going to table that till we make those two corrections that are all I see I don’t know about anybody else. CM Hutchinson: Want to go ahead and do the Executive and do it all at one time? Well, I’m going to make a motion that we table December 14th reg. Council meeting minutes till these corrections maybe we can approve them in February. CM Sumner: Well, y’all look on 3rd page about the well. CM Smith: um hum CM Sumner: Second line there informed them that once Doc Claxton came out and advised that the well had caved in and he could not help, so he is the one that said the well caved in CM Fleming: Right CM Sumner: and it was after that he called turnip seed in. CM Fleming: Right. CM Sumner: That what is says Mayor informed that once Doc Claxton came out and advised the well had caved in. So he was the one, I knew he was the one that decided that the well caved in. CM Smith: (inaudible) ok so it is right. CM Sumner: Yeah, that’s right. CM Smith: That confirms it right there. CM Fleming: Yeah CM Smith: Ok CM Hutchinson: So did we, did I finish my motion? CM Fleming: No CM Smith: No CM Hutchinson: ok, CM Smith: How about having that again. CM Hutchinson: hum CM Smith: How about having that again. CM Hutchinson: Ok, I make a motion that we table the December the 14th Reg. Mayor Council meeting minutes until our February meeting to change to make the couple corrections as they are worded change the wording and take out a few things. Larry: I second Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: AIF? Unanimous.

CM Fleming: Now the Executive session minutes December 14th Mayor PT Mimbs: If you would when you looking over these packets if you find something immediately if you would bring it to Ms. Jo or Ms. Loriann’s attention she could go ahead and pull these out and maybe the correction could be made before we come to the meeting and it wouldn’t take us quiet so long. CM Fleming: December 14th Executive session minutes, those are fine. CM Sumner: Yeah. CM Fleming:  I make a motion that we approve the December 14th 2015 Adrian City council Executive session minutes. CM Smith: I second it. Mayor PT Mimbs: Wynola second, AIF? Unanimous.

Clerk Smith: Suzanne, you said in those December 14th make those corrections and take some things out. What is it that you want taken out? CM Hutchinson: Ok, what Wynola was talking about, Ms. Renfroe, once a month to clean the office and only a few times for the Community Center, Clerk Smith: Yeah, I understood that and what else? Cm Hutchinson: That’s it. Clerk Smith: That’s all? CM Hutchinson: Yes, Mam CM Smith: And that about Thomas Bobbitt. CM Hutchinson: Yeah, and CM Fleming: And the thing about Judge Thomas Bobbitt as a CM Hutchinson: Yeah, make him Pro Tem CM Smith: That was the only two things I think.

Mayor PT Mimbs: Ok, next is the Financial Report for October, 2015. CM Smith: The affidavit in here are not signed, don’t they have to be signed for the Executive sessions? Mayor PT Mimbs: They will be we they are approved. CM Hutchinson: Don’t we have some more? CM Smith: They have to be signed whether there approved anyway don’t they? (Comments inaudible) CM Hutchinson: We got 2 Executive sessions. CM Fleming: Yeah we do, CM Hutchinson& CM Fleming: Speaking together, we have two Executive sessions for December 14th minutes. CM Fleming: We got the Judge Richard McNeely, yeah there’s another one, and they should have all been listed out. CM Sumner: But they all look right though? CM Fleming: Yeah, I’ll make a motion that we accept all the Executive session minutes for December 14th 2015. CM Smith: I’ll second it. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Unanimous.  (Inaudible speaking from everyone)    

CM Sumner: Go out and go in and talk about all this. CM Smith: Yeah. CM Sumner: You’ll make it or I make it? CM Smith: I would like to make a motion that we go into Executive Session. CM Fleming: I’ll second that. CM Sumner: For Jose… Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Can we hold the Executive Session until the end so that we can complete… CM Smith: No, we need to go ahead with it now.



Motion was made by CM Hutchinson that council adjourn Executive Session and return to regular session. Motion was seconded by CM Fleming and carried unanimously.

(Five minute break)

Motion was made by CM Hutchinson that council adjourn Executive Session and return to regular session. Motion was seconded by CM Smith and carried unanimously.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: The next thing is our budget. CM Smith: We just need to approve it is all, Right?

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Right. CM Smith: Ok, here’s the proposal, does anybody have any discussion on the final budget? CM Hutchinson: I’ll make a motion that we accept that budget. I make a motion that we accept the City of Adrian General Budget with yearend in December 2016. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Second? CM Smith: I’ll second it. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: AIF unanimously. CM Sumner: Now, what we got to do with that is run it in the paper and… CM Hutchinson: That was already done. CM Sumner: Oh, it’s done? Well, we got to put it in the paper when the next meeting going to be open to the public, so we got to run that in the paper. CM Smith: We got to do after we finalize it I thought we did that before when we did the proposal, ok my bad. CM Sumner: Well, we were supposed to run it in the paper. CM Hutchinson: It was in there for two weeks. CM Sumner: But it wasn’t in there when we were going to have the next meeting. CM Smith: Oh the budget meeting, I got you. CM Sumner: We still got to have a budget meeting open to the public and then it’s approved. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: I thought the budget could be put out there on that sign? CM Hutchinson: Ok, do we need to go ahead and set a date for that? CM Sumer: uh, yeah CM Hutchinson: Does it need to run in the paper again before we do the? CM Smith: Just about the meeting, right? CM Sumner: No, not the old half a page of $900 dollar paper. CM Smith: We need to put in the paper about a budget meeting. We didn’t put anything in the paper last time about having a meeting going to the citizens of Adrian to discuss the budget. CM Hutchinson: We have to have two don’t we? CM Sumner: Just one. Clerk Loriann: Didn’t we do that meeting prior before stuck it in the paper? CM Smith: We never did put in the paper that we were having a meeting, right? Clerk Loriann: So you have to have strictly just nothing else talk about except the meeting the budget. CM Hutchinson: Open to the public. Clerk Loriann: So will anything change in this budget meeting? All Council Members: No.  CM Smith: It’s just giving the Citizen a chance to ask question if they like to, that’s all that is about the budget. Clerk Loriann: Ok, gotcha. CM Smith: Just need to put that in the paper, put dates, what they usually do is like um, one day because they have to have two meetings, they do at noontime and one time in the afternoon. That will accomplish the goal in one day. CM Hutchinson: Maybe one at 10 and one at 5 or 11 and 5 Clerk Loriann: So it is an open meeting? CM Hutchinson: The newspaper lady is right here maybe she can put it in for us tomorrow if we need to. CM Smith:  It has to be in the paper one week before the budget meeting is held. CM Hutchinson: Well, if we plan it for one day next week we could have it in the paper this week, right? CM Jack: Right. Clerk Loriann: Ok, so when are y’all planning on having it? CM Hutchinson: What about next Thursday? What’s next Thursday?  CM Sumner: 21st? CM Sumner: You got to have one at noon.  CM Smith: One at noon and then maybe one at 5. CM Sumner: One at 5. CM Hutchinson: Then if nobody comes is then it’s. CM Smith: Is that ok with you Ms. Marilyn? CM Fleming: But who is going to be here representing for? CM Sumner: I want be here at noon. CM Smith: you will be here at noon?  CM Sumner: I want be here. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: It is just according to what hours. CM Hutchinson: It depends on if I have to work, if I have don’t have to work then I can be here. CM Sumner: How about one at 12 and one at 6. CM Hutchinson: I will know my schedule Wednesday. CM Smith: We will somebody to represent at both times. Clerk Loriann: So it is official 12 and 5?  CM Smith: 12 and 6 we are thinking about people coming in from work. Clerk Loriann: Ok, 12 and 6 on the 21st? CM Smith: Yes, can’t we have it here? CM Fleming: Yeah (Inaudible) Clerk Loriann: Does the necessarily have to run in the Johnson Journal also?  CM Smith: No, just one publication. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: The best thing you can do is put it on the sign out there; people will read that, few people will read the paper.


Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Next thing is bid on the printer. CM Hutchinson: Forgot Paid Holidays. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Oh, yeah I wrote over that. Ok, paid Holidays. This year Christmas is going to be on a Sunday I believe the state is using Thursday, December 2nd and Friday, December the 23rd for their Christmas Holidays, What is your desire? CM Sumner: um, It would probably be better if it were a Friday and Monday, wouldn’t it? Christmas on Sunday wouldn’t you think? CM Fleming: Yeah, CM Hutchinson: That way they could go out of town.  CM Fleming: We could do that? Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Well, not necessary because if they had Thursday and Friday that would have that Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. CM Smith: Oh they would get more days that way that would be fine. Clerk Loriann: Interjection, According to the handbook, it says if the Holiday falls on a Saturday you take a Friday, If it falls on a Sunday you take a Monday so unless you which I know that there’s options in the handbook that needs to be changed but that would be…CM Fleming: I would stick with that, I would stick with Friday and Monday. CM Smith: The 23rd and the 26th Mayor Pro Tem: Do I hear a motion to take Friday and Monday? CM Fleming: I make a motion. Mayor Pro Tem: Second? CM Smith: I’ll second Mayor Pro Tem: Unanimous. CM Fleming: Don’t we have to take a motion to approval all these other ones? CM Sumner: Yeah, and I want to bring up one about New Year’s Eve. Now who really takes New Year’s Eve off? CM Smith: Who started…you took New Year’s Eve off this year right? CM Hutchinson: They don’t do New Year’s Eve off. Not New Year’s Eve Day, now New Year’s Day, yes. I think we just need to strike that one off. CM Smith: Taking a Holiday away?  CM Sumner: Well, wait a minute now, New Year’s on a Saturday, Right?  CM Hutchinson: New Year’s on a Saturday. CM Fleming: No, it will be on Sunday. CM Smith: So New Year’s Eve will be that Saturday, that’s why they put the Friday for a Holiday. CM Sumner: So that Sunday is a Holiday on the weekend so you take that Monday, is that right Jack? CM Fleming: That is right, that would be Monday. CM Sumner: New Year falls we’ll do it on Monday on this one, but when it falls like New Year’s day would be on a Friday, New Year’s Eve is Thursday like it was this time they don’t need to be off on Thursday you know, but if it falls on the weekend it’ll give the Monday/Friday. CM Fleming: That will be Monday, January the 2nd CM Sumner: Yeah. CM Smith: So January the 2nd Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Do I hear a motion? CM Smith: So that is going to be 2017. So for the New Year’s Holiday for 2016 it’s going to be January 2nd 2017? CM Fleming: Yes. CM Smith: Ok, so have we done a motion yet? CM Hutchinson: No. CM Fleming: I will make that correction and make a motion for all of them. CM Hutchinson: I’ll second it.  Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: The New Year’s Eve then will be Monday January 2nd the one for Christmas will be on Friday and Monday. CM Fleming: Yes. CM Smith: Right Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Do I hear a motion to that effect? CM Smith: I would like to offer a motion that our Employee Paid Holidays for 2016 are excepted as we discussed. CM Fleming: I’ll second that. Unanimous

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Ok the printer. Ms. Loriann would you like to explain the two options here on the printer. Clerk Loriann: Yes, alright Middle Ga. Business Products as you already know do with them already with the printer we already have. She came in because we were having issue with that one from time to time or quite often. So she gave us a proposal on the first one is one that is actually going out it’s like the end of its season basically and but she gave us a quote for that one. You have your lease program and you pay for the lease and it is figured with the bill yearly @ $462 for one year but you have to pay that every year and then your lease options for whichever one that you choose. Like I said that is one of the models that are going out. #2 is the one that is actually taking its place. The first picture is not the one that you’ll actually get because we are not getting the three drawers one, we will only be getting the one drawer. So with that one it runs a little bit faster it’s better than what the first one is. Your monthly is only the leased program you choose and you get the first year that $462 you had to pay for the first one you don’t pay that $462 dollars for the first year for the 2nd one. That is an option that is done away with for the first year. All you do is pay the lease price then after the first year then you pick up the $462 dollars. This is not set in stone, we can, possible get a different rate if you choose not to got with either one of these. You don’t have to choose but it is an option to choose one of these two and negotiate the price. CM Sumner: What if you just buy it? CM Fleming: Yeah, you know what because five years of leasing it is $2310 dollars you pay $700 dollars more and you just bought the thing. Clerk Loriann: You have to consider to that when you lease it and you do it this way they take care of all the maintenance and they come out here and they are here with in a 24 hour period to come fix whatever problem it is a yearly maintenance that they come out and clean it up and any trouble that is with it they automatically fix it for you at no cost to us for whole term of the lease. CM Fleming: It is a Fax, Printer, Copier, and Scanner all in one. CM Smith: She said that you can actually do that like from the computer. Clerk Loriann: Anything that you can pull up on the computer that is like a word document you can automatically fax it through the printer and people can send me an email and fax it through the printer, and vice versa we can do multiple things with it. The only difference in this and what we have it’s not connected as far as the telephone line so we would actually have to hooked up and find out where the lines are, and work it around, you know all that but they would come and set it up and get it ready. CM Smith: They will do the wiring too? Clerk Loriann: yup, from my understanding. She talked about that well we can talk about that. That’s one of those optional things where they can lower this, take away that and add this. CM Smith: What about ink? Clerk Loriann: They give us all of that it’s included.  CM Smith: We need to lease that bad boy then.  CM Hutchinson: Which one? Cm Fleming: The toner itself is going to kill ya. CM Hutchinson: Option 2 is the one you’re talking about? Clerk Loriann: Yes, we are talking about Option 2 because even now because they give us everything, they come and change all the inner stuff I don’t know what to call it but it’s the guts they take those guts and put new guts in. I don’t know how to explain that and they give us 22 thousand b/w copies per year and anything over and above that were bill at 0.175 for each additional copy. So we can, do what now? CM Fleming: Do you know how many copies we did last year on our copier? Clerk Loriann: No, sir I don’t, I can call and find out tho, and negotiation because they keep of record of all that kind of stuff. CM Fleming: I am sure it is under 22 thousand pages. CM Smith: I think option # 2 is the best bet for us. CM Fleming: Yeah CM Smith: We will go ahead and do that at those 60 months at that rate there. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Do I hear a motion? CM Smith: I offer a motion to that effect. CM Fleming: I’ll 2nd that. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: for machine 1 or 2 All Council Members: Number 2 for 60 months. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: AIF, Unanimous. We do have a bid here for paper for the machine Quill .com we can order it much cheaper than we were getting it we can get four cartons of paper with a $50 dollars off and with the $50 dollars off it’s going to run us a little over 100 dollars much less than it would be if we order 1, 2, 3. Clerk Loriann: Ms. Marilyn, I do apologize by it is $111.96 without the coupon. With the $50 dollars coupon because we went over $100 dollars it will be $61.96, it is free shipping and everything. The cost for Office Max, when we normally get it on sale, theirs is $29.99 for 4 makes it $119.96 with no discount what so ever. They are running a special right now for two, but you are only allowed to get two. CM Fleming: We will go with the four and the $50 bucks off. CM Smith: And I will second it. AIF, unanimous.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Next thing are FI-Fa letters. CM Smith: Ok, Loriann you want to talk to us about FI-Fa’s? Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam, Ok, what I have giving y’all is a letter that I wrote to PAS stated that enclosed it a list of FI-Fa’s that we posted and paid for and they are to pay us accordingly. For Emanuel County it was $120.00, and for Johnson County it was $245.00 and the check is already in route, I have spoken with Ms. Joye so she is sending us that money for both of those Fi-Fa’s that have been paid. And then the back paper, the last paper is list of Acct’s that have paid their PSA fee and it is showing where that check was paid to them for $3325.00 that we have actually sent that check to them along with that letter. So they have already received it. CM Hutchinson: So when will the people receive their letter about foreclosure? Clerk Loriann: They are due to go out let me see, Levy notices were to go out today, they have until March 1, which is the sell date. Until that time the percentage goes up so it just cost more and more money until they get it paid. They can only pay in Full. The signs will be posted on the property between the 15th and the 19th because the ads in the paper will running the 1st week in February and we will give them roughly two weeks to come in before we actually start posting signs because if you run it like the very next week, they are trying to get the money together to come back for that week and then you just got to go back out there and take up all the signs. If we give them like a two week window then we necessarily won’t have that many sign to pick up. Then after the signs are done, give me a minute I got so much stuff in here, this stickler, March 1st is the Special Election and it is also the sale of the Properties. Legally I have to be at both but I am only one person so…I don’t what we are going to do? CM Smith: The only thing that legally you can do is reschedule the sale of the property. The election has to go on as schedule. We need to change the date of the sale. CM Hutchinson: Since the 1st in on a Tuesday why couldn’t we make the sale of the property on the third? Clerk Loriann: They only do them on the 1st Tuesday of every month on the court square. CM Smith: We could change it to the 1st Tuesday in April. Clerk Loriann: Ok. CM Smith: What is that date Loriann? Clerk Loriann: It is the 5th. CM Fleming: That’s the auction dates? Clerk Loriann: That will be the auction date yes, sir.  CM Smith: The sale of the properties. Clerk Loriann: That will be the first Tuesday of that Month.  CM Smith: Because they have to do it the first Tuesday of each Month. (Everyone chatter talking) CM Smith: I would like to make a motion that since the Special Election is on March 1st when the sale of the properties is, that will handle the sale of properties on April the 5th 2016. CM Fleming: I will 2nd that. Unanimous.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Next is the group health insurance. This has been brought to our attention before. When it was checked on there were not enough members that were going to take it. Employees rather, that was not going to take it, so we could not get the health insurance.  Now I think we have to offer it again because of the number of employees we have if they, if enough does not option to take it then we do not have to offer it. If there is then we are compelled if I understand the health law right now. CM Smith: That’s with all the changes and everything right? Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: You know, I don’t know how many we would have, how many city employees we would have opt to take it. CM Sumner: I think that when it was discuss last time it would really be the amount of employees that would take it, you have to have enough on payroll to offer it too. CM Smith: It would have to be enough full time employees. Chief Chavis: You would have to have at least 4 Full time employees making at least 32 hours a week. CM Sumner: If you have that then they can offer it to us then if one or two didn’t was the only ones that wanted it that was fine but we had to have 4 before they could offer it. CM Smith: And that would influence rates, right? CM Sumner: So if we could get rates and stuff that would be good, you know, go ahead and put in for it. CM Fleming: Maybe have someone come in and talk. ALL Council Members: Yeah that would be good.  CM Hutchinson: Maybe next meeting maybe our next council meeting we could sign somebody up. Mayor Pro Tem: This Obama care has brought up a lot of different stuff because I know people now who do not have health insurance are being fined up to $800 dollars that’s the highest I have heard right now. I will see if I can get somebody to come out and talk about health insurance at our next meeting.

Department Heads: Public, Police and safety. Chief Chavis: Um, I apologize that I didn’t have time to get together a full report. Talk to Larry and he would give me a by the month, if that was ok with the rest of y’all as well.  I said that usually during the Holidays we kind of want to ease off and we only wrote 5 citations this past month of December since this last meeting and the amount of money I figured up to date that we have taken in was very minimal at around $700 dollars so, it was a little bit more than that but less than 8 so it was right in that range, we’ve had 4 calls that required reports and went to a few other calls just your basic domestic. But I did have one insists there was a 1013 report taken and had a little bit of public disturbance out of that person, but we handled that. I think that Jack got a call as well, and we took care of that in a manner that befitting our… CM Fleming: Office Soto did a very good job; I wanted you to know that. Chief Chavis: Thank you, he handled himself in a very professional manner that was an interesting situation and we had to handle it very delicately for the female that was involved she has now since in another location and getting the help that she needs. CM Smith: Good job. Chief Chavis: That is pretty much that Police Dept. has to report.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Fire Dept. Mr. Jesse. Jesse: Everything is going good with us we do have our SU are septic tank breathing apparatus air packs ordered. There was like a 90 day waiting period at the time I ordered them they should be in here hopefully by the end of February. CM Hutchinson: I many did we order three, right? Jesse: We ordered three, the suits was ordered, real safe, I didn’t get a tally sheet on the gear, I was going to do the whole year, all the calls. I planned to do that today but it just didn’t work out. So I will get y’all a report of all the calls of last year, first responders. We had no fatalities in our department and didn’t lose but very few in the community. Thank the Lord! Everything has gone real well in the Fire Department this past year; we appreciate everything that y’all have done for us. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: We appreciate you all very much, very much. CM Hutchinson: May I interject something? Linda Moore, you know who I am talking about you went out to her house I believe it was last Saturday, she wanted me to tell you, that had it not been for you, she would not, you were the one that got the oxygen and she told me to tell you and first responders that if you ever need anything if you ever need like for a donation or anything she will be glad to do it, she wanted me to tell you, I said do you mind if I use your name and she said no, she had been cleaning her mother’s house and I think she got over come. But she said I don’t know who the man was in the back and then she found out from one of the Firefighters that it was you, she didn’t know who you were, but anyway she said Thank you for saving her life. Jesse: We were glad to be there. CM Hutchinson: She said she looked up and there were about six of you there and here come the ambulance.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Jack, water and street end report. CM Fleming: We have a couple of holes that we are going to be patching and some drainage areas that Frank in going to attend too as time permits along the streets, and the pipes  other than that I think we’re good.  Oh, no wait we have a check engine lite on the city truck so I should have him take that in and hook to computer. CM Sumner: Is it the Ford? CM Fleming: His grey one. CM Sumner: Tell him to take it to Roy he’s got one of those. Jesse: I can pull. CM Fleming: Just get with him then and let him know that we said to go with you. Jesse: According what it is I can do it. Didn’t we just do the transmission and all there may be a code that is bad or something. We are also going to school Thursday, me and Frank. CM Fleming: You have classes? Jesse: Yes, it is hazmat we do this every year in Statesboro I hope Lori and them got us registered and all. Do you know anything about it? Clerk Loriann: I do know about it but that was between Frank and Ms. Jo. Jesse: She usually takes care of getting us registered. Clerk Loriann: I can find out about it. (Inaudible) CM Hutchinson: Do you know if they got the signs up at the land field or not? CM Fleming: No, I do not know if they do or not. CM Hutchinson: Ok, you know we brought that up, have they got to work on the signs at the three way stop? You know they were going to paint the signs. CM Fleming: Well, we’ve had all that rain lately. Chief Chavis: The temperature has to be at least 55* the day he checked it was like 49*. CM Fleming: So no, but that will get done. CM Hutchinson: The reason I asked that because I read it in the minutes about the signs.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: The dog traps are being dismantled on the weekends and also, the rain had washed the land field and Mr. Hooks has took a look at it, he said just as soon as it got dry enough out there for him he would come back  will take care of the wash.  CM Sumner: How much is that going to cost? Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Nothing CM Smith: What does he got to do just put more dirt up there? Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: I didn’t go look. The road out here by the church A1 street I believe is what’s  it’s called we got to get two estimates on that we’ve had Mr. Hooks and Mr. Watkins both that has looked at it, both neither one has this moment to my knowledge has given us a written figure of fixing it. CM Smith: DOT is supposed to come and look at it first, right? Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: I’m not sure they hadn’t already taken a look but I will check on that. CM Smith: Steve had said that they had already come down and looked and they were only going to be able to do like so many feet of it and then whatever they didn’t do we were going to try to use the rest of the grant money to hopefully finish it up to get it ready to pave next year.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Any council members have anything that you would like to. CM Fleming: Yes, I have. In talking with Steve Lewis, he said that the Church side walks out here; he had put in the paper for bids. Then, just received the one, I think it is in the packet here, but that’s the guy that did in front of this grocery store to. We need to go ahead and get him started on that, go ahead and have him do that project, the sidewalks in front of the church. Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: I think he is planning on doing that just as soon as the weather gets where he can get it done faster. I know that he was told that in front of the restaurant he would have to do it on a Monday because they would open back up on Tuesday for lunch. CM Fleming: The restaurant sidewalk is fine, right? It is just in front of the church. Clerk Loriann: It’s the whole sidewalk.  Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Anything that had not been previously done at the community center was my understanding. Did anybody understand anything different? CM Smith: That is what I understood. Clerk Loriann: They wanted to match the whole thing there’s prior to and then afterwards. CM Smith: Right, so it would all be one level and one thing. CM Fleming: That is all I have. CM Smith:  I want to ask first of all, you gave us this paper here about the election and everything. Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam CM Smith: Ok, you said that this is the information that will be contained in the ad? CM Smith: Yes, mam CM Smith: That we will be able to hold the election here instead of the community center? Clerk Loriann: No, No, The first part of it is um, the first paragraph is to put the ad in the paper for the adoption of City Hall for early voting purposes only, that elevates us from having to go to the  community center to spend money to have it running, the air conditioner, two people over there. So we have it here then all that needs to be done is someone sitting in here and someone sitting in there and just two people to do the early voting so they can watch the voting. Then after that fact, the second paragraph states that elections requires early voting times and dates and also qualify dates, amounts and fees so forth for election that’s in the paper also, those have to be posted prior to, I didn’t state back to the adopting of the city hall for the early voting it has to be done 30 days prior to the special election. So it was very important that it get in the paper immediately so we us we don’t have to use the community center. All CM: Good, alright CM Hutchinson: It run in the paper last week. Clerk Loriann: Yes, it ran last week and it’s gonna run this week. Johnson Journal actually ran, is running tomorrow and then next week, because we have to put them in both counties because we are two counties. And then the three paragraph is the notice for the council members that are coming up, and there part the early voting, dates, and all that stuff. To me the reason I stuck all these together, even Chris and I talked about it, if we stuck them all together it is one ad. If we broke them all up the way they are supposed to typically when it is not a crunch time they would be broken up and put in later. But, the city council election had to be posted before February 1st. The special election had to be posted the 1st of January so putting them all together alleviated the time that was going to have to be done for the qualifying times for later. Then of course the last one is the last day to register to vote General election which will be in November that has to be part of the city council. CM Smith: All right, then the other thing I want to mention was to talk about the new police car. Chris has us a break down of each and every item page by page, price by price and it just tells us you know, the prices and all like that and I’m going to let him read it cause he’s got two different sections and I think I know which one he’s talking about and what he is interested in so I’m just going to let him read it to everybody so we know and we can into account so we can go ahead and talk about it and vote on it and go from there. Chief Chavis: I was asked to go over this with y’all and this covers a New Dodge Charger and is the true police package the base price for it is $23,800.00 dollars it would have been more than that but I talked to them at Akin which is in Wider Ga. It is bought in Ga.  and don’t have to go anywhere else to get it. It’s the closes one to us. They deal in several hundred cars a year. The lights and lettering there’s a company that is adjacent to Akin and that is all they do. They do lights, cameras, and striping, everything right there on site, so when it is picked up we don’t have to carry it anywhere else. It is ready to go. It’s got lights, sirens, everything on it ready to go the only thing that is not going to be on it when you pick it up is a camera and radar. I have done some checking. Let me back up, the lights and the lettering will be $6,207.00 dollars. New radar is going to be upwards around $2500.00 dollars. Or, you can opt to get what you call refurbished radar which if an agency buys radar and they don’t like it or the office that gets it the radar doesn’t like it and the administration decides they don’t want it, they will send it back. The best company to go with in my opinion running radar is um, Starker radar systems they are just like the one that’s in my car front rear antenna same lane you can check cars going away from you and approaching either direction coming behind you or in front of you or if your following a car. It’s one of the best radar on the market. It is approved by the Dept. of Public Safety, it is on our list. A brand new one like I said in around $2500.00 dollars. I can get on for around $1008.00 dollars installed. CM Smith: You said, refurbished? Chief Chavis: Yes, mam CM Smith: Can you buy a warranty on it?  Chief Chavis: Yes, mam CM Smith: What kind of warranty on a refurbished? Chief Chavis: Refurbished will be a one year warranty. CM Smith: What about a new one?  Chief Chavis: A new one will be a two year warranty, but it will be $1500.00 dollars more.  CM Fleming: You got that big ole green radar back there don’t you? Chief Chavis: Yea, I got that huge one back there. That one calibrated it was working. The digital allied camera, here is where it is going to get kind of confusing like Ms. Wynola said, the digital allied camera, is the same kind of camera system that y’all purchased for the car when y’all were having issues with the other cars. The newer camera system with three cameras, it’s going to have a camera facing the rear, it’s going to have camera facing forward high definition camera also going to have another camera up in the window same setup that’s in the charger now with a two year warranty is $3525.00 dollars. Now, if you opt to get the five year warranty it is only $500.00 dollars more at $4025.00 dollars. Now, the bottom line is the only difference in these two prices is $500.00 dollars. With the two year warranty you’re looking at the bottom line price of $34,644.00 with a five year warranty your looking at a bottom line $35,144.00 that’s all the lights, push bumper, everything so, that is turnkey out the door, now that doesn’t included taking the tag reader off this car and putting it on the other car. That will be $500.00 but I am going to try and negotiate with them a little bit, but that is the max he is going to charge is $500.00 dollars. CM Smith: That would be the only that you will have to take off this car and put on the new one.  Chief Chavis: Yes, mam CM Smith: Everything else will be there.  Chief Chavis: Yes, mam CM Sumner: We were talking about I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Jesse. Soto is going to the blue car, which has got to be tuned up and all that stuff and it needs to be rewired for the lights because they keep blowing fuses and everything else. We had to replace a fuse the other day because it blowed and all he had was the back light. So it is still doing that. Skip thought that he could do it in just a little bit but once he looked at it the mess it was in we know who it was wired up by. It wasn’t wired up by somebody who is supposed to be wiring up. So it’s got to be rewired and he wasn’t going to charge but $200.00 dollars to pull it all out and rewire the whole car again the way it is supposed to be wired. Chief Chavis: And I have acquired by state law you only have one that is considered a slick top, no lights on top. I have negotiated with a friend of mine who is going to give us a light bar and a control box so, that blue car will have a light bar at no cost it will be installed and it only cost us $200.00 dollars. CM Fleming: Yes, and plus that is the rewiring. But, we was going to take the white car and give it to Jesse, for a first responder or if they want to go to school or something we can take the lights off  I reckon the red light bar and all and put first responder. Does that sound good to you Jesse? And sort of help them out to with that but it gets down to the SPLOST money. CM Smith: That’s where that money will come from right, the SPLOST money? CM Sumner: Yes, you want be looking for it too long. CM Hutchinson: If we don’t use it then were not going to get it. CM Sumner: This is stuff we need. It’s got 70 something miles on it. Chief Chavis: And to further save cost Jesse and I talked about it, we can remove the police lettering and he’s got a friend of his I think that can do the lettering for the Fire Dept. side of it. We’ll pull the blue lights off, but we’ll leave the actual radio in that car, because the new car will come with a radio. CM Sumner: And the camera in that white car, remember when Josh Walker stated working with us we borrowed that camera from Dublin, Laurens County. That camera in that white care is really borrowed so when that comes out it’s got to go back. That way we will have all our stuff and plus have some stuff  that if something was to happen on one of the cars you can use the radar and stuff like that. Chief Chavis: Or if y’all wanted to sell it to another agency, that would be up to y’all, a private individual can go out and buy radar they have got to have their FCC License. CM Smith: Sounds good to me.  CM Fleming: Were going to buy that car? CM Sumner: Yes, What’s the grand total on it? CM Fleming: The 2nd one CM Smith: 35 Chief Chavis: $34,144.00 with the exception of the transfer of the tag reader. CM Smith: And add $500.00 dollars. CM Sumner: No, that’s with the $500.00 dollars. Chief Chavis: No, you have to add $500.00 dollars to it for transferring the tag reader. CM Sumner: My bad, I thought you were talking about the warranty. Chief Chavis: No, the warranty on the digital allies is $500.00 dollars. CM Smith: So you are looking at $35,644.00. Chief Chavis: Yes, mam CM Hutchinson: How long will it take to get it? Chief Chavis: With the lights that are quoted this is going with Willin lights this is a better light system it is not an off brand it is the brand name that Atlanta Pd, Dublin Pd and all those use. You have to order those, I’ve been in contact with Ross Eisenhower who sells this cars at Akin and the man you does run the company who does the lights, your looking about a 30 day minimum turn around. So anywhere from thirty to forty five days, we have a new car. CM Fleming: I will make that motion then that we purchase that 2nd car plus the $500.00. CM Sumner and Cm Smith: Second Unanimous CM Hutchinson: Let it be known that it will be taken out of SPLOST. CM Smith: All of it, every bit of it. CM Hutchinson: So if there are any questions about us buying a new Car we’ll just say it was taken out of SPLOST. (Everyone talking)

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: Any comments from the citizens before we close?

CM Hutchinson: I make a motion that we dismiss. CM Fleming: I’ll second that. Jesse: I was going to second that. (Everyone laughing)

AIF unanimous

Executive Session

CM Fleming: We’re in executive session? CM Hutchinson: I make a motion that we go out of Reg. into Executive. Clerk Smith: That motion has already been made. CM Hutchinson: Ok, I’ll catch up you y’all after a while.

CM Sumner: We want to find out about the Water Account and the Check.

Clerk Smith: What about the water account you want to know?

CM Sumner: The money that was post to be held out or kept up with.

CM Smith: The four dollars, two dollars?

CM Sumner: They said two but really four.

Clerk Smith: Ok, back in that was voted in Jan 20, 2014 to begin the additional four dollars as of February of 2014, and we transferred we decided whether than trying to figure out exactly how many water bills that was sent out we pick a figure of $900 dollars. $900 dollars was transfer in April, transfer again in May and transfer again in June and at the end of September we transfer $2700 dollars at one time. At that particular time our general fund had drop down below $10,000 and we stopped the transfers, because it either meant we were going to have to draw money out of savings or do something in order to keep the general fund operating. Now that was the water thing. And now, on the two checks that y’all were questioning. I had the water account check book out to write a refund, the refund was supposed to be out of the general fund but for some reason I just mistakenly had the water account check book out they both look just alike, I wrote her a check to Annie King because she canceled the community center. I wrote her a check for $125 dollars and right after that I wrote my payroll check.  Those two checks added together come up to $716.04; I immediately transferred $716.04 from the general fund to the water account to take care of those two. Since mine was the payroll check I had to get that information into the general fund in order to have all the payroll stuff correct. I came over to my general fund checking account I wrote right here (holds up check stub) payroll check written from water account in error, reimburse water account. I voided this check but I used that number.

CM Sumner: What day do you write payroll checks out Ms. Jo? On Friday?

Clerk Smith: It’s usually on Friday morning, but sometimes people need it on Thursday afternoon late on Thursday afternoon I’ll write it on Thursday afternoon.

CM Sumner: Alright this water account check was wrote out on the 19th that was a Tuesday.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: That was a work check # payroll check

CM Sumner: No it was her payroll

Clerk Smith: What is the 22nd?

CM Sumner: The 22nd is Thursday.

Clerk Smith: That was when it was written out, I mean it was..

CM Sumner : No, right here on the check it says 8-19

CM Wynola: So it was written out on a Tuesday?

CM Sumner: And it was cashed on that Wednesday afternoon. That would be the 21st when it went in.

Clerk Smith: Oh, ok

CM Fleming: Is that any vacation time? Any time you took vacation during that time.

Clerk Smith: No

CM Sumner: Payroll checks was wrote out on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. That check was wrote out on Tuesday.

Clerk Smith: Ok

CM Sumner: About the water fund we raised it from 11 to 14 right? Or 11 to 15 I’m sorry 4 dollars that is the base pay what everybody’s gonna pay regardless. That’s been holding its own for a while it we borrowed 20 thousand dollars when we first came in to make everyday payroll. In April it got up to 40 thousand dollars, I’m just looking at a bunch of figures and stuff but you know that wasn’t nothing to pay nothing on or anything like that, that was to hold out 4 dollars. That was to set aside, we tried to get it put in a savings account, you didn’t want to do that. So, we’ve asked you and asked you, you keeping up with it? Yeah, Yeah, then in this last meeting you said you hadn’t, uh there should be a figure counting not this month but last mouth $22,540 dollars with about 245 people that pay. Round about that figure give or take 100, 2 or 300 hundred dollars or 400 hundred dollars. You know I don’t see how the money went. We took the money out of savings to put what we do cause it started to pay the land field or something.

CM Smith: It started out because the general account was low. And we took that money out to put in the general account. So we can make payroll and pay our bills.

CM Sumner: But that was at the first of the year. We haven’t pulled nothing out of the water account to pay any bills or anything like that. If we had to pay something, like when we started on the land field a while back we pulled out of savings 20 thousand and done that, that water account should be a lot more than 22 or 24 thousand you know.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: If you figure, I figure my stuff different I check different if you figure the amount of the water income and the amount of expenses every month you’re going to see how close you’re running.

CM Sumner: But, how was it standing on its own before we raised it up?

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: If I remember correctly we were told that if we didn’t watch out when we started our last year budget we would get in a mess if we didn’t raise our water account and we decided no more difference it was going to be, you know, like that somebody made the suggestion you know that we go ahead rather than 2 dollars we’d go to 4 dollars, If my memory serves me correctly. The 2 dollars wasn’t going to make enough difference to hold us.

CM Sumner: Really and truly we aint paying out what we are supposed to be paying out of the water account, because what was that December look right there. Out of the SPLOST fund we paid that Berkadia for the water department 6 thousand dollars. That came out of SPLOST you know. There aint that many you know that GFFA loan, the rest of this stuff is Ga power and odd and ends stuff you know. We might have a down month here and there but it aint every month down month. It’s just you know if course we should have been looking at our stuff but in my opinion that’s unacceptable. That’s just you know…

CM Smith: There just not that many bills that we have to pay out of water account period. We don’t have that many bills to pay out so we should see an accumulation of funds in there more than anywhere else. It’s not there.

Mayor Pro Tem Mimbs: I had my breakdown sheet but I didn’t bring it with me   Stop at 42.15