Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 12/12/2016



DECEMBER 12, 2016


5:00pm Workshop – Surprise Retirement gathering for Council Member Marilyn Mimbs

6:00pm Council Meeting – Mayor Adams called the meeting to order at 6:03pm

Prayer – Mayor Adams requested for CM Yawn to say opening prayer

Pledge of Allegiance – All in attendance stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance

Whitney Calhoun – for Christina Wyman on Community Center 12/30/2016

Speakers: Susie Elbert – Community Youth Outreach and Tutoring – Ms. Elbert presented Council with a request to utilize the Community Center with Christina Wyman for different projects like: Santa Smiles, Serving our seniors, adopt –A-senior and clean our City. This outreach will fund projects with fund raisers. 

Also, they requested use of the Community Center for a Senior Dinner on Dec. 30, 2016 to feed the Seniors first and then everyone else could come later. Dinner starts at 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

 Old Business

LMIG – Motion CM Smith, second CM Hutchinson carried

Chipper – Motion CM Yawn, second CM Sumner carried

Help for Water Accounts – Motion CM Yawn, second CM Mimbs carried

Burial Ordinance – Motion CM Hutchinson, second CM Smith carried

Mayor Agenda: New Business

Approval of Minutes for November 14, 2016 Council Meeting – Motion CM Hutchinson, second CM Sumner carried

Spring Fling/Christmas Parade – Spring Fling, Motion CM Hutchinson, second CM Mimbs carried.

Christmas Parade, 1st Saturday of December

Sassy Sister on Wheels – Information on possible rolling vender to come into the City of Adrian

Water Budget – Table until receive General Budget

ScotBilt Homes – Mayor read letter received from ScotBilt on decline annexation

Holidays for Employees – Motion CM Smith, second CM Sumner carried

Sigma Training – 4 people to attend training – Motion CM Hutchinson, second CM Sumner carried

Bank Reconciliation for November, 2016

General Acct –

Court Acct –


JCSPLOST Fund –  Motion to approve all accounts CM Hutchinson, second CM Sumner carried


Recreation Acct –

Water Account –

Water Savings –

Department Heads

Police Department – 6 citations, no number on reports, Raffle won by Johnny Webb, cleared $2380.00

Safety Department – Chief, stated that Johnny needs new tires for the F150. Approved purchase of tires

Fire Department – 5 calls, 1 Structure Fire, 2 vehicle fires but one was a cotton picker. Approved equipment will be purchased by the end of the year

Water and Street Department – Bid for A street and College street, we purchase the concrete Mr. Moore does the labor. Purposed price for shed for the water department for the new well motion made CM Yawn second CM Sumner carried

Recreation Department – Mayor stated that rec department needs to watch cost in the summer time we selling products to the public so that money is made and not lost.

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson – Asking bout donation for fireworks, Donation will be accepted for Fireworks for the New Year celebration

Jesse Yawn – Spoke on fireworks with CM Hutchinson and stated that we need someone to step up and take care of the beautification of the city.

Larry Sumner – I would like to add to the executive session City Property. Approved by All Council

Marilyn Mimbs – Thank you for the for 20yrs celebration, I would like to request to continue to take care of the welcome signs

Wynola Smith – I have one thing that I would like to speak about in executive session.

 Mayor asked Sgt. Soto how the Shop with a cop went; He stated that all went good about 30 children showed up and he had a little girl to shop with. Sgt. Soto also stated that the Chief of Swainsboro wanted FC Yawn to get up with him about a grant for the volunteer fire department.

 At 7:40pm motion made by CM Yawn second by CM Smith to go out of Reg. Council Meeting carried by all.

 Executive Session – Personnel and City Property