Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting – 2/8/16


FEBRUARY 08, 2016


MPT Mimbs: We will open our regular meeting February 8, 2016, CM Hutchinson, Prayer.  Pledge: All in attendance.  MPT Mimbs:  The first thing on the agenda is to get these minutes out of the way so let’s start with the one on November 9, 2015. CM Hutchinson: We asked to correct under the Well, that is reported that Doc. Claxton and looking at the regular minutes and the advised minutes that has been taken care of. If that is the only one that needs to be corrected then I make a motion that we accept the corrections of the Regular Council Meeting Minutes of November 9, 2015. MPT Mimbs: Do I hear a second? CM Smith: I’ll second it.  AIF, unanimously

MPT Mimbs: Ok, let’s go to the Dec. 3rd minutes. CM Smith: The Dec. 3rd what was it on the Dec. 3rdCM Hutchinson: Wasn’t it the cost of the well? I think it was wrong wasn’t it? CM Sumner: Yes, that is the right price right there it has been corrected. CM Hutchinson: If no one else has any questions about that I make a motion that we accept the minutes of Dec. 3, 2015 Minutes. MPT Mimbs: Do I hear a second? CM Sumner: I second it.  AIF, unanimously.

MPT Mimbs: Next is the Dec 7th. CM Smith: On the Dec 7th if you will look at the one that doesn’t have a C on it on the back of it she put the last part of that minute on the back of that page, what we needed to add was I am going to read it. After a brief discussion of the court funds it was decided that since these funds are part of the general operating funds but were maintained in a separate account, it would be necessary to transfer some of the monies at different times to help defray expenses. It was recommended by Chief Chavis and approved by the council that 35% of the Court Fund balance, at the end of each quarter, could be transferred to the general fund banking account.  That was corrected in the one that she has a C on.  After that correction I like to offer a motion that these minutes be accepted. CM Hutchinson: I will second that motion. MPT Mimbs: AIF, unanimously.

MPT Mimbs: Now, the one on Dec. 14th you might find some of them on the back, this new printer will print front and back at the same time it saves paper. CM Smith: I know what it was. On the regular one it stated that she, Vickie Renfroe, had cleaned the Community Center and she had never cleaned it. So that has been corrected. So I would like to offer a motion that the Dec. 14th 2015 Council Meeting Minutes be accepted. CM Hutchinson: I’ll second that motion. AIF, unanimously.

MPT Mimbs: Jan 11, 2015. CM Smith: This is just our Reg. Meeting isn’t it? MPT Mimbs: Regular meeting and Executive.  CM Hutchinson: I saw a typographical error in one spot and I am sure that is minor. I think it was when we were talking about the budget and the word was put down as burger instead of budget.  CM Smith: You wrote these according to the audio that you heard? Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam. CM Sumner: Everything. CM Smith: We will talk about in the excutive meeting. CM Hutchinson: It is good tho, I like the way you got it so if there is ever a question we can go right back to it. Are we going to accept it or let her…CM Sumner: Yes, you can’t go wrong with that. CM Hutchinson: Then I make the motion that we accept with the exception of the word burger I make the motion that we accept the January 11, 2016 Regualar Council Meeting. MPT Mimbs; Do I  hear a second? CM Sumner: I’ll second. CM Smith: I’ll third it.

MPT Mimbs: Alright, final and last Jan. 15, 2016. CM Hutchinson: I didn’t do the excutive session I should include that one to. That was including the minutes of the executive session also. CM Smith: On the called meeting. We were called together today to vote on the…we are going to accept not except. The exception means we are not going to. You put exception you want to accept, the exception is the opposite of accept. CM Hutchinson: Ok other than that being corrected right there we will table these minutes until next meeting. So, I make a motion that we table the Jan 15, 2016 Called Meeting Minutes until next month until the word except is change to accept and except is changed to acception.  CM Smith: Ok the affadavit for the executive session it is not signed or anything. The Executive session we had on January 11th.  It needs to be signed before it is part of this record right? Clerk Loriann: My understanding is that it has to be approved first and once approved then it will be signed. If you want to change that let me know. MPT Mimbs: We need them all approved before the council before they are signed. That includes everything minutes also. CM Hutchinson: The one she is talking about we approved the executive session for January 11th and this is the affadavit for January 11th, am I correct on that? We could go ahead and sign that couldn’t we? CM Smith: The minutes are right there I guess we need to read over them to make sure. Yes, this is what we discussed in the meeting. CM Hutchinson: Do we now need to sign it?  CM Sumner: No, they just need to sign it. Loriann and Marilyn need to sign the affadavit. CM Hutchinson: I make a motion that we accept the Executive session minutes for January 11th and the affadavit goes along with it so it is accepted. We already voted on it so we don’t need to offer another motion on that. CM Smith: Just make sure that it is signed after the meeting. CM Hutchinson: So, if you need one of us to Notarize it we will. You haven’t gotten your seal yet have you? Clerk Loriann: No mam, not yet. CM Smith: Is it there? Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam they said it would be on Friday. CM Smith: Where is it at? Clerk Loriann: Southern Printing. CM Smith: She needs that ASAP, so you Chief will go pick it up tomorrow.  Chief Chavis: I will pick it up first thing in the morning. Have you already paid for it Loriann?  Clerk Loriann: No sir, I was going to pay for it. Chief Chavis: I will come first thing in the morning. CM Hutchinson: Are you paying for that yourself? CM Smith: No, she is using that for work, the city will pay for that. Can you give Chris a check tonight that way it will save some time.  Chief Chavis: I will bring back a recepit.

MPT Mimbs: Next on the agenda is the Bank Reconcilation for 2016. CM Smith: Ok at the top you got ending bank balance do you mean beginning? Clerk Loriann: No, mam that is the ending balance according to the bank after all deposits and checks have been entered. CM Smith: Ok, as of what date? Clerk Loriann: As of Dec. 30 no, no,  I’m sorry January 31, 2016. CM Smith: The far left outstanding checks? Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam that little block , as I was going thru the Quickbooks history date because it wasn’t balance correctly. These checks over here on the left they have never been cleared and they go all the way to 2012, so they are just out there never reconciled in Quickbooks as with the one deposit on the left it had never been cleared. I didn’t go any further because it became a lot of dots instead of checks for clearing so I just stopped there and wrote these down. All the ones on the right hand side are the outstanding checks that have not cleared as of January 31st. So, that is where you take the balance that is ending in the bank and the balance of the outstanding checks and you deduct and that should be your balance and your Quickbooks should match that bank balance but we have a difference of $325.81. I have tried to figure them 100 different ways to make them match but can not. CM Smith: No, you wont because one is for $125.00 and one for $278.00 and that is more than the $325.00 that makes no since whatsoever. CM Mimbs: I have spent half the night trying to get that to reconcile and to get figures to reconcile, and I could not get it to reconcile either. CM Smith: Is this the first time you have seen these amounts and these dates Ms. Marilyn? MPT Mimbs: I am not used to doing like this so it has took me longer to try and figure it out. I am used to doing the other reconciling way. But we are going to keep hunting and I am going to go back and try to pull and find these outstanding checks over here on the left, it is probably something that has been cancelled or the checks were mailed and never showed back up you know in the bank or something and we are going to have to pull them and see. And show the accountant so she will tell her what to do with them. CM Smith: We need to get them cleared off the books. We need to know what happen first before we start pullen them. I love  the way you did the finance report because it give you like a daily total of whats added and whats taken away and that way you know exactly where you are. Even when you wrote the checks and I am like Ms. Marilyn I am from the old school where we use to have where you make $600.00 this week and you took this much out for federal and this much for state this much for fica this much for medicare taxes and this right here don’t say none of that. I understand that it is set up a lot different now.  MPT Mimbs: She will have to get the taxes and everything done this month because she has been busy with some other things and also the water account will have to be pulled out because it has not been pulled out for January, those are somethings that we will be getting done right Loriann? Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam.

MPT Mimbs: Johnson County SPLOST and the Court reconciled evenly. CM Hutchinson: Those were easy to do wasn’t they Loriann?  Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam MPT Mimbs: Do I hear from the reconcilation approval, disapproval or what. CM Smith: We have everything but the recreation dept. Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam I didn’t do that one for the simple fact that nothing wasn’t done in it. But, I can do it every month if you would like for me to.  CM Smith: Yes, mam let’s just do it so we can have it as a record.  Clerk Loriann: Yes, mam I will present that one for y’all next month so you will have both Jan. and Feb. CM Smith: That will be fine. I like this letter that we are going to send out much better. Do you like this one better did you get a chance to look at that Larry, the letter for the charge accounts? You like that one better than the other one? It looks a little more professional don’t it? I think Jack, Suzanne, Marilyn, Loriann and all them put this together. CM Hutchinson: Four heads are better than one sometimes. I make a motion that we approve the reconcilation for January 2016 I don’t think the motion was ever made was it? CM Smith: No, the finacial report looks good. I’ll second it. CM Sumner: I’ll third it.

MPT Mimbs: Next,  Health Insurance. We’ve had some of the employee’s one specially that ask about health insurance. I know that we have talked about health insurance before and we put it on the back burner. So I called a guy who is in the insurance busniess and he is getting all the information so that he can get some quotes for all the city employees. I realize that our budget is to close that we can not afford to pay a portion of it now but maybe next year if things work better maybe our budget will allow us to pay a percentage of it for them I just don’t know. We will just have to wait until next year.  He called me today and he is coming to bring the figures next week and talk to employees. My thing that I would like to ask, we got to have two to have a group policy and take the insurance. If we have any of them that take the insurance do you want to take the premium out of their check so much a week or do you not want to deal with it at all other than get them some insurance and let them deal with it on there personal basis. CM Hutchinson: I think that taken it out of their check. CM Sumner: Take it out of their check each week. CM Smith: Yes, along with their other deductions, it’s a good idea. When I worked that’s what I always like to do. CM Hutchinson: It is a lot easier to do it that way because you might forget to pay that premium. MPT Mimbs: Ok, is this unanimous vote? CM Hutchinson: Do we need to make a motion? CM Sumner: Not really it is just something we are thinking about, we are not at that point yet. It is just a guideline right now. MPT Mimbs: They might not get the insurance when they get a figure but he did tell me today that the health policy they would be able to add dental, life and something else to it that would be just a few dollars more if they did a package deal. BCBS, United Health, there are several companies that he has pitched it out to them so they will know which one is the best. CM Hutchinson: Are all the empolyees excited about it? MPT Mimbs: I am sure that they are going to wait until they see the premiums. Now, like Mr. Frank I think he said that he was going to have to pay like 8 or 9 hundred dollars because he didn’t have health insurance. You are penalize this year with Obama Care stuff. CM Sumner: Some times if you break it down by the week it don’t look as bad as a big lump some. MPT Mimbs: I am sure that they would not let them break it down weekly so they can make a weekly payment like that. We will see how it comes out. We will bring it back to the next meeting. CM Hutchinson: Sounds like we are going in a postive direction.


MPT Mimbs: Ok (A) street, the completion of (A) Street were still waiting on the estimates a break down estimate from the 2 bidders on that, that’s where we stand. CM Smith: Have you ever heard from the DOT because they were suppose to do part of it, you know. MPT Mimbs: DOT has come in and done what they were going to do and spread the rock out, they were in the ditch and so forth, so we’re waiting now to get a cost on the pipe and the two bidders on that. Jack Fleming(audience) That’s a 24” pipe right? If I remember correctly when Frank and I was discussing. MPT Mimbs: Right, seems to me like there’s like 6, 7 or 8 ft that maybe DOT did if I remember correctly. They are going to have to get with Mr. Frank and look and see how they are going to turn that. They had two different ideas as to what was the best way to turn it to not mess up anymore land and take care of the water flow. So hopefully we will have a completed update on that at the next meeting. Next is the room division. Some of them come in and took a look at this room to take it and put a block wall right here, and a door right here to come out of Loriann’s office  that would come in here and put shelf so that some of the books and things you know can be pulled from out there in here and the guy came today and looked at the wall he is going to give us a estimate on what he will put a wall up here for, Mr. Frank can help him with a good bit of it. Then I also suggested to you about putting some metal to go up on the top incase of a fire you know, it will get messed up with water more than anything else when you have block walls. My suggestion is to look into the cost of metal to go up over and then maybe when the water, hopefully never, is put up in there should it catch a fire maybe the paperwork would not be runion. Any comments on this? This is in a drawing stage. CM Hutchinson: Will this be coming out of SPLOST money to take care of all this, or not? MPT Mimbs: If you can remember, we are not working on 2017 SPLOST money now we are trying to hold in with our 2016 SPLOST money we can’t over spend in any one area or we are going to get in a mess. Next there would be more footage there and there would be a cut off proablely I would think that would be framed we didn’t talk about it Dewaye do you think that would proablely be framed in that next wall right there? Dewayne Sumner (audience) Yeah. MPT Mimbs: And this would be an area for the people to come in here and have their lunch. They will move all of the food, refridgerator, microwave all in here so that the it would look like a busniess office.  Then the front area up there would be used for the Mayor to have a desk. Go over to the community center on the far side where that little closet is at and go back a piece and close off a  big enough area for this desk and chairs and to have some chairs so that you can have council meeting over there. Frank said that he could do that. Jack Fleming (audience) You wouldn’t need to take the desk would you? Because you are going to carry all of your stuff over there for the meeting, right? MPT Mimbs: Well, we would need this desk to have our Council Meetings on. Jack Fleming (audience) I mean this table, but you are talking about that desk. MPT Mimbs: No the table and the big chairs would go over yonder for the business Council Meeting and then we would put a white folding table so they would be able to eat on. Court would be moved over there to. We are open for discussion on this now. CM Sumner: Sound really good to me. MPT Mimbs: We will have to do it like this until we get estimate for the next meeting. If you want to do it. CM Smith: Are these cabinets going to be moved? MPT Mimbs: They will have to be moved up further. Jack Fleming (audience) Will they go to the community Center?  CM Sumner: No they will stay here. MPT Mimbs: One will have to go on that wall and three here, because they are bolted to the wall. The man that build them would have to come and reset them to the new wall. CM Hutchinson: I make a motion that we go ahead and start getting some estimates about how much it will cost fixing the Community Center and City Hall and bring it back to the next meeting. CM Sumner: We could use SPLOST on that couldn’t we that would be a building update, because we have to use it. Chief Chavis: To avoid any problems with any meetings the Community Center would have to be done first. That way y’all could have y’alls meeting incase this wall and storage area run over so that would have to be done first. That is just a suggestion. CM Smith: That would be good for Meetings and Court. CM Hutchinson: I have a question. Dewayne Sumner ( audience): I think 1500 hundred. CM Sumner: Did Frank get a total on that 1500 hundred? Did Frank get a total on that. MPT Mimbs: He is going to measure it get the figures and everything. Dewayne Sumner: (audience) He told me he got’em and it was 13 – 14 hundred but he added another 100 dollars in it that’s to lower the ceiling down to 8 ft. Also, put up the wall, door going to back area of the bathroom and to lower the ceiling down to 8 ft and then the paneling on the walls on both sides. CM Sumner: Next year we are going to redo all that, start on it anyway. Chief Chavis: We proably need to move these over there too  because for the noise supression. Everyone: Right! MPT Mimbs: Yes these will deffenitly need to go over there to reduce your noise. CM Hutchinson: I have a question. We will be renting the Community Center out for people to come in and eat and everything. Will that part be closed off.  CM Smith: We will be locking it up. Dewayne Sumner: (audience) You will still have over half of the back part of that room. Jack Fleming (audience) Plus the other side. MPT Mimbs: They are probably going to start there where those double doors go in and then go back to the front. CM Smith: I think that is going to work out real good. MPT Mimbs: Ok as soon as we can get all these, because Frank would like to work at it while it is to cold for him to do anything outside. When it gets pretty weather he’s gonna have to be outside. So as soon as we can get these estimates all together we will call a meeting to figure the best time to ok this. CM Hucthinson: Just call and we will be here. Just whatever.  CM Smith: You think he will have the estimates this week? MPT Mimbs: I don’t know about this week. Dewayne Sumner: (audience) I think Frank already got all the prices from Swainsboro Supply for that over there so that can go ahead and be worked. MPT Mimbs: Morris is working on this, the figure for this. He came today and took a look at this. Cecil Morris, just pray for his wife she is having a time. CM Hutchinson: Couldn’t we just go ahead since it is going to take awhile? CM Sumner: We can go ahead and approve that over there. CM Hucthinson: Yea, we can go ahead and get that over there. Do we have to meet for that? CM Sumner: We go ahead and do it now. MPT Mimbs: Alright you want to go ahead then and heard a motion that we go ahead and let Frank do the work over there that would close the wall down to the first of the double doors, lower the celling and putting a door out to the other part of the Community Center. CM Hucthinson: I make a motion that we go ahead and let Frank proceed with what he has gotten with Swainsboro supply and go ahead and work on the Community Center. CM Sumner : I’ll second it. CM Smith: I’ll third it.  Sounds like a workable plan. CM Hucthinson: Yeah, maybe by next month we will have what we need for here. MPT Mimbs: As soon as we get the figure on the other then we will call you and come back in and take up this area.  CM Huctinson: Do we need to go back and do the well update Ms. Marilyn?  CM Sumner: Yes, we need to go back and do the well update. MPT Mimbs: Yes, Larry is going to give us the well update. CM Sumner: Do you have these copies of what has been sent to us on the wire, pipe for the well. So everybody got a copy. That second one on the back it is $67,605.00 is the correct one, the other is before the knowledge of the old well. You are looking at $93,305.00 that is just with the stuff and I don’t know if he going to put in the 4” flow meter added required for $2000.00. I talk to a engieer and we knew we were going to need an engieer sooner or later to sign off on it and make sure things our right. I talked to Trent Thompson, in Savannah he is with Thompson & Hutton engineers the same one that does Dublin. I spoke with him and we sent all this right here where you can see the front page. I got Chris to send it for me the other day just to get him updated on what we got going on and filled him in on what’s going on. We’ll get him to come up and talked to us any time now and he stated the way we got it going were going the right direction. The guy from Dublin told me the EPD will give you a hard time if you don’t have a Engineer. We got to put in an extra, (everyone talking at the same time or can not hear what they are saying or what they are talking about.) but he didn’t give me a price for that. It is something that has to be put on. It don’t have anything to do with the well that we are doing, but it is something that has to be added to it regardless. That goes in between main pumps the chlorine feeding stuff and the tower. CM Smith: So this is what gets the mixture right. CM Sumner: Yes, that is what mixes everything. You are looking around 95 to 96 thousand, estimating. And, whatever the engingeers are going to charge to come in and look at it and sign off on it. CM Hutchinson: Well, it can’t be 9 thousand dollars. CM Sumner: No, well evening if it cost 10 thousand it is saving us money. Ms. Marilyn’s working on that 50 thousand dollar emergency grant, if we get that then we will be in good shape. MPT Mimbs: Is he going to come in and take a look at the well before or the plans before they start? CM Sumner:  Well, he called Grosch and spoke with him, and stated that you about never had to walk in on Grosch because he is certified in anything that has to do with a well. MPT Mimbs: Well I know a guy came in today and gave us paperwork that has got to be filled out for EPA. CM Sumner: Oh ok, who came in today. MPT Mimbs: Loriann knew who he was, he was from Ga Rural Water Assc. Clerk Loriann: You mean Bill Powell. MPT Mimbs: Yes, mam Clerk Loriann: This just happened today, I got these from him.

CM Sumner: So what do we have to do?  MPT Mimbs: There is a bunch of papers in the back that have to be filled out. I will have to get with Mr. Frank and probabley you too. Mr. Jack this will be a good job for you. I am going to put Mr Frank and Mr. Jacks name on top of this. Ok, you got your packet it will take you the rest of the night to look over all that. Now the closure of the Land Field,  I did send the rest of that information that was requested to Mr. Burke Murph, we have not heard from him yet, haven’t had time really. The community center roof is leaking, the wall behind the counter there. What do you want to do on that at this point? CM Smith: That is the same spot it has been leaking? (Several Yeses) CM Hutchinson: Well, while we are working on everything else we might as well work on the roof too. Don’t know if we need to do the roof first or what? CM Simth: We need to see if we can stop the leak. Jack Fleming(audience) Does it need to be retard up there? Is that what it is? CM Sumner: I think it is just tard. MPT Mimbs: It is a problem area, a problem area. CM Smith: You know somebody? Dewayne Sumner: (audience) It’s been worked on the rate people have worked on it. CM Hutchinson: So we are just going to have a New Roof then. Dewayne Sumner: You may could patch it a little more and get by until you get your next SPLOST then put a new roof on it.  CM Smith: We know that new roof is coming. CM Sumner: Yes we knew we were going to have to do that before we did anything else. Best thing to do is like we did the other one down here but not go quiet has high. You know you don’t have to go real steep, because it goes pretty steep.  Dewayne Sumner: ( audience) Well, I don’t think it go’s up as high what the block work is. I mean it’s set down in there. Even it up with the block up front would give it a steeper pitch that would probably help too. CM Smith: Yeah, help it a lot going up there. MPT Mimbs: Fox Worth has worked on it to. Dewayne Sumner: (audience) Yes, I think it is so flat that when it rains a whole heap and the wind comes from that way it holds water and backs it up where it leaks. MPT Mimbs: Is there an extension right there where that is up above the roof top or not, do you know? Dewayne Sumner: I don’t know, I’m thinking there is some but it can go up above it built another roof if you have to on top of that roof another roof. CM Sumner: And do metal.  MPT Mimbs: Well, we will hold that project until 2017 the full roof. Dewayne Sumner: (audience) I would be glad to go up there, me and Frank and look at it to see if we can see something. MPT Mimbs: Ok, if you and Frank can see what you can do when Frank gets over there with that part of the building. CM Sumner: You skiped the land field. CM Hutchinson: No she said something about it. CM Sumner: I missed it. MPT Mimbs: I said that I sent all the stuff to Mr. Murph, but it hasn’t had time to get me back with a completed. CM Hutchinson: I think we were looking at this packet that you presented to us. Yeah, we were looking at that packet and you kinda slid that in. MPT Mimbs: Ok Suzanne, you wanted to talk about the Spring Fling. CM Hutchinson: Yeah, you know last year we talked about having the Spring Fling the Saturday in April, um were going be, this is just my personal feelings, we are going to be busy having a Mayor Election and other Council Election and I really just don’t feel like were going to have time to devote to what needs to be done. I really think that we need to get our money situation build up a little bit better first. But I need to know what the other Two Council Members think about it. CM Sumner: Just hold off for another year. CM Smith: I think we just need to hold off on the Spring Fling and the Fall Festival we will still have our Tree Lighting in December, but everything else we got so much other going on right now we need to concentrate on and I don’t want, well we don’t really have time to devote to anything else right now. CM Hutchinson: I hate it but I hope that the citizens are just going to have to understand. But anyway I want to offer a motion that we postpone the Spring Fling and the Fall Festive until next year and proceed with the Christmas Tree lighting at that time. Make that all one motion, postpone the Spring Fling and the Fall Festive and readdress it January of 2017 but go ahead and do the Christmas. MPT Mimbs: Do I hear a second? CM Smith: So you saying just put off the Spring Fling and the Fall Festive and go ahead with the Christmas Tree Lighting in December and we will revisit January 2017. CM Sumner: I’ll second it. MPT Mimbs: Alright, unaminous. Ok, we do need to vote Loriann as City Clerk to make it legal it has not been voted on. CM Smith: Before didn’t we have to wait until they had the training and everything before we did it? MPT Mimbs: I don’t know it is going to be awhile before you will have time to go to school. CM Smith: She hasn’t had time for training.  Clerk Loriann: I do know that they have some classes that are online. MPT Mimbs: I think that you have so long tho, after you are an elected offical I think you have so long before you have to have schooling just like your Council Member. CM Sumner: Just like Chris we he became Chief he had to go to Chief School to be Chief. CM Smith: So we voted like after he went to school is that what we did? CM Hutchinson: I think we went ahead and voted him first. CM Sumner: He got the Chief of Police and then he went to Chief School. Chief Chavis: I think you have to be appointed first and then,  if she doesn’t hold that title if it is anything like Chief School if she doesn’t hold that title as Clerk, she gets bump down the list because your appointed Clerks have first Priority/Seniority to that school but if you vote her today and they don’t have a school until next March then you’ll have to reappoint her again next year. CM Smith: I just want to make sure we’re doing it in the right order. I’m all for it, I just want to make sure. MPT Mimbs: We need to do it legal, you know, that we she is signing City Clerk she is legal. CM Smith: Instead of Asst. City Clerk, yes, she needs to be able to sign City Clerk. So on that I guess, I would like to offer a motion that we elect Loriann Trammell as our official Adrian City Clerk. CM Hutchinson: I’ll second that motion.


MPT Mimbs: Ok, next is part time help. She, Loriann, has had the notice in the paper already for two weeks and this past Friday was the deadline.  She has how many applications? Clerk: I haven’t counted them, but several, there is quite a few. MPT Mimbs: We do need to decide a time that we can go over these and review the application and see. There are proably some of them that you know can be struck before you have to pen down the main ones.  CM Hutchinson: Do we need to do that in Exceutive Session or do we just need to..Jack Fleming (audience) It’s a personel issue. CM Hutchinson: Well do we have a lot to discuss in Exceutive tonight? CM Smith: I don’t think so. CM Hutchinson: Well, I don’t have a problem looking over them tonight, but that is up to the other two. CM Smith: That is fine with me because we have to go over them and like she said the one’s we can put to the side, we’ll put to the side and focus on the ones that we really need to focus on and then set up interviews and move forward.  CM Hutchinson: So I make a motion that we go over the part time help tonight in Excutive Session, I don’t if your suspose to make a motion or not but. CM Smith: It never hurts to make a motion. I’ll second it. CM Sumner: Let’s go in a talk about it. MPT Mimbs: Ok, Loriann could you give us update on Land Tax. Clerk: Yes, mam.  They did approve moving that to April. That was the main thing because of the Election of Mayor on the 1st of March. So they did approve moving the date to April. CM Smith: So the actual selling is going to be in April. CM Hutchinson: Did anybody else pay on their taxes? Clerk: Not as of today, no mam. CM Smith: So that is going to be April the what? CM Hutchinson: April 5th the first Tuesday. MPT Mimbs: Everyone looked at the letter for closing the Acct’s?  CM Smith: Yes, that looked real good we have talked about it. MPT Mimbs: Do I hear a motion? CM Smith: I would like to offer a motion that we accept the letter for closing the Acct’s that will be sent to companies for any charge Acct’s that the City used to be closed. CM Sumner: I’ll second that. CM Hutchinson: Do we want to change the date on that or just leave it the way it is? It’s got February 1st on it, she could put the 11th on it. CM Smith: She will put whatever date that she sends it out, because it has to have the letterhead on there.


MPT Mimbs: Ok, Department Heads. Police. Chief Chavis: I’ll give y’all your monthly report for January. We did six (6) citations, five (5) new reports and answer mulitple calls. One of the main things I think the Council Members has heard from, and I have gotten many complaints about individuals asking for money outside the Jet and the Dollar General. They are causing problems and people have actually come in complaining, they kinda fear for their safety. Jose and I have both advise four individuals if this activity continues  there would be charges lottering. One of those individuals is now band from the Jet Store and can no longer go over there and if he is caught over there he will be charged with criminmal trespassing. Any other information that y’all want to know about the court fund or citations I can get with y’all in private on that. CM Hutchinson: Do we have a lot of people that is supose to come to court tomorrow? Chief Chavis: Yes, mam How many do we have on the docket? Clerk: I think there is eight (8) CM Hutchinson: And we did real well last month right as far as fines? Clerk: Yes, mam we are expecting a pretty good size check from Middle Ga. Probation tomorrow. CM Hutchinson: That’s good as long as we are getting it. CM Smith: How was Court the first Month with Keith? Chief Chavis: Phenomenal. CM Hutchinson: Last month was his first month wasn’t it? CM Smith: I know that y’all stayed up here for a long time. Chief Chavis: We started a new way of handleing Court, instead of the Judge coming in and just talking to them, what the Judge does now is he comes in, reads them their rights advise them of what they are intitled to and what they are not intitled to. Then he goes into a brief recess, and then at that point and time our cases what we do is enter into negotiation and plea bargin cession with the person individually to if they have a cititation that may suspend their license, we pretty much just tell them you know if you plea guilty to lessor charge the fine stays the same that will save your license and they will keep traveling legally up and down the roadway. Loriann helps out with that, Jose helps out with that and it worked out perfect that first night. The Judge liked it so he is happy, we’re happy everything went very very smooth.  Anything you would like to add Ms. Clerk?  ( Laughing) Clerk: It was an adjustment period how about that. (Laughing)  CM Smith: Sounds like he got it all done while y’all were here tho. Chief Chavis: It went very very streamline, but Loriann was not expecting that so she let me know her displeasure after court she wish I had told her we were going to do it prior too. She was trying to catch up with me and the Judge at the same time she didn’t really understand at that point. Clerk: It is going to go better now that I know what is going on. Chief Chavis: I thought I explained it in a way that she could understand but a lot of times when there’s twenty (20) people here and I get to talking fast and moving and I tell her something very quickly and I talk to the Judge and I talk to Jose and it is back and forth, back and forth, Jose fell right into. CM Hutchinson: I think Jose and Chris were looking after me two (2) times this week Monday night, Thursday night across the street from me. I got a text that something was going on I had to make sure it was ok for me to come home. I appreciate y’all for taking care of it.


MPT Mimbs: Mr. Jesse how bout you telling us about the Fire Dept? FC Jesse: I apologize for not getting y’all a monthly statement, a lot of times end of the month first of the month it’s hard for me to do so. But I did get my year end report done. We run eight (80) calls last year, the sheet behind that has a call on each one of the members of the Fire Dept. Misc. hours is anything that is shooting fireworks, coming up there for snow and ice days, work detail, different stuff that we come up there that is not training. Training hours, I really didn’t put a total of training hours that we had on this but it was actually (104) hours for everybody. So the total amount of training hours was (104) and you see who come and who didn’t. In the state of Ga. We are walking a real fine line on Certification and training, they still leave it up to the Fire Chief if he allows the member to stay without his hours met per quarter. Teaching Fund requires that we make 50% the IOS wants them to have atleast 50%. But standards of training are still left with the Fire Chief. I have one or two I am going to have a talk with that didn’t make 50% of the training. Gary Green, example he was my Captain he has been a fireman since he was 17, he knows all the stuff but for the last couple of years he’s been working 2nd shift or leaving at 2:30 in the evening and getting home at 3:00 in the morning. We just can’t train with him, he can’t make the training. But, you don’t forget what you learn ok. So I am leaving him on the roster. I still keep him up and it is like I said, if standard to training will ever get there way and actually get it changed to where it is required and they have to do and they’ll have to be x’d but right now volunteer base can still be left up to the Chief. But everybody else basically that you can see the one’s that make the calls and don’t make the calls, the calls made was actually (80), next time I will put it t the top of the page. I did put it on the front page. But it was (80) calls that we run. There are a few down thru there that are new recurit’s they were not on the reports. Their names are Ty Willis,Stacy Durden and Zachery and Lisa Mitchell. Their calls are down because we didn’t have a place on the roster or the run report to put their name wheather they were there or not .So some of their calls didn’t get counted. Like I know that Zachery helped us out at the Apartment Fire he was at the Fire Hydrant, because he is not a certified Fire Fighter so he can’t actually get in the mist. But somehow he didn’t get on the list. There is a place you should be able to put your name down but somehow he didn’t and I didn’t catch it. I was looking at the total numbers, but anyway Stacey Durden, Zachery, Lisa and Kyle Ricks did just complete their first responders class. A lot of you saw it on FaceBook they were real happy and I am very proud of them and they were able to complete that. It does give us a few more First Responders in town. The total hours that we spent on these calls here I didn’t put the total hours like at the Apartment Fire we might have been there (4) or (5) hours but I just give the credit for one call and then I add them up the total hours that we were on calls is not right because of that, but we had somewhere around (1540) hours for last year. That was the minimal amount that we put in, we have put in a whole lot more than that do to every structure fire that we was at and next year I am hopeing that I get some of my secretaries working on the computer I will have a list of every structure fire that we went too broken down by the different calls and have the number of that but this is just about as good as I could put together. CM Hutchinson: Yes, this is good. This is something that will help us next year when we are planning the budget for next year to include y’all in a little bit of a incentive and something to go by. FC Jesse: You know when you talk about and planning about it next year, you can’t pay a fireman it makes them a paid fireman, but they do allow reimbursement is what it is called. Swainsboro does it to their Firemen, Truetlen County and it is called reimbursment best I understand. Somehow they do it, because if you pay me as a Fireman then that turns all my training over to a different thing. So you can’t pay me I have to be listed as a volunteer. CM Hutchinson: You just tell us how it is supposed to be listed. FC Jesse: If you get in to where you are going to pay and stuff like that then I will get the information. But I was real proud of the guys they have done real good. I do have a couple of new ones that they are actually old ones that have moved back to the City the Dellwood’s Fire Chief and Captain or Lieutenant  whatever he is moved back to Adrian so they are probably quiting tonight in Dellwood. It is Chris Headrick, Dennis Charles and the two Headrick boys. They use to be on the Fire Dept back when they lived here before they lived here back (3) or (4) years ago they were here they were running Moltrie calls at that time, and something may change they were having trouble at Dellwood. Fire Dept special volunteer is hard so anyway they come talked to me if they could get on mine. I told them I would take all the help that I can. They are already certified and already first responders. CM Sumner: You get a few people on like that they help train other boys. FC Jesse: One of them is a night shift so he will be here during the day so I like that. He will be sleeping during the day and work at night that is what I look at because during the day it is hard to keep coverage. That is the reason I have had to run (77) hours of calls. It is hard to get day shift people here I got me and Frank technically that’s about it. But we get most of the calls. CM Hutchinson: Did y’all get your chainsaw fixed? FC Jesse: We did we thank y’all for that, I looked at the weather the other day they were talking about some heavy winds coming in and I got to thinking I haven’t checked them saws out so me and Frank has looked at them, we need to get that fixed. We don’t never know when we are going to need it. Anyway that was completed took are Hazmat training that we have to have every year here. City Municipal requires that you have your employees certified in that so we have to do that every year. Hopefully next year we can have a couple other firemen go with us. They want you to have atleast four (4), and I do have some hazmat people that has hazmat training in the fire department so I do have other people that do have this training, it’s pretty good and simple (8) hours. Y’all got any questions? CM Hutchinson:  Y’all do a good job, people compliment all the time, makes me feel good. FC Jesse: I appreciate all that y’all do for us. I apologize for not being able to do this every month. If you every have a questions my phone is open.


MPT Mimbs: Ok, the water and street. Frank’s not here so Larry is getting the water going. Mr. Frank and he has been talking the guy about the street and as a update on the street. Mr. Moore is going to wait until it is warm weather, because it takes that cement too long when it is damp and all and as thick as it is to dry and over here in front of the resturant he would have to pour on Monday morning and they would be back in there on Tuesday morning and this kind of Weather would not be dry enough to go back in so I felt like that we could just tell him to wait until the Weather got permissable.  Recreation Department has no report on that and I gues it will be a little while before we will be hearing from the Rec. Dept. CM Hutchinson: I know she was asking me the other night about she would like to get a key and wanting to wait for the New Mayor to come and I told her I didn’t think that it would make any difference and if she wanted to go ahead and get the key and start looking. I think she wants to see what is still out there. Do we still have that guy to come in and wax the Community Center floors and City Hall? Clerk: I contacted him and he said that he would love to do that and that it would be $275, he just stated to give him a call. CM Hutchinson: If it is ok I would like to offer a motion for him to go ahead and come in and clean it. (Mulitple people talking about waiting until the construction is done in the City Hall and Community Center.) CM Hutchinson: Well I would still like to make the motion that as soon as the construction gets threw we can go ahead and contact him, is that ok that we do it now? CM Sumner: We are not going to be thru by next Monday, it wont be done that quick. Maybe by next meeting we might be ready. CM Smith: Let’s table it until next Month, ok?  CM Hutchinson: Ok, I’ll table it, you will write it in the notes that we table it, right? Clerk: Yes, mam


MPT Mimbs: Ms. Wynola CM Smith: I just wanted to talk very briefly in Executive other than that everything is going good.  Everybody has covered everything that I was going to talk about. MPT Mimbs: Larry.  CM Sumner: I’m fine Clerk: Y’all talked about the water earlier and we have a total  239 water accounts that moves over to the new savings account that we are going to open up. A brief thing on this bill. I heard you miching about where did he get those total’s from. He has been trying to come see us last year. CM Sumner: That is the man that just calabrate for us to charge. Clerk: Right, he stated that they got some regulation and things that we are not going by regulation dated back since 2010. And the numbers he got from us previously when he was suppose to come last month, he has been postpone, postpone so he wanted to drop this off today because he was suppose to be seen tonight but I told him yesterday on the phone that it was not a good idea because we had a bunch of other stuff to go over and so he brought this by so that I could make sure that y’all got it. So it is just his recomdation and this is based on the total that he had gotten prevouisly. The last page is the main thing in comparison with what we do our current rate compaired to the new rates and percentage. He stated that we are somewhere in between the (4000) gallons but he will explan all that to you when he comes and talks to y’all. CM Hutchinson: Was he the one that came and told us that we need to go up on our water rates is that the same one? Clerk: Yes, mam ( Everyone speaking) CM Hutchinson: We are good to go.


MPT Mimbs: Jack is there anything that you would like to say? Jack Fleming(audience) I think the Council is doing a great job. CM Sumner: Who are you?  (Everyone laughing and talking)  CM Hutchinson: So early voting has started already, and you had three (3) to vote today. I make a motion that we go out of Reg. Session and go into Executive Session after a  (5) minute break. CM Sumner:  I second it.

CM Hutchinson: I make a motion that we go out of Regular Meeting @ 7:40pm and make the recmindation that we go into Executive Session @ 7:41pm. CM Smith: I will second that motion.


CM Smith: Before we get into everything the minutes and everything I know that they were a pain for you this time, but things like a whole lot of it you can leave out. Suzanne called me and said that I didn’t know that I said uh that many times. You spend a whole lot of time and energy on this and you don’t have to put all that in there. Just like a couple of things that you picked up yourself, you just have to stated the facts just as they are as simply as you possible can. Ok?  Clerk: Ok.  CM Smith: That was the only thing that I could say about the minutes, I wanted to say it now but not around everybody else. CM Hutchinson: I like the way you wrote them that way they are clarified on who said what. CM Smith: I do to, I like that. CM Hutchinson: There’s not any question, but I agree with her, you did a good job with them just. CM Sumner: There was a lot said in the meeting. MPT Mimbs: Everything that is said that machine picks it up. CM Hutchinson: Jack was going to check on the microphones, did he check on those? Clerk: I called and asked him and he said no he hadn’t done anything. Chris and I had actually looked up some online and did more than he has. CM Smith: Back then he actually took it over, that was before all this happened. Clerk: He had signed off that he was going to take care of it. Chief Chavis: With that recorder, I called a guy out of Atlanta I called they recommeded called a shot gun mic which is about 6 to 8 inches long that plugs into it and it sets in the middle of the table and the recorder will actually set up here. One thing I wanted to look at with y’all’s permission, I know we are in executive and you can’t vote on anything but if you just give me permission then I will go ahead and take care of it. To research and fine out what kind of microphone will be best, tell them what we are going to be having what we are going to be doing with the Council Meetings being moved over to the Community Center you are proably will not have as much, so if y’all want to just wait to see how the recorder does and performs I think that lowering that ceiling, and it is going to be paneling instead of brick which echo’s  a lot. CM Smith:  So the acoustic’s is going to be a lot different. CM Hutchinson: Remember I did a research on some microphones one time, remember it got shot down. CM Smith: Was it microphones or walkie-talkie that you did? CM Hutchinson: It was microphones too. It was both.  Chief Chavis: They don’t even make one anymore, I sorry, they don’t make a special microphone just for that. You have to buy them special off of either one of the websites ebay or amazon they are around $250 to $300 dollars. But they pick up voices, they damper the external noises and higher pitch echos. MPT Mimbs: Let me say this too, sheet rock is quieter than paneling. If you had sheet rock instead of paneling and put this own it I think it would be a lot quieter. Chief Chavis: It would look better. CM Sumner: You might not even need to have this. MPT Mimbs: Paint it a lite color so us blind eyes will brightin it up. CM Smith: That’s a good one, we need to make sure he does take too since he is going to start working on it, make sure he does the sheet rock instead of paneling.  CM Hutchingson: Need to tell that to Dewayne too. Chief Chavis: Now, the price you voted on is going to be the paneling.  CM Smith: The sheet rock will be a lot cheaper want it?  Chief Chavis: I don’t know.  CM Smith: But then you get the sheet rock and you got to mud it, sand it and then paint it.  Chief Chavis: Well, Dewayne is right outside do you want to ask him? CM Sumner: Yes, you can call him in and ask him. We are not voting on anything.  CM Smith: Sometimes I don’t know what we would do without him advising us. Chief Chavis: He left. MPT Mimbs: I don’t think it would be exstremly high not if you put a good grade of paneling. Chief Chavis: Now if you do that ¾” sheet rock it is going to be expensive.  If you do the ¼” put a light insulation in the wall that precut.  CM Sumner: I would think it would be about tit 4 tat or the sheet rock will be a little cheaper. Because paneling all you got to do is put it up there and nail it and you are threw.  Chief Chavis: I will come up here and help with I can.  CM Sumner: Well, anybody that helps with things like that a little bit of money should be giving to them for their time, not like a pay but something. Dewayne wont never ask nobody for money and he want take it unless you hand it to him. CM Smith: If Dewayne is going to help he needs to be paid. MPT Mimbs: Chris could do his sense he is already employed and Franks already employed Chief Chavis: I just take my regular, I am not asking for anything else. CM Smith: We need to if Dawayne is going to help he needs to be paid. Chief Chavis: If you see me answer a call in a pair of blue jeans and uniform shirt don’t think I have gone off.  CM Hutchinson: As long as you got your badge it want matter will it? CM Sumner: Now what we were talking about awhile ago,you Frank doing it, it is going to take him awhile. I am going to tell you something if Dewayne get over there with him I guarantee it will be done in a week. Dewayne can built something now. CM Smith: That would be good motivation for Frank. You got Frank and Johnny