Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 7/11/2016


July 11, 2016


Mayor called the meeting to order at 6:06pm and requested that CM Yawn lead us in prayer.  All stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor stated that we have two Council Members absent tonight, Suzanne Hutchinson and Larry Sumner.  We will continue without them at this time, starting with:

Old business:

Where to put the playground equipment, does anybody have any discussion on that? CM Smith stated that in previous discussions they thought that they needed to move the goals over to the tennis area and add two more goals to make four goals instead of two. Then the playground equipment can go where the old goals were closer to the baseball field so that the parents could watch over them better. CM Yawn stated that since we are talking about the basketball goals, we have too new goals that have been donated to us by Emanuel County Recreation Dept. and we should have them in a couple of weeks.  He also stated that the City was going to have to spend a little bit of money to smooth out the cracks and holes in the tennis courts and remove the tennis poles and fill them in so that the court will be in better shape for the kids to play. Mayor stated that does everyone agree to put the old and new goals over where the tennis courts are and the equipment where the old basketball court is? CM Mimbs made a motion that we put the four goals on the old tennis court and the play equipment where the original basketball court was.  CM Smith seconded the motion with CM Yawn and CM Hutchinson in agreement unanimous


Update on the Census: Chris, the grant writer, who is helping us with the information that we need for the block grant stated that there was more information that we are going to need from the people of Adrian. So as soon and he sends the information we will get it out to the people so that we can start on the next phase of the grant.

Topics were discussed about job descriptions for every employee so that they will know what their duties are before the hiring process and then when jobs are not being done according to the job description then there will be no excuse for not fulling the job description. CM Mimbs stated that all employees were given a hand book. CM Yawn stated that the employee hand book needed to be revised to include job descriptions. Mayor stated that the job descriptions should be a couple of pages that they sign that is in there employee file. CM Smith stated that you should have a list of duties that you should do no matter if you are working with Frank or whomever and that is what you should be doing.  Mayor stated that they should all have a list of daily duties that need to be done.

CM Yawn made a motion that the Mayor and Frank and possibly me should sit down and fix up some guidelines strictly for his work schedule that would get his work done. I know that he has a lot of work to do according to the list that is on this sheet. We need to sit down and give him some boundaries what he is supposed to be doing and that way at the end of the week he will have things accomplished.

Update on Street Signs: Mayor stated that she was supposed to ride with Frank while he was doing the mosquitoes one night but he does it so late, she will have to get with him some other time. She does know of some that don’t have any or you can’t read them.

Update on the Movie ScreenMayor stated she will have to get back with them and probably try Swainsboro seeing as we are a part of Emanuel County and maybe we might be able to borrow theirs when the cooler months come in.

Update on the Well: Mayor stated that she was waiting on Larry or Frank on this because she heard that it was off line, but when she asked Larry about it he thought that it was working. We need to know if it is working because Smith Street needs to be fixed. CM Yawn stated that as of Friday it was not working properly. We are waiting on our samples to come back so that we can hook it up to the system and make sure everything is working properly. I do have some prices on cut off values and supplies to fix Smith Street. I know that we already have approval to do this but we needed to know how much it could cost first because money is so tight.

Update on Stanley’s property: He will let us have the property and he is more than willing to sign it over to us. CM Yawn stated that it would be a lot cheaper and better for us if he just signs it over to us. Mayor stated that he is willing to do that for us. I just need to know before I speak with him again. CM Hutchinson stated that we need to do something because Ms. Darlene is worried about the restaurant. I just told them to hang in there.

 CM Smith made a motion to approve having Stanley’s property signed over to the City with CM Mimbs seconded the motion with unanimous vote without CM Sumner

CM Smith brought up a discussion about some legal work that an attorney was going to do for the City and wanted to know where we stand with that. Mayor stated that we ran the ads in the paper for the Attorney and that she had some reservations about offering her to do the work.  I did not want her to get the impression that we were using her and I did not want her to think that it was a prerequisite for the job and then we not hire her. I wanted to speak with ya’ll before to make sure that she understood just because she does this for us it is not a guarantee that she will be hired. I just didn’t want her to fill like we were using her either. CM Yawn asked if we did get it in the paper. It was stated that we did get it in the three (3) papers. CM Yawn stated that we could let her (Attorney) know that we are still waiting on some applications and if she would like to do this work for us. And if she wants do it then we will pay her to do that.

New Business:

2015 Audit: Ms. Avery was not able to come and go over the Audit with Mayor and Council Members and has been rescheduled for next Council Meeting August 8, 2016.  CM Hutchinson offered a motion that we pay half of the $4500.00 which is $2250.00 now out of General Account and make monthly payments of $500.00 and the last payment of $250.00 with CM Yawn seconded the motion with unanimous vote without CM Sumner

Water Account: Mr. Bill Powell spoke with the Council on the Business Plan for the City of Adrian. His first thought after looking at the Audit was the water account was in the only one that was in trouble, but after looking over the Audit he saw that the General Account is in trouble also. Mr. Powell gave the Council Members the plan and how it was going to increase revenue for the Water Department for the City to support the Water Account and the bills that was owed within the Account. Mr. Powell stated that the Budget is not 100% correct. The budget does not include the four (4) dollar reserve of $11,760.00 so how are we going to generate it. He also stated that the City Debt service is incorrect it is listed as $24,123.00 according to the Audit. Generating Revenue based on the Audit is $63,787.00 what is going to happen when you are spending $91,108.00. CM Smith spoke and said a deficit budget. Mr. Powell gave examples of how the City could generate more money from the Tax Fund/Enterprise Fund and vice-a-versa. Mr. Powell went on and broke down the dynamics of the Business Plan for the water rates and how the City can recoup the deficit that they have by implementing the plan. Once the Council decides to implement the plan then he will come down and be available to the citizens of Adrian to ask questions and concerns about the water rates and why this needs to be done in the City. Mr. Powell stated how this will allow the City to be in compliance with State regulations and keep us on track for the future of Adrian.

Approval of Minutes for June 13, 2016CM Smith made a motion to approve the minutes with the change of adding CM Mimbs to the minutes on page 6, stating that she had no noting to report. CM Hutchinson seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Approval of Minutes for June 15, 2016CM Smith made a motion to table the minutes so that amendments can be made.  CM Hutchinson seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Bank Reconciliation for June, 2016

General Account – CM Smith made a motion to approve the account with CM Sumner seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Court AccountCM Hutchinson made a motion to approve the account with CM Smith seconded the motion with unanimous vote

ECSPLOST FUNDCM Smith made a motion to approve the account with CM Yawn seconded the motion with unanimous vote

JOSPLOST FUNDCM Yawn made a motion to approve the account with CM Smith seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Recreation AccountCM Smith made a motion to approve the account with CM Yawn seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Water SavingsCM Yawn made a motion to approve the account with CM Smith seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Water AccountCM Hutchinson made a motion to approve the account with CM Smith seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Discussion of LMIG – They are accepting application for the LMIG and they need to know what roads and projects that we need to fix. Therefore, members need to ride around and check and see what needs to be taken care of so that we can put it on the list of projects and talk about it at the next meeting.


Police Dept.Chief stated that the Dept. has 36 citations issued and 5 recorded report for the Month of June. He also stated that the Council requested that the dept. up the patrolling and the numbers reflect that.

Safety Dept.Clerk Pam did a report on mosquitoes and what we need to do to prevent from breeding them. People need to use spray and wear long sleeves.

Fire Dept. FC Yawn stated that he had 2 First Responders calls and 4 MVA a total of 6 calls for the month of June. He also stated to remember that charcoal stays hot for a period of time and to make sure you put them out before deposing of them.  Mayor, ask a question about a garbage can that started a fire and if the people need to pay for the garbage can. Council Members stated that if they filed a report then we can probably charge them.

Water and Street Dept.  – Frank stated that he is going to need more chemicals for the spraying of mosquitoes. CM Hutchinson made a motion that Frank go ahead and purchase what he needs for spraying of the mosquitoes and CM Yawn seconded the motion with unanimous vote. Frank stated that he was going to have an agreement with community service workers that they will not be allowed to have a phone and everyone agreed with him.

Recreation Dept.  – They will be having closing ceremonies on July 15 and 16 from 7-9pm. They will be eating and play ball and giving out trophies.

Council Members

CM Hutchinson is asking about whether or not the citations have been given out for the cleanup of the yards. Mayor stated that she has given a list and asked for them to be gone through and they have discretionary service going around that is their job that is the police department’s thing is to go and take care of that. CM Hutchinson stated that she understood it to be that everyone on the list except for the wooded areas was to get a letter saying that they had 10 business days to get their yards cleaned up and that was everyone on the list. We have people asking about this and if we need to follow through with it. What is the fee?  That needs to be taken care of, and that was left off of business, speaking to the clerk.  Couple of month’s back I was talking to some people about getting a new Verizon tower in town. And they told me, and I will do this myself, that we need to speak with customer service and let them know that we are in a rural area and find out what we need to do to get towers in here because we have poor service, and the guy told me that they had a meeting back in January and said that all the little rural town were going to get a Verizon tower.

CM Mimbs – Has nothing to report

CM Yawn – He thanked everyone that donated to the Fire Dept for the fireworks and all the hot dogs that was given out and they do it at New Year also and the crowds are getting bigger every year.

CM Sumner: Has nothing to report

CM Smith – She wanted to bring up again about the LMIG grant that we need to make sure that we complete what we have  before we start on the next program and I know that all we need from A street is a proposal from Shannon Watkins and Hooks on what it is going to cost to finish the project. We need to complete these before we start new ones. CM Sumner asked if Hooks had come back to finish the land field. No one seems to know whether or not he has come to finish the clerk will call and see what is going on.  CM Smith asked if Mr. Moore had been called to do the wall in the City Hall, clerk stated she was under instruction to call when everything was done and clean so he could come and take care of the wall. So when everything gets out and the door is completed Mr. Moore will come. Mayor asked if anyone had considered moving the cabinets to the Council Chambers. CM Mimbs stated that they are put in City hall because everyone will be able to look and view everything. CM Smith stated that the cabinets will stay on the same wall just moved up due to the closet space for storage of records. The cabinets should be where the break room will be and open to anyone who would like to look over the pictures and trophies of the past. We will see when the wall get finished and then make a decision.

Mayor stated one more thing when are we going to get more vents in this room because it is hot in here? (Speaking about the council chambers) CM Yawn stated we might need to ask Craig if he would be willing to come and look at this and see if anything can be done.  CM Smith stated that Craig is super busy so we might need to call someone else. CM Yawn stated that he might have a few numbers to call and he will check into it.


Mayor stated that if there is no more discussion I am going to call this meeting to a close at 8:05 can I get a motion?


CM Smith made a motion that we go into Executive Session after our Reg. session at 8:05 with CM Yawn seconded the motion with unanimous vote



CM Yawn made a motion that we go out of Executive Session at 8:20pm with CM Sumner seconded the motion with unanimous vote

CM Yawn made a motion that we go into Regular Session at 8:21pm with CM Smith seconded the motion with unanimous vote

CM Yawn made a motion that we award Police Department the camera that need with CM Smith seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Citizen spoke that the City packet for election is confusing and she does not understand it.  Multiple people spoke and gave direction on what she needs to do.

CM Yawn made motion that we close Council Meeting at 8:25pm with CM Smith seconded the motion with unanimous vote

Executive Session

 CM Smith stated that the Police Department is asking for another piece of equipment and from what I seen, this needs to stay among us just like the tag reader did, some binoculars that you can use at night and when you look through them it is like daylight. The night vision goggles. I think it will be very helpful with all the drugs and young men and women standing out in the crowd because they stand out there for a reason, and I believe there are some other things that it will be very helpful for so I just want to ask the council if they would, the first price I heard about was $700 to $800 dollars and I said I don’t know about that but the last price I got was like $550 dollars plus the cost of the batteries are. CM Yawn stated it is $459 now. Chief Chavis stated that he might be able to get them cheaper than that if he could get a discount or not. CM Smith said to keep on working on that. CM Yawn stated that previous duties in the sheriff’s dept. and stuff like that are something that is well needed. I know he has a budget and I think he has enough left in his budget for something like that to buy at least one set.  CM Smith stated that is why we needed to discuss this amongst us and as soon as we go back into regular session we can take a vote on it.

CM Smith also stated that she wanted to talk about very briefly about Loriann’s position as city clerk. Her hours are from 8:30 and 5:00 and I have asked her to be up there just a little before 8:30 every morning and clock in, but some days she is going up there earlier than that  and then during the week she takes that time off to maintain her hours at 40 hrs. So I am asking everybody to keep in mind that her hours are from 8:30 and 5 every day.  I know that Kim has a job now from 8 – 5 or whatever that maybe she needs checks signed that is why we have Ms. Marilyn and Larry to sign checks. Mayor stated that I usually call her and if she doesn’t need me I don’t go up there. I didn’t go up there this morning because I knew a new week was starting and she didn’t have anything for me to do.  CM Smith stated that you have to leave and go to work before she needs to be at the office. Mayor most of the time I am late and she knows that I can get off work anytime and I meet her in Swainsboro all the time. CM Smith well we need to have all that stuff right there done in a very timely manner because it does reflect back on the City.  But I just wanted us to be mindful of a few things, and like I said some things we just don’t need to talk about in front of the public, because a lot of times they don’t understand where we are coming from and what we have to deal with.

Chief Chavis stated that as part of personnel you can see someone standing in there yard with this equipment, and the personnel of the police department is not here to spy on anybody we are here to investigate specific crimes and you have my word as the Police Chief, and as Sargent Soto’s Supervisor we as personnel will not use them in any manner that will bring distrust to us.

CM Hutchinson wanted to ask a question because she has had people contact her asking why the Police Car and Your vehicles up at City Hall between the hours of 9, 10 and 11 o’clock? I have had several complaints. Mayor stated that it has been once and I brought him supper, Frank and Terry were up there.  I don’t think that I have been up there any other time. I came on evening to get numbers from Jose because I got a new phone and it would not pull my information over. But, I am the Mayor and I can go to City Hall anytime Day or Night if need be. I don’t think that it is inappropriate for me to check on my police officer or anybody else that is up there. CM Sumner we need to stop listening to all these people running their mouths about everything and focus on issues.