Incorporated January 1, 1899

Meeting 8/8/16

City of Adrian Council Meeting

August 8, 2016


Mayor called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm and asked CM Hutchinson to say the prayer. Everyone stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor also noted that CM Sumner was not present at the meeting.

Mayor stated that we will be having the visitors to speak first and the first up will be Jack Fleming.

Visitor: Jack Fleming spoke about leadership and the different types. He also spoke about how the Mayor is not available to the public during office hours. Mr. Fleming stated that he observed the Mayor and City Clerk in the early morning and evening hours which is costing the city money paying the clerk overtime. Mr. Fleming went on to say that the citizens will not tolerate this abuse and has requested that the City Council seek restitution from the Mayor and that her absence from City Hall will not be tolerated and that the Mayor has met the criteria for a recall election.


Update on street signs and lights: Mayor stated that they have gone and counted all the street signs and lights. Georgia Power came out and replaced all the bulbs that were out and looked at a couple of streets that needed more lighting and will be adding additional lights in those areas. CM Yawn stated that there is a light in the ball field area that if the City is still paying on that they will bring it back out beside the road. Mayor stated that the amount for the street signs will be $131.61 for (1) WALLER ST, (1) CHURCH ST, (2) POPLAR ST, (1) A ST, (1) RAILROAD ST, and (2) ADLARKE ST. Mayor also stated that we still need to check on Smith St. so the amount might go up just a little bit. CM Yawn made a motion to approve the cost of street signs with CM Mimbs seconding the motion and it carried unanimously.


Mayor stated that Kim Tanner from Southeastern Tech GED Program would come and give us an update.  Since July of 2016 she has 10 students and looks forward to more. She is very appreciative of all that the City has done to help to get this going. She also stated, that they will be adding computers to the community center and the wiring will need to be run inside the Annex building so that they can put them on the wall behind the Annex so they will not be on the same power surge. Ms. Tanner also stated, that they (the school) have all the computers and they (the school) are the sole responsible party for the computers and anything that might happen to them and the City is not liable for anything that might happen to with them. CM Hutchinson made a motion that we allow Southeastern Tech to put computer into the community center for the GED classes that are held on Monday and Tuesday of each week with CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried unanimously


Summary of Audit: Stacy Avery stated that she completed the Audit for the City for the calendar year 2015 and overall the City received an unqualified opinion which is what they want and all statements and material reflect the financial situation of the City. The overall cash for the City that includes the General Fund and Water was $231,660.00. The Net asset is right at $500,000.00 which is right at a ½ million which just means the asset of any liability that are there, which looks really good compared to the last year. In Government, you want to always see that increasing every year because there will be some years that will decrease a little because they are not for profit, But overall, you want to see that level or increase a little or staying flat and for the year 2015 the net asset went up about $19,000.00 so that is a good sign. A couple of things that we did point out were some of the places in the budget were over spent. That doesn’t mean that they spend more money than they take in just means that some of the budgeted items did not get amended. In the future, they will need to amend the budgeted items to get it in line with the Revenue. We have also tossed around the idea of getting a new Accounting System, the QuickBooks that they are using is good but it is not government software. Government software cost is always a consideration. This is one of my recommendations that ideally will be better that will present reports and handle the varies funds with ease.


Approval of Called Minutes June 16thCM Smith made motion to approve the minutes for June 16, 2016 with CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried unanimously


Update on Land fill –  Clerk stated that she had spoken with Mr. Hooks, He stated that the last time that he and Mr. Murph got together they agreed that RipRap would need to be put down to take care of the washout. Mr. Hooks also stated that he could get the RipRap for $425.00 if the City would pay for it and he would haul it and fix the land field, he also said that it would take two loads. The Clerk gathered information about how much a load of RipRap would cost without delivery and was told around $275.00 per load. Clerk called Mr. Murph and spoke to him about what Mr. Hooks stated. Mr. Murph stated that he had no record of the conversation with Mr. Hooks and stood by his own assessment of some grading to be done and reseeding of the field so that grass can grow and stabilize the ground. He also stated that he would like to come down with the council’s permission and discuss this with Mr. Hooks seeing as we cannot get closure with EPD until there is 75% of grass growing on the ground. CM Hutchinson stated that they had already paid Mr. Hooks to do this job and he needs to come do it. CM Yawn stated that unless he meets with the engineer it want do no good. CM Yawn asked if Mr. Murph gave a price on what it would cost to come out and speak with Mr. Hooks. The answer was no. CM Mimbs stated that the letter states reseeding. CM Yawn asked what was meant when Mr. Murph said that he still had some time allotted. Clerk said during a contract the Engineer is allotted so many hours to bill for his time on the project, Mr. Murph did not use all of his time. CM Mimbs requested permission to run down Mr. Hooks and speak with him about this project. The Council agreed to let CM Mimbs check on this. CM Hutchinson made a motion to table this until further notice with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously

Fluoride TreatmentMayor stated that we cannot just stop the fluoride treatment it is something that would have to be brought to the Council attention by petition of the citizens of Adrian.


A StreetCM Yawn stated that the ditch is corroding the street away. He has met with the contractor and he has given us a bid on the project. I have not gotten the exact length or width of the work to be done. But, we are going to move it over where it goes around the curve and make a slope on the road and then grass it and hopefully this will take care of it. If not then we will have to put some RipRap in there to keep it from washing out. We will be real close to the end of the right of way, Mrs. Marilyn’s brother and Mr. Fountain have property there and I would just need a letter from everyone so that if we need to get on that side of the property to fix the ditch we will have permission to do so. If we don’t do that soon and get it done then A Street will disappear. I recommend that we have some money allotted to fix the Street. The bid we received was $3600.00 from Shannon Watkins Backhoe Service. CM Yawn made a motion that we except the bid of $3600.00 for Watkins Backhoe Service to fix the ditch beside A Street with CM Mimbs seconded the motion and carried unanimously


Water RatesCM Yawn brought to our attention that the sprinkler system on Deerwood property has not been billed for the water that is used. CM Yawn also stated that last year listed in the minutes there were some houses that have two dwellings with one water meter and at that time it was voted on that a $40.00 deposit be paid for the second dwelling and also be charged the $15 minimum water fee per month and be charged $8.50 for the second trash can. The fees for the trash can were added to the bill but the $15 minimum water was not added by previous administration. CM Yawn continued by saying the he believes that the Swainsboro Housing Authority should be charged the same way as previously stated for more than one unit. There are 13 units with Swainsboro Housing that are not being charged at this time. Also, the garbage is not being charged for the additional trash cans. Further discussion was made about citizens in town that do not have water and have not had water for some time; we need to know what to do about that. Also, Council spoke about an Ordinance that needs to be amended to include 1st, 2nd and 3rd offenses for violation of unauthorized obtaining of water within the City of Adrian. Mayor spoke about people who have wells and can only use that well for outside use and not for consumption within the home. If it is connected to the home there is the possibility of it contaminating our water system. Also, we cannot cut our water off from them because it is required by the town that everybody be hooked up our system. It was also stated that we do have an ordinance for that. It was further discussed that we need to give notice of well use in the home and it needs to be stopped and advise him of the fines. CM Yawn stated that the Mayor and clerk work with Bill Powell to get the wording corrected with the offenses on violation. CM Yawn made a motion that we start charging Deerwood Village for the water minimum and the Swainsboro Housing garbage at $19.50 per trash can with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimous.  CM Yawn made a motion that an amendment be made to the previous minutes of two dwelling homes to pay $19.50 for trash can instead of $8.50 as voted on in previous minutes. CM Hutchinson seconded the motion and carried unanimously


Update on Land PurchaseMayor stated she has been trying to get in touch with an attorney to help with the land purchase and has left multiple messages but she has not called back. We do have some resume’ to look over tonight for a new City Attorney and we will address land purchase at that time.


Readdressing Basketball CourtCM Yawn stated that putting the goals closer to the neighbors is not a real good idea because the children get loud and the bad language they use is not good for the neighbors so he suggested that we leave it where it is at this time. The playground equipment; once we get the well house built and between now and next spring we can move it down around the tree. If the tennis court can be left alone for now until we have a better idea of what we need to do that would be better. We will need a vote to leave it seeing as we voted to change it.  He would like to spend some time looking over our rules and regulations about language and do some reinforcement on that because a lot of kids that come and play are older. CM Yawn made a motion that they reverse the vote from moving the basketball court to the tennis court area and putting the playground equipment where the old basketball court was, too leaving the basketball courts where they are and not doing anything to the tennis courts at this time and not putting up the playground equipment until sometime next spring. CM Hutchinson seconded the motion and carried unanimously.


Well update – Everything with the well is done, but they do have some minor things that need to be done like seeding the grass and grouting the hole in the wall to the equipment room. Also, the City Streets cannot be fixed until the well is up and running. We are waiting on a water test to come back with a positive result and when we do we will be able to get the well up and running.  When we do begin to fix the roads there will be a water boil. We will do a better to make sure that everyone knows about the boil when it happens. We do have a website now and it is


Approval of minutes for July 11, 2016CM Hutchinson made motion to accept the minutes and CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously


The clerk presented some information on Municipal software systems for accounting for future use. She will be gathering more information in the coming months so that we may have a better outlook and understanding of what is offered so we can match that client with the needs of the City.


Ga. Power Shut Down – It has been brought to our attention that many of the offices of Ga. Power will be closing down. They will be offering Kiosk in different areas and we would like to get one.


Credit Cards – We need to adopt the credit card policy. CM Yawn made a motion that we table this until we can let the Lawyer take a look at it. CM Hutchinson seconded the motion and carried unanimously


Street ClearingMayor stated that our Dump Truck is broken and that is why limbs are all over the side of the road. We do not have a land field to put them in and we have to ship them to Swainsboro but their land fill will be closing also. Swainsboro does have some land where they put their limbs and have someone come over and chip them up for them. They will be willing to do this for us at a cost, or we can get some land and a chipper and do it ourselves. Mr. Hugh Foskey stated he will help us find a truck to use until we get ours fixed. I spoke with GMA and according to them he can work on them as long as he does not have a contract and we don’t pay him more than $800 per calendar quarter so it is possible he can fix the truck at a minimal fee.  CM Yawn stated that the only thing that he would charge for is the labor because between me and Frank we could pick those up so the City would not be paying extra for parts. If it is something major which I am under the impression it may be some valves; I have contacted Roy Marcin and it has been a week or so ago now. The only other place is the one I mention before is Milan, between Dwayne Sumner and I we could get it hauled up there. The City would have to reimburse him for some fuel. I don’t know if he would be using one of his bosses’ trucks. The City may have to put some fuel in a truck but we can get it hauled up there. Let them check it and give us a price from there. The truck is too nice so I suggest we fix it but I will leave it up to ya’ll to decide; If we get a place to put the limbs.


Delinquent Taxes – Clerk stated that late letters have been sent out as of July and so far we have had a good response with people coming in and getting them paid or paying on them.


Discussion of LMIG – Clerk stated that our project will be coming up in January and news has been sent out that no other monies will be distributed for the next year without all projects being completed from previous year.


Discussion of Contracts – Clerk gave an overview of how and why contracts are important to the City and how it affects the City liability.


General AcctCM Yawn made a motion that we accept the General Account Reconciliation with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously

Court AcctCM Yawn made a motion that we accept the Court Acct Reconciliation with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously

EcSplostCM Hutchinson made a motion that we accept the Emanuel County Splost Acct Reconciliation with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously

JCSplostCM Hutchinson made a motion that we accept the Johnson County Splost Acct Reconciliation with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously

TSplostCM Smith made the motion that we accept the TSplost Acct. Reconciliation with CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried unanimously

Rec. Dept. – CM Hutchinson made the motion that we accept the Rec. Dept. Reconciliation with CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried unanimously

Water SavingsCM Smith made the motion that we accept the Water Savings Acct. total of monies saved with CM Mimbs seconded the motion and carried unanimously

Water Account – CM Hutchinson made the motion that we accept the Water Acct. Reconciliation with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously

Police Department: Chief Chavis reported that the Department issued 10 citations and recorded 7 reports and he also submitted the 2017 Police Department Budget to Mayor Adams.

Safety Department:  Chief Chavis did the safety report this month due to Ms. Pam being out sick. Chief reported that 7 people attended class about Avoiding Heat injuries. Topics include, never leave your children in a car alone. Drink plenty of Fluids always be aware of your environment. Take frequent breads and wear proper clothing. Eat light during the workday and be aware of special heat stress risk

Fire Department: Fire Chief Yawn reported that the Department had 8 First Responder calls; 1 Structure Fires; 1 Landing zone; 1 Woods fire; 1 MVA; 1 Missing Person; and 1 Powerline down which is a total of 14 calls.  Also, Chief Yawn stated in year 2017 he would like to get Blue Reflectors for the road so that they will be able to see where the fire hydrants are at night.

Street Department:  Mayor spoke about where mowing needed to be done first. Down the main streets of town which would be 15 and 80 then move into the center areas of town and up and down inner streets. CM Yawn stated that he gave Mr. Frank a notebook so that he can keep up with the things that he does so that the Mayor may get a better understanding of what he does and how they can help better manage his time. He also stated that Frank and Johnny need to be able to clock in and out on the time clock and they can move it to where they are or have a key to the side entrance of the building to get to the time clock. CM Yawn made motion that a key be given to Frank and Johnny so that they can clock in and out. CM Mimbs seconded the motion and carried unanimously



CM Yawn made a motion that we go out of regular council meeting session at 8:45 with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously


CM Hutchinson made a motion that we enter into executive session at 8:45pm with CM Yawn seconded the motion and carried unanimously




CM Hutchinson made a motion that we come out of executive session and enter in to regular session at 9:40pm with CM Smith seconded the motion and carried unanimously


CM Hutchinson made a motion that we close regular session and go home at 9:40pm with  CM Smith  seconded the motion and carried unanimously