Incorporated January 1, 1899

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JULY 9, 2018

Mayor opened the meeting at 6:05 pm


Prayer: Led by CM Smith


Pledge of Allegiance: All in attendance

Speakers: John Page – Septic System- Mr. Page discussed the septic tank behind the Farm House, and not having enough room to put an above ground tank.  After a lot more discussion on the land and tank the Council came to a conclusion to contact City lawyer, Trey Taylor, to inquire about deeding over land.  


Approval of Minutes for June 18, 2018 Council Meeting- Due to clerical errors, CM ZSumner made a motion not to approve minutes until errors were corrected. CM Yawn seconded, carried by CM Sumner, CM Hutchinson, and CM Smith. Motion carried.


2nd Reading of the Retention Ordinance- Mayor summarizes the 2nd reading the Retention Ordinance


New Business:

Adoption of Agenda for meetingCM Hutchinson made a motion to adopt the agenda. CM Smith seconded motion, motion carried by CM ZSumner, CM Yawn, and CM Sumner. Motion carried.

Open bids for sale of Health Dept. – There was only 1 bid for the Health Dept. building submitted by John and Darlene Page. The bid was for $8000.00. CM Yawn made a motion to accept the only bid on the Health Dept. CM Hutchinson seconded motion, carried by CM ZSumner, CM Smith, and CM Sumner. Motion carried. 

Reconciliations for June 2018 all accounts: At time of the meeting we still had not gotten bank statements. We will have the reconciliations for July and August 2018 at the August meeting.  


General Acct.

Water Acct.

Court Acct.

EmCo. SPOLST Acct.

JoCo. SPLOST Acct.


LMIG Acct.

Recreation Department Acct.

Savings Acct.

List of Bills paid in June- CM Hutchinson made a motion to accept the list of all bills paid in June 2018. CM ZSumner seconded, carried by CM Yawn, CM Smith, and CM Sumner. Motion carried.







Department Heads


Fire Department ReportJesse Yawn – Stated what a great turn out at the fireworks that took place July 4

Police Department ReportChief Chavis – Addressed new changes expected for the LPR (License Plate Reader), and to have it operating in approximately 2 weeks. There was discussion on having at least 40 hours of coverage from the Police Department. We will continue to taking applications for another police officer.

Recreation Department ReportMayor – A Discussion went on between Mayor and Deputy Clerk Jean concerning the up-coming ball season.

Safety Department ReportChief Chavis – No accidents noted

Water and street Department ReportCM Yawn – Concerns regarding 70%-90% of flags that City has are torn. He will acquire information about receiving “Flags for Free” from the VFW.

Council Member’s

Suzanne Hutchinson                            Larry Sumner                          Jesse Yawn


Zelda Sumner                                      Wynola Smith


Executive Session: Employees


At 7:56 pm CM Yawn made a motion to go in to regular session, seconded by CM Sumner, and carried by CM Hutchinson, CM ZSumner, and CM Smith. Motion passed.


Mayor asked was there any motions? CM Sumner said he does have a motion but wanted to explain as to why the motion was on the table. CM Sumner went into discussion concerning conduct in the office. He stated there was bickering in the office going on, also horse playing. He discussed on several different occasions Clerk Trammell was asked to get things to the Council to no avail, followed by a few sly remarks made by Clerk Trammell. There are 2 people in the office that know what is going on, but when you have one that is corrupting the whole thing, it is not going to work out like that.  CM Sumner then makes a motion to terminate Lorriann Trammell from the City Hall as the City Clerk. Mayor says there is a motion on table to terminate Clerk Trammell, do we have a second? CM Yawn seconds motion.  Mayor asked was all in favor? CM Sumner, CM Yawn, and CM ZSumner voted yes. Mayor asked who all opposed?  CM Smith and CM Hutchinson opposed motion.  Mayor announced motion carries by majority vote. CM Yawn made a motion that Deputy Clerk Stephanie be moved up to 40 hrs. until the City could hire some part-time help. CM Sumner seconds motion, carried by CM ZSumner and CM Hutchinson. CM Smith abstained from voting. Motion carries.  CM Yawn makes motion to adjourn meeting, seconded by CM ZSumner, carried by CM Sumner, CM Smith, CM Hutchinson. Motion passed.  Mayor adjourns meeting at 8:05 pm.