30 Famous Local Foods To Eat In Singapore Before You Die

Real Food is quite a find of healthy food fans right at Orchard. Its 3-in-1 concept featuring a restaurant, a bookshop and an organic grocery shop at a single location make things more convenient for its fans.

  • A relaxing healthy food cafe at bustling Orchard: Real food with its spacious room is a good place for an escaping moment at Orchard. Visit the place for a leisure meal at the dim-lit, modern dining area or just for a coffee with friends at the in-house bookshop.
  • Delicious organic vegetarian foods: Real Food has a w >

Featured dishes
– Capsicum salad
– Beetroot burger
– Steamed dumpling
– Sorbets
– Original Strawberries and Banana Pancake

– Breakfast: From S$6.80 to S$9.80
– Sandwiches: From S$9.80 to S$13.80
– Salads: From S$9.80 to S$13.80
– Pasta/Pizzas: From S$7.80 to S$13.80
– Rice/Noodles: From S$7.80 to S$13.80
– Soup: From S$7.00 to S$8.80
– Snacks: From S$4.00 to S$8.80
– Fresh juices: From S$5.80 to S$7.80
– Organic coffee/tea: S$4.00 to S$6.80

– Cash only
– The foods may take a long time to arrive on your table.


Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines, incorporating a rich heritage of food dishes consisting of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences. If you are a local Singaporean, you would have seen these dishes in the hawker centres below your void deck, in the food courts of shopping centres and in the quaint shophouses that are decades old.

These are the real dishes you need to eat in Singapore before you die. I know there are still dozens of dishes in Singapore that are true to our heritage, but if I were to cover them all, this list would take you two years to finish reading.

As a Singaporean, there is no excuse not to try these time-tested foods we all grew up with. As a tourist, this is a good check-list of authentic local cuisine in Singapore that you must eat when you visit.

Many others have tried to cover Singapore’s food and although I appreciate Chef Anthony Bourdain for his wonderful exploration of Singapore food in his travel journals, I feel only a local can truly express the adequate love for our unique cuisine.

Member Reviews (4)

Food is OK but the service here is deplorable at best. I used to live across the street and go every day but I found the blatant rudeness of the staff unbearable. I think they do takeout though!

Small and organic by nature, you will have a field day here as all the items on the menu sound more delicious than the next. Each dish is precisely labelled so that you know what you are getting – vegan, containing soy, garlic or onion, or wheat- or gluten-free — perfect for those with niggling food allergies as you'll be assured that the food you are consuming is safe. All dishes are also made to order, so it can be a bit of a wait. An assortment of both Asian and Western options are available to choose from.

This excellent laid-back organic vegetarian spot serves up a diverse mix of high quality food. The dumplings, spring rolls and fried brown rice with chili and garlic were all excellent. Gold flavor and healthy. Service isn't fantastic but the soft woods and shared tables made for a nice relaxed no-frills lunch.

Weekends are made of these.

How about a curry noodle with homemade curry paste in a rich curry broth topped with a generous amount of sweet organic vegetables .

Not for the faint hearted .

TOP off with a free range hard egg for an extra creaminess and you are ready to roll. .

The dumplings were p tasty but in general i thought the dish was just okay. I guess the dish isn’t something I would crave or order again 😬 As mentioned by others, the portions can be p small if you’re really hungry.

Was glad to stumble upon Real Food (@realfoodsg) at Orchard Central, and the Umami Mushroom Soup ($9.80) tastes real (duh), and absolutely wholesome. You can taste the chunks of white button mushroom in the soup, nutritious and full of goodness.
📍181 Orchard Road
# 02-16/19
Orchard Central

It’s hard to find a vegan cake especially a lemon one —

I finally found one .

And what’s better than a cake made with organic lemons , unrefined sugar and frosted with cashew cream .

Totally refreshing and light on the palate .

Great way to kick start the weekend .

A perfect drink for this sweltering heat wave .

Creamy smooth avacado with soy and a touch of coconut oil .

Very nourishing for the tummy , heart and soul.

For lovers of pesto pasta , look no further .
The best pesto pasta goes to real food’s .

Unlike most places that either use bottled , ready made pestos or use their pesto sparingly in their pesto pasta , real food’s version is the unadulterated “ real food “ .

The pesto is made from scratch in house with the highest quality produce and made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.

Just from the colour of the dish — you can see how “ drenched” the pasta is in the homemade pesto . The addition of crumbed potatoes help the pesto stick better to the pasta and imparts an additional level of creaminess to the pasta .

With the option of 2 types of pesto ( with garlic and without ), this gives even the strictest of all vegetarians / those who can’t take or dislike garlic a chance to try pesto since most are made with the addition of garlic .

Paired with sweet grilled cucumbers and topped with feta cheese , this dish is indeed a winner .

Try and you will know what I mean .

For those of you who are new to pesto , you may find it a little “green “ at first “ taste” because pesto is typically eaten raw — but trust me — the more you chomp on it , the more it grows on you like an addiction 🤪.

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