Перевод песни Train of thought (A-ha)

The train of thought or track of thought refers to the interconnection in the sequence of ideas expressed during a connected discourse or thought, as well as the sequence itself, especially in discussion how this sequence leads from one idea to another.

When a reader or listener "loses the train of thought" (i.e., loses the relation between consecutive sentences or phrases, or the relation between non-verbal concepts in an argument or presentation), comprehension is lost of the expressed or unexpressed thought.

The term "train of thoughts" was introduced and elaborated as early as in 1651 by Thomas Hobbes in his Leviathan, though with a somewhat different meaning (similar to the meaning used by the British associationists):

By Consequence, or train of thoughts, I understand that succession of one thought to another which is called, to distinguish it from discourse in words, mental discourse.
When a man thinketh on anything whatsoever, his next thought after is not altogether so casual as it seems to be. Not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently.

Ход мыслей

He likes to have the morning paper's
Crossword solved
Words go up words come down
Forwards backwards twisted round
He grabs a pile of letters from a small
Disappears into an office
It's another working day

And his thoughts are full of
Corridors of naked lights
And his mind once full of reason
Now there's more than meets the
Oh, a stranger's face he carries with

He likes a bit of reading on the subway
A distant radio whistling tunes that
nobody knows
At home a house awaits him,
He unlocks the door
Thinking once there was a sea here
But there never was a door

And his thoughts are full of
And his eyes to numb to see
And nothing that he knows of
And nowhere where he's been
Was ever quite like this
And his thoughts.

And at heart
He's full of strangers
Dodging on his train of thought
Train of thought

Он любит в утренних газетах
Решать кроссворды
Слова вверху, слова внизу
Следуют друг за другом
Он хватает кучу писем из маленького
Исчезает в офисе
Это еще один рабочий день

И мысли его полны
Коридоры открытого света
И его мысли полны разумного
Тут больше чем можно увидеть в
Ох, чужое лицо носит он с

Он любит читать в метро
Насвистывая далекую радио мелодию что
Никто не знает
Дома его ждет дом,
Он открывает дверь
Однажды тут было море мыслей
Но никогда не было двери

И мысли его полны
И его глаза ошеломлены увиденным
И ничего это он не знает
И везде где он был
Все было совсем как это
И его мысли.

И в сердце
Он полог неизвестного
Уклоняясь от мыслей
Хода мыслей

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