Parents, Base Ball registration is open. Come pickup your application at City Hall between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.  $15.00 dollars registration fee per child.  
CJ McCoy will be the over the Department
Contact : CJ McCoy                  478-299-9490
                 Richard Tapley         478-279-2542
Please give anyone of these men a call if you have any questions.
Try outs will begin on June 18th and 19th.
Free Clothes Drive at the City Park on July 14th
Contact Candace Claxton at 478-668-3200 with any questions

Incorporated Date: January 1, 1899
Population: 664
Total Area: 1.4 sq mi

Adrian began to grow in 1891 when Postmaster W.R. Smith opened and operated a post office there. Immediately after the post officecityhall opened, Adrian became a railroad town and trading hub.

Somewhat strangely, Adrian lies between two counties, the consequence of a dispute between landowners Joe Hutcheson and Burrel Kea. Both Hutcheson and Kea wanted to build bridge over the Ohooppee River, and ultimately, Kea won the rights to do so. Angered by this, Hutcheson influenced the legislature to create a new county line for Johnson and Emanuel Counties; thereafter, none of Kea’s land extended into Hutcheson’s county.