6 Popular Food Delivery Service Apps

Retail food delivery is a courier service in which a restaurant, store, or independent food delivery company delivers food to a customer. An order is typically made either through a restaurant or grocer's website or phone, or through a food ordering company, like Uber Eats, Waiter.com, GrubHub, Postmates, Favor,Zomato or DoorDash. The delivered items can include entrees, sides, drinks, desserts, or grocery items and are typically delivered in boxes or bags. The delivery person will normally drive a car, but in bigger cities where homes and restaurants are closer together, they may use bikes or motorized scooters.

Customers can, depending on the delivery company, choose to pay online or in person, with cash or card. A flat rate delivery fee is often charged with what the customer has bought. Tips are often customary for food delivery service.

Other aspects of food delivery include catering and wholesale food service deliveries to restaurants, cafeterias, health care facilities, and caterers by foodservice distributors.

The first food delivery service was for naengmyeon (cold noodle) in Korea, recorded in 1768. Hyojonggaeng (hangover soup) was also delivered for the yangban in the 1800s. Advertisement for food delivery and catering also appeared in the newspaper in 1906.

Meal delivery orders are typically on demand, and intended to be eaten right away, and include hot, already-prepared food. Pizza delivery is the largest meal delivery industry at the moment. failed verification Ordering for delivery usually involves contacting a local restaurant or chain by telephone or online. Online ordering is available in many countries, were some stores offer online menus and ordering. Since 1995, companies such as Waiter.com have their own interfaces where customers order food from nearby restaurants that have partnered with the service. Meal delivery requires special technology and care, since the food items are already cooked and prepared, and can be easily damaged if dropped, tilted, or left out for long periods of time. Hotbags are often used to keep food warm. They are thermal bags, typically made of vinyl, nylon, or Cordura, that passively retain heat.

In Mumbai, dabbawalas deliver hundreds of thousands of lunches to paying subscribers every workday through a system of rail and bicycle links. The lunches are sent in tiffin carriers, and are prepared in the late morning by either a restaurant or family member (typically a wife for a working husband, since many families still follow traditional asymmetrical gender roles). The tiffins are then returned either in the afternoon or the next day by the same system. On the other hand, Foodpeon from Dhaka delivers corporate lunches using one-time food graded plastic container. It looks smart and it's hygienic. Customers don't have to return the containers, rather they dispose them.

In the Philippines, most commonly delivered meals are from fastfood chains like Jollibee, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, Shakey's, KFC, etc. Orders are being done through their delivery websites, mobile apps, or by phone. Time of delivery usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Community-supported agriculture schemes work on a subscription box model, where a box of vegetables, dairy product, fish, or meat is delivered periodically from a local vendor.

Various meal kit delivery subscription services have started in Europe and North America since 2007. These typically have pre-measured ingredients designed for accompanying recipes.

Grocery delivery companies will deliver groceries, pre-prep or pre-made meals, and more to customers. The companies work with brick and mortar stores or their own line of grocery items. These orders are typically larger and more expensive than normal meal deliveries, and are often not meant to be eaten right away, rather they are to replace items someone has run out of, like flour or milk. They are almost always done online, and typically take at least one day to deliver, though some companies offer same-day delivery. Many delivery services are required to offer delivery within a couple hours because frozen and fresh foods have to be delivered before they spoil.

Grocery delivery differs greatly from meal delivery in the sense that its is usually sent as a parcel through common mailing services like USPS or FedEx, if it's only non-perishables. Since non-perishable items are normally packaged before arriving at grocery stores, they can easily be repackaged and delivered to customers without any special care. Sometimes, dry ice is added to keep perishable items fresh. Fresh and frozen foods complicate delivery which is done, usually by store/provider employees or third party services such as Instacart.

The grocery delivery business has taken off, with hundreds of niche delivery companies springing up offering a variety of different services from weekly grocery restock to pre-planned, pre-measured family meals to make cooking easier. Online retailer giants have hopped on board too. Amazon.com, for example, offers AmazonFresh delivery service. Amazon purchased Whole Foods Market in 2017, and by 2018 Amazon had added Whole Foods items to its Prime Now service, for 2-hour delivery in certain markets.

According to Forbes , grocery stores should delivery their own groceries to help prevent third party, part time, non-store deliverers from becoming the 'face' or brand image of their local grocer. Limitations of having to pick and deliver groceries within a short period of time need to be remedied to allow for more flexibility to enable more deliveries to be more efficiently routed. Frozen and fresh food refrigeration units inside the store and the delivery vehicle, as well as lockable, consumer refrigeration boxes at the consumers home will be a solution that allows the groceries to be delivered at any time, further relieving delivery issues. This scenario will allow more local grocers to delivery with employees vs outside delivery services.

In addition to paying for the food, customers will often have to pay a delivery fee. The delivery fee will cover the cost of gas or other transportation costs, but usually does not go to the delivery person. For meal delivery, it is common to give the deliverer an optional tip upon paying for the order. citation needed In Canada and the United States, tipping for delivery is customary. Opinions on appropriate amounts vary w > In addition, grocery stores may charge more for the foods that are ordered online for delivery than they charge for the same items off-the-shelf.

In restaurant delivery, if the delivery service is prov > Due to intense competition between the service prov >

In a 2019 market study of restaurant delivery services, the global market for online-ordered prepared food delivery was estimated at $94 billion and is estimated to grow at just over 9 percent a year, reaching $134.5 billion in 2023. The study defined the market as 1)"meals ordered online which are directly delivered by the restaurant, no matter if ordered via a platform (e.g. Delivery Hero) or a restaurant website (e.g. Domino's)", 2) online meal orders and deliveries "both carried out by a platform" (Deliveroo, UberEats, e.g.), 3) "online orders that are picked up in the restaurant" by the customer. It does not include phone orders.

According to research conducted by the NDP Group, online restaurant ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic.

"Online ordering has started to become the norm, thanks to the convenience, accuracy, and ability to integrate payments. At scale, ubiquitous on-demand and subscription delivery of prepared food could potentially spell the end of cooking at home.”

Restaurant delivery services

In the US, the top three restaurant food delivery services are DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats, together account for some 80 percent of the sector's revenue, with Caviar, Postmates and other smaller services prov >

In Europe, the major restaurant delivery services include Deliveroo, UberEats, Delivery Hero, Food Panda.

Restaurant delivery software services

As the number of restaurant food delivery systems has increased, so have the logistic challenges of tracking online orders — restaurants using Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash, Postmates and other services must have each service's tablet or iPad to receive orders, which then must be transferred into the restaurant's own POS system. To streamline this, software-as-a-sevice companies have emerged to integrate the online ordering, billing and dispatching of restaurant food orders. In addition to prov >

As the volume of restaurant food delivery has grown, ghost kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens, have emerged to fill the need for inexpensive kitchen space. A ghost kitchen site will be purpose-built to be delivery-only and have separate areas of stoves, refrigeration and storage space to accommodate food preparation teams of several different restaurants. As they are often located in less densely populated areas of a city, they also have parking areas for the delivery vehicles. Companies providing this service are often subsidiaries of the delivery companies.

Getting food delivered right to your door (or anywhere else you might happen to be) is easier than ever. You don't even need to dial a restaurant's phone number to order food with all the incredible on-demand delivery apps available nowadays.

Check out these top apps that you can use to browse menus from local restaurants, place your order, and make your payment (including the tip) directly through your smartphone.

What We Don't Like

Service not available in most small cities and towns.

Canned customer service responses don't always match the comment.

Drivers don't have to get out of their cars.

If you live in a major U.S. city, Seamless is the food delivery app you want to have on hand. The app claims to have "oodles" of restaurants and menus that are updated regularly, completed with photos, reviews, pricing, and the time it takes for it to arrive. Seamless is available in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

1. GrubHub (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: Varies (fee set by each individual restaurant)

Food delivery and restaurant takeout from over 50,000 restaurants in 1,100+ cities. Just choose your desired cuisine and from there you’ll see restaurants and menus from amazing restaurants. Then just with a tap, you can get your food delivered straight to you.

2. Seamless (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: $6

A simple way to order food for delivery or takeout from thousands of places and menus in your neighborhood. Best of all, you can even get access to discounts and deals on some of your delivery favorites.

3. Uber Eats (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: $4.99 and up based on distance

A food ordering and delivery service that you can use your Uber account for to get great options from nearby restaurants (chain and local).

Coupon: Use the code eats-uberadambryan to get $5 off.

4. Postmates (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: $1.99 – $3.99 for Partner Merchants (green check) and $5.99 – $9.99 for all other merchants.

Get food, groceries, and even alcohol delivered to you from over 100,00 retail shops, grocery stores, and restaurants, and more. The coolest part is that they offer Postmates Unlimited which for $9.99 a month, you can get a $0 delivery fee on all orders over $20

5. DoorDash (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: $5.99 flat fee.

An on-demand restaurant delivery service that get deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner from your favorite restaurants. Best of all, they even deliver alcoholic beverages from restaurants, stores, and breweries.

6. goPuff (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: $1.95 flat rate

Get snacks, drinks, and ice cream along with thousands of other products delivered fast straight to your doorstep.

7. Delivery.com (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurant.

Find local favorite and discover new ones with this app and website. And if there’s one thing that separates Delivery.com from the rest, it’s the fact that they delivery food, alcohol, groceries, gifts, and laundry. Yes, laundry. Best of all, you can earn Delivery Points with every purchase and cash them in for free credit and other rewards.

8. Instacart (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: $5.99 delivery fee or $0 (with a $149 annual membership)

Get thousands of groceries and other essential products from stores you already shop at delivered straight to your door via same-day delivery.

9. Munchery (iOS / Android)

Delivery fee: $8.95 membership

Get chilled, chef-crafted meals delivered straight to your door on your schedule. Best of all, these meals are priced so much lower than similar dishes at restaurants. And with every meal purchase, Munchery donates a meal to a person in need. This service is a great combination of both a meal kit delivery service and a food delivery app.

10. Eat 24 (iOS / Android)

Delivery Fee: Varies by restaurant.

Get easy access to thousands of local restaurants and favorites delivered straight to your door. Best of all, they are now powered by GrubHub.

Coupon: Get $10 off your order when you sign up to their newsletter.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find the best on-demand food deliver service that meets your needs and satisfies your cravings.

This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

1. Delivery Club

This website combines hundreds of food delivery services in Moscow, listing more than 5,000 restaurants. The service is free, that is, you only pay for what you order. Only this site lets you compare prices and time of delivery (usually 30-60 minutes).

7. MoscowFresh

If it’s delicacies you want, you’ve come to the right place. This service delivers products from Moscow’s central markets: from farm cottage cheese and domestic meat to exotic fruits. It offers a large selection of fish and seafood, chilled and frozen. Be sure to check out the smelt from Murmansk Region, and the North Kuril scallops and Kamchatka crab meat from the Far East. Select what products you want from the online photos, place an order, and get wood stove-baked bread and other goodies delivered to your door. No haggling necessary!

Delivery inside the Moscow Ring Road (290 rubles or free for orders over 5,000 rubles) and in the west of Moscow Region.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

Classy Alternative to Fast Food Delivery

Imagine you are at home on your couch and feeling hungry. There is no food in your fridge, no gas in your car, or you have no desire to leave the house. Of course, there are countless delivery services out there, but most of them are either pizza or Chinese or Indian food. And what if you are craving quality food from a good restaurant that does not even deliver? Then Caviar is exactly what you are looking for. Caviar is a convenient food delivery and pick-up service that allows you to get delicious food from various restaurants across the U.S. The company is currently present in several big cities in the country, but it is constantly expanding its reach to satisfy more customers.

You can place your order on Caviar’s website or use the iOS or Android app. Both the website and the app are easy to navigate and user-friendly.

The design of the platform is colorful, modern, and sophisticated. You can find the picture of every food item available on Caviar—the photos do a great job illustrating the food and attracting the customers. The platform is extremely easy to use. In need of high-quality and tasty food, all you have to do is go to the website or open the Caviar app and search for the restaurant of your liking. In case you do not have a preference in terms of a place, you can filter the offers by food category, price, feature, and even dietary preference. From Chinese to Mexican, from pizza to sushi—Caviar has it all. The menus also include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Upon ordering, you also receive a range of options. You can add or substitute ingredients, include side dishes, choose an action for when your item is unavailable, and give instructions as to the preparation or delivery of your food.

If you wish to pick up the food yourself, there are no order minimums or fees for you. For delivery orders, there is a $8.99 delivery charge, an 18% service fee, and a $15 order minimum.

One of Caviar’s distinct features is hiring its own team of couriers as opposed to using the resources of the restaurants, like some of its main competitors do. Moreover, while other delivery services provide too many choices of restaurants, making your ordering experience exhausting, Caviar offers a just wide enough selection of trusted places that you can easily choose from.

Real Food Fanatics

Caviar is an exceptional platform that has its sole focus on food. This devotion is what ensures the high quality of the provided service and separates the company from its competitors.

The food available on this platform comes from numerous popular local restaurants. The company staff includes a special team of people with deep knowledge of local restaurants, they carefully pick out every location and make sure that the list includes places with different price ranges and cuisine types. Caviar makes a point of choosing only the best places and building trusting partnerships with them, unlike many of its competitors, which simply place phone orders with the restaurants they receive requests for.

It says a lot about the service that many restaurants are available exclusively for ordering through Caviar. The quality of the delivered food lies at the center of Caviar’s concerns. The company employs only reliable couriers that have thermal bags, food separators, and other necessary tools. Moreover, it ensures that the restaurants use the right materials for packing the meals. All orders are processed quickly and efficiently, idle time is minimized, and the routes are built for maximum time optimization.

Additional Perks

Caviar also offers a range of interesting features, including shared carts for groups, ordering for a team (Caviar for Teams), pre-ordering for up to a week ahead, catering, etc.

The company provides every customer with the ability to track their order and see the estimated time of arrival, which also adds to the convenience of the service. You can watch the movement of the courier in real time on the website.

Food delivery is not the only option Caviar presents to its clients. You can also arrange a time for the pick-up of your order at any restaurant of your choosing.

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