9 Penang Cafes With Cheap And IG-Worthy Food And Decor

This medium-sized food court on the fifth floor of Gurney Paragon has a pleasant ambience and feels more organised. Consisting of around 20 or so food stalls that range from local favourites, Korean to Italian and of course, desserts. The food court is comfortable for families, groups, as well as lone diners. The usual self service style and pay as you order at the counter applies here.

From the line-up of food, we enjoyed the Cheras Yong Tau Foo. They have a large selection of minced fish-filled taufu, vegetables and mushrooms. Once you’ve made your choice, the pieces will be boiled in clear soup, cut to bite-size pieces and served either dry or still steeping in either clear soup or for an extra ringgit, tangy-spicy tom yam soup. Dip each piece in both the chilli and brown, plummy sauce for a full experience.

Yong tau foo stall at Just Food

For dessert, the Teochew Chendul stall certainly satisfied us. They aim to duplicate their famous cendol that started in Penang Road so many years ago and we thought they succeeded. This dessert of shaved ice, green floury ‘noodles’ topped with palm sugar and creamy coconut milk is both a thirst quencher and an energy giver for shoppers of the mall. The other offerings we enjoy from this stall is their fruit rojak slathered in thick, sweet black sauce and sprinkled with chopped peanuts. And also the deep fried spring rolls.

An absolutely satisfying meal here will cost you from RM10 onwards, depending on what you order. What not to miss here? The nutmeg juice from the Just Bar stall selling only drinks. The distinct sweet flavour of nutmeg with its tannin-sticky texture is simply unique and unforgettable. Su Aziz

More than just the food in Penang

The cafe culture in Penang is comparable to those in Melbourne or Taiwan, putting this place on the list of places to cafe-hop at. Other than novel food creations, cafes here are also lauded for their beautiful ambience and one-of-a-kind concepts. When in Penang, be sure to take a day or two off the busy streets and cafe-hop with a book in tow.

If you’re planning a short trip to Penang, check out these Penang hawker food you die die must try. Dog lovers, make sure to make your way down to this corgi cafe in Penang as well.

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