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:Supermarket, Grocery Or Supermarket, Store, Food
Address:134 Old Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica
Coordinate:18.0185908, -76.7671843
Phone:+1 876-977-9799
Website:www.facebook.com/ generalfoodsupermarket

Ruddy Thomas (20/05/2018 09:20)
Clean, spacious layout with helpful staff and pleasant set of cashiers whose countenance days "Please shop here again" without saying a word.

MaCherie (15/05/2018 09:02)
I love this supermarket, the staff is great. It has a wide variety of items and also offers discounts on select items. I get my 2% student discount whenever I use my store card which gathers points and such. The aesthetic is lovely as well, always super clean and nice. I always choose this supermarket and recommend it to any one.

Dai Olivia (14/05/2018 19:43)
Had to update my review on this supermarket. Great prices, great location! The only supermarket I love shopping at. There's always some deal going on, so you can save every time you shop, especially with your General Foods VIC Card! I love the improvements to the physical supermarket and the look forward to more. Only downside is they need more parking. The plaza is almost always packed.

Analisa Downes (23/03/2018 01:43)
Fresh produce, wide and neatly arranged shelves and aisles. The customer service is excellent from a few of the guys who pack the bags. Some of the cashiers are EXTREMELY grumpy though. All in all the shopping experience is not bad.

Roman Sygma (19/02/2018 04:18)
The customer service here is excellent. The prices are fair and the shopping environment is great. They are always stocked so theyre reliable.

Keri Dinnall (12/02/2018 10:20)
One of the most affordable supermarkets in Kingston. They ALWAYS have specials going on select items. You can expect to find a wide variety of goods as well as some specialty items not readily available in other supermarkets. They have a great space and the staff is always helpful and courteous.

justttshan hurditt (29/01/2018 22:44)
If your looking for a well affordable, kids friendly supermarket to get just about anything to purchase then general food supermarket is one of the best supermarket in kingston you can visit. Trust me your experience will be worth while. I love shopping here!

Dawn B (10/01/2018 01:44)
The bag boys are always so helpfu, pleasant and polite, they make an effort to know the name of there customer.
The cashier's could learn a lot from them, I would say two or three of the many are polite, most of them don't speak or acknowledge you.
Love the new spacious environment, clean, best prices I think.

Obsidian (25/12/2017 08:45)
You can expect an easy, efficient and affordable shopping opportunity. The staff is diverse, young and energetic, yet experienced and patient. The cashiers are fast and cordial too. Be sure to get a membership card quickly and rack up those points! You'll be sure to have a rewarding shopping experience!

Four D's (20/12/2017 18:17)
Love the new space. Really nice decor. Prices are good on produce. There is a variety of products to cater for all. Except for furniture they should have something for your place. Friendly and helpful staff.

Ahkeel Parkinson (14/12/2017 10:45)
Love the new place! Ambiance is modern and really did well with the environment. Good variety of food and other items. I see they are giving Hi Lo some competition.

Carmen Bogle (10/12/2017 20:14)
Wide variety of quality goods. Not only food and fresh farm products available but interesting and useful household items. Pleasant and welcoming atmosphere and most of all goods are fairly priced!

Marjorie Codner (09/12/2017 12:24)
Great location and the entrance on Monroe Road is an excellent innovation while giving access to the shops in the plaza.

Good shopping experience, wide variety of cuts of meat, fish and poultry as well as produce and household articles. Prices are reasonable.

Myles Harrikissoon (08/12/2017 12:08)
I Love this supermarket! It is my favourite supermarket in Kingston. There is great variety and prices are excellent!

THE MAJOR DOWNSIDE TO THIS PLACE ARE THE ABSURDLY NARROW ISLES. This should be a thing of the past, considering it has been rebuilt in 2017.

As much as I love here, Christmas shopping is going to be really bad.

Zoe Saunders (05/10/2017 18:06)
Nice location but it is still under construction so parking is a bit scarce. Prices are decent and they have a snack counter so you can buy food items like popcorn and slushies while you shop.

David Linx Phillips (29/09/2017 06:05)
Number one supermarket in Jamaica. Most professional staff and shelves always fully stocked. Management is extremely great as Well. One of the last family oriented supermarkets left in Jamaica.

Akeela Marin (04/09/2017 07:47)
Spacious, well lit with affordable prices and great customer service. Be sure to sign up for their membership card to earn points for discounts. If you're a student the card also gives you 2% discount every time you shop.

Dai Olivia (19/08/2017 21:38)
Has good prices and a convenient location. Recently renovated. Still needs more improvement overall. Staff is okay but some of the males are too prying. Make sure you get your General Foods VIC Card!

Tomlin Ellis (04/08/2017 10:34)
It is always a welcoming experience going there, the staff is extremely helpful, pleasant and most times they concentrate on what they are doing. The variety is good so you are better able to make good choices.
One gets the impression that the staff is well trained and the training is ongoing.
They are on to a good thing i really hope they keep at it.

Trudy-Paule Khan (23/04/2017 22:39)
Good prices, fair variety. Could be bigger with more variety and supply.

Dale Gonsalves (04/03/2017 12:47)
One of the premiere supermarkets in the Liguanea area. Carries a wide range of grocery items and cater to special needs (gluten free products, etc). Staff is extremely polite and helpful.

JL Hope (18/02/2017 23:42)
A decent supermarket. I have been a loyal customer for a few years.Staff is also quite helpful and respectful. I have some concern about their refrigeration system particularly for deli meats, cheese and milk based products.

Michael Williams (16/02/2017 00:29)
The supermarket could benefit from a some enlargement, as its a popular supermarket. The added space could make the shopping experience much better for customers. However, saying that, the plaza is very cozy and the parking lot could do with some more spots.

Dwight Walters (26/01/2017 22:46)
Great service. you can always find some great specials at this supermarket. Also they are open till late. always convenient to pick up something one my way from the office at 9pm!

Страна: Россия

8 (495) 787 42 44

Сервис General-food существует для того, чтобы даже самые занятые люди могли питаться правильной здоровой пищей. Если вы тоже относитесь к этой категории занятого населения страны, то вам сюда. На сайте магазина лучше всего зарегистрироваться. Потом введите свои данные, чтобы точно определить какая система питания вам подходит. При этом, вы можете свободно выбирать любые блюда, а программа автоматически не даст вам выйти за рамки необходимого количества каллорий.

Оплатить свой заказ можно по факту прибытия или на сайте картами Visa, MasterCard.

Доставка осуществляется собственной курьерской службой по территории Москвы.

По своему желанию клиент может заказать готовый рацион или собрать собственный, выбрав блюда, которые ему больше по душе

Популярные отзывы смотреть все отзывы

Для пробы сделал один заказ, не понравилось. Но мне уже несколько раз звонили спрашивать когда я сделаю новый заказ. Достали уже своим спамом!!1

По качеству блюд и обслуживанию ничего кардинально выдающегося, на уровне конкурентов,

Я все время готовлю дома самостоятельно, но тут захотелось попробовать НЕ готовить. Начала еду заказывать. Так вот, как человек, который сам все время покупал продукты, скажу откровенно, что цены однозначно завышены. Не стоит эта еда тех денег. Буду и дальше готовить сама

Очень вкусное и сбалансированное питание. За пару месяцев скинула 7 кг, отличный результат) а времени уйма экономится. Оно явно того стоит

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Смотрите видео: Доставка готовой еды на неделю. Сервисы доставки еды на дом с рецептами. Здоровое питание на неделю.

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