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It's a shame that so many places are closed, I thought that programe really helps at least in 20%-30% of places. Perhaps it's difficult, hard and expensive buisness, perhaps it's too late for changes. But still I'm a huge fan of Gordon :)

Actually, in the UK version, Gordon helped 29% of the businesses (7 restaurants out of 24 are still open to date). However, his success should be more than that since in many cases, he helped keep the business open for a while at least, whereas without his intervention those restaurants would've closed very soon. So, though some restaurants closed eventually, at least they stayed open a little longer, till some other crisis hit, like the credit crisis on 2008.

In the US version, Ramsay saved a whopping 46% of the restaurants so far (32 saved out of 69). However, I doubt that some of the restaurants that are still open will soon close, as these episodes are very recent so may be they will close in a short while. Still, even if 10 restaurants close, about 32% where still saved (22 out of 69).

So I think it is good. Indeed, Gordon helps more than 30% of them survive!

Well said. Most people don't realize that in the end, it's up to the owners to follow up on the help given to them. Even Robert Irvine has his strong share of restaurants he publicly fixed but ended up closing eventually if not sooner. What Gordon Ramsay, Robert Irvine, Anthony Melchiorri, Jon Taffer, and similar are trying to let us know is that

1. Nothing's entirely impossible even in times when the economy both in the US and the UK sucks like never before.

2. All options should be exhausted before finally throwing in the towel.

3. Quick turnarounds should be followed up with long term commitments and mental renovations.

The sad fact is that most of these restaurants are in such poor financial shape, even Chef Ramsay cannot save them. Diners are a fickle bunch as most people can only afford to dine out once, maybe twice a month. Give them anything but the best, they will take their money elsewhere. I ate Army food for a long time. But that was because I had to eat Army food. Given the choice of festering Cape Buffalo, I would have had a big bottle of hot sauce with me on the Savannah!

I think in some cases the owners having make some money decide to call it quits and get out after paying their debts.

the temporary jolt of Ramsay's investment and hype does wear out. \

More often, these owners were already under water — and Gordon gave them respectable exits, less debt and better selling price to next owners.

Closure does not necessarily mean failire for Ramsay. If he can increase expected future cash flows and allpw the owners to sell/exit at a decent price, that is another form of success. Think of venture capitalists that invest in a new or failing business, get it in flight, and sell at a profit.

Gordon did help them. Most them should not be running a restaurant to begin with. By the time Gordon gets there it's already to late. Then the owners play the blame game and blame gordon when they were already in serious trouble. Dont open a restaurant unless you have experience. Most of these people dont. They buy a restaurant on a whim, dont know what they are doing and then wonder why it fails. Hello.

Maybe Ramsey should help restaurants that are not that deep in the hole. J Willy's was at a 1.2 million loss when Ramsey stepped in. It's almost too late to really recover at that point.

I think its more that they target bad restaurants and crazy owners to make sure the show is exciting. An exciting show will benefit him more then a success. I don't think he tanks it or fakes his work, but you are usually dealing with immature people who can't cook.

it amazes me how these restaurants participate in the show and then when he gives them common sense solutions they act like he is a nutcase . what you see over and over again are egos out of control .

I still can't get over the fact reading that Moore Place was doing very well that the owners had to cook in the kitchen.

But then went back to their old ways? Doesn't make sense at all.

I think what people fail to realize is that Ramsay is not a miracle worker, he can't hold the hands of the owner, chefs, etc. Often in these episodes, the biggest problem is with a lack of commitment or laziness, and no amount of help is going to revive those businesses. Sometimes, you just get people who have no idea what they're doing trying to run a restaurant, and Gordon can't teach these people all there is to know about the business—it's inevitable they'll get taken advantage of or get some bad advice or fumble some other way. It's very hard to get people to truly change themselves with the kind of long-term commitment required to revive a business and make it thrive, and the behavior of people is the central issue in most episodes.

Here's the thing, without Ramsay 100% of these places would have closed within 2-3 months. Any success, and some of them were open for a year or more afterwards, is a bonus.

I've been cooking and creating great dishes for over 40 years, and worked as a chef from the 70s thru the 90s. I did this way before being a chef was popular and cool like the tv show chefs or even some wannabe chefs we have nowadays. Back then the money sucked and there was no fame, but you cooked because you had a passion for it and it made people happy. You didn't do it to be cool, have a cool haircut, or to have a show, you did it cause you loved it. Through those years I've seen a lot of businesses come and go, and here is my perspective.
If these restaurant's tanked and closed, it wasn't because Chef Ramsey stepped in and changed things, Chef Ramsey can only do so much as in new dishes, cleaning, training, upgrades to the menu and building etc.. It is inevitability up to the owners and employee's as to how and if the business is going to last. Remember this. "You can point a ship in the right direction, but without the proper crew to run it, it will not make it to its destination".

I like the show, but not his food. I think Ramsay's success ratio is quite low over the years. He doesn't do enough or provides solutions his "clients" cannot maintain. Also think many of the "clients" have other ideas like just want their place jazzed up to sell off or have other issues that they don't need to care about the place. And there's too much scripting on the show. My favorite part- the refrigerator inspection. Many of the ones that survive are usually the really old ones, or ones with low competition. Can't credit Ramsay really. So, don't know if his turnarounds amount to anything in the end. Also keeps changing theme restaurants into unthemed contemporary too much.

I think it's very apparent that this show gravitated towards finding businesses that would create a lot of drama for television, and less towards places that could actually be helped.

Look at the Black Pearl and Amy's Baking Company episodes. As the series progressed, the owners got more and more outlandish.

Watch the original UK episodes and the USA episodes start looking like a reality TV nightmare. The UK episodes feel more real and humble in comparison. The US episodes feel like they went into asylums and pulled out the patients.

The irony is that, other restaurants, who were previously standing on their own two feet, but barely so, failed while the media attention to the Ramsey restaurants took away their business. I don't have any proof of this, but think about it: I need a minimum of 10 customers a day just to stay alive and I have just 11 customers per day. Then the restaurant next door, which is about to close (good because I get their customers) gets a Ramsey update. Now, because of the Ramsey attention, I lose two of my customers. Now my restaurant goes out of business. I had a better restaurant from the beginning. I should have won, but I lose because of the marketing power of multimedia attention to a failing restaurant. In the end, both of us are out of business, but my failure doesn't get put on the list because Ramsey never came to MY restaurant!

BTW: Does anyone really know how to spell his name.

His name is spelt Ramsay. Spelt with an 'A' not with an 'E'.

OMG, what a load of crap. Maybe if you were pulling in more than 11 customers per day BEFORE the Ramsay makeover next door, you might still be open. That's IF your "restaurant" even exists.

"BTW: Does anyone really know how to spell his name. "

Clearly you don't.

The food and beverage industry has always been pretty brutal. When I was bartending in the late 80's, many bars had to also start serving food as a major percentage of revenue due to DUI laws promoted by MADD. The first year failure rate for restaurant/bars after these laws took effect was around 80%. It's probably even worse now due to the economy and fewer dollars available for personal entertainment. It won't get any better until the average person has more disposable income. Also many of the older family restaurants in the series that have gone out of business might have been established towards the end of the boomer expansion period, when disposable incomes were higher. They're now victims of a long-term economic downswing. Frankly, the only profitable business model I can see for a first-time food business would be a food-truck. They're quite popular in my local area.

This has been quite interesting, reading the comments and all. I have enjoyed watching all the Ramsay programs for years, and I must concur with what a number of folks here have said — Ramsay gives the restaurants the tools to be successful, and it is then up to them to consistently use it. Someone said back a few comments ago that Ramsay is not a miracle worker, and that is true — in order for the thing to work, it takes the cooperation of the owners too. Some people are put off with Ramsay's coarseness — it isn't exactly my cup of tea either — but underneath all of that I believe he is a guy who genuinely wants to help people out, and that in itself is a good thing too.

Having visited many restuarants, it is no surprise to me that so many restuarants fail. People think they can cook, so they think they can open a restuarant.

One restuarnat I visited after its Ramsay make over was Mama Cherrie's on the south coast. We tried the very meal that Ramsay came up with "Soul in a Bowl", pretty good food, however the service was lousy, I had to go and find staff which were completely absent on the floor our table was on. We never got all we ordered so they didn't make what they could have done from our table. We would not have recommended anyone to go there.

It is really nice to have this closure rate in the end it is an important thing to know if the restaurant really turned around or not.
Nevertheless I think in most of the cases Gordon gave some huge lift to almost all the restaurants, even with total reformations on the interiors even with some good slaps in the face. He is there to give owners tools to get things around but he cannot turn an idiot into a smart guy. If you are not a good entrepreneur and you do not understand you are in the costumer service area you have no chance.

Years later, Oceana is still open. Ate there last week. The decor changed but the food was good.

Hmm that's not a bad success rate in my opinion. Compared to how many restaurants actually fail. The only thing is it's hard to determine which ones are inevitably heading to failure already. But it would seem the show has definitely saved a fair amount anyway.

I don't think anyone could realistically expect the show to have had saved the majority of businesses.

^Regarding the success rate if restaurants. Restaurants fail at of rate 59% in the period of 1-3 years. Combine that with selfish/lazy/narcissistic/manic/unchanging personalities in staff you can't fire due to risk of being understaffed or hella guilt (like relatives), extreme debt prior to Ramsay's interference, strength of chain restaurants, location or competition (increase of competition and neighborhoods surrounding the business changing), and extreme sanitation issues (he can only fix units, not a whole rotting restaurant), I'd say he did pretty well. Most of those businesses would have closed within 2 months but he helped it last a few more years. Also the first 2 seasons happened before the recession so those already failing/teetering restaurants got another major hit.

I think he literally does everything he can. Remodels the ship, gives crew a fresh perspective and advice, free advertising and campaigning. You can't ask for more. And people says he's harsh, but honestly he's saying the things they NEED to hear to be successful. And if they get offended. I honestly don't understand why. They asked for his help and should know what he's like. And he tells them how it is because he genuinely cares and wants them to succeed, so if their ego and fragile bubble can't take criticism they shouldn't run a restaurant business.

So yes. His success rate is pretty good.

Yeah, none of these closings were his fault. They were either the owners refusing to change, or the recession wiped them out as they did with many restaurants when it hit and no one had extra income to spend on restaurants.


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